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  2. You can make fun of this photo; but leave his tummy out of it. This was one of Phantom's first matches after a terrible accident and breaking his neck. He was laid up for a long time. PS He likes kitties!
  3. For some reason this one reminds me of an old story of mine.. I once got on an elevator at work and two women were talking about Alpo, not the cowboy, but the dog food. One said that her cat likes and eats Alpo. The door opened on my floor and I walked off the elevator and as the door was shutting I exclaimed, "It's good on spaghetti, too!"
  4. Depend on how much BP you stuff in it.
  5. Thanks everybody. After doing some looking I did find a Armi San Marco barrel in .45 Colt for their 92 clone. It's long enough that it can be shortened to length I need with plenty to spare in case the gunsmith wants to do a practice cut. Your suggestions put me in the right direction.
  6. I think you are overthinking the durability issue. Sure if you are one of those guys that likes to dry fire the hell out of your pistols, anything out there should last you a very long time in this game. And even Rugers break transfer bars. The supposed weak point for the Colt style pistols is the hand spring, which is replaced by a Ruger style plunger and coil spring in both the newer pietta's and uberti's. I don't think you can go wrong with either gun. The pietta are made to the Colt size specifications, where as both the Uberti and Standard are slightly larger. The new uberti's use a hammer and trigger safety system, which is easily replaced by an older style hammer and trigger. EMF has some really nice offerings in their pietta line. That is where I would look first if I was in the market for new guns and didn't want to over spend. That's because you are in Massachusetts. Seriously though, I have seen more new 2018-2019 Colt SAA's available through gunbroker and other venues in the last 6 months than I have seen in the last 5 years combined. I think Colt closing the custom shop to catch up on orders also increased the amount of standard offerings making it to market.
  7. New type of derringer side match?
  8. $2.37 a round? No thanks * Smokeless powder cleaning: hot water + a squirt of Dawn .... oil & done * An old trick cleaning black powder bores: shoot a couple of smokeless powder shells down the bore. Removes the BP foul then: hot water + a squirt of Dawn .... oil & done
  9. Now I have to de-spew my keyboard and monitor!
  10. OK. I'm in. At the range .... NOTHING. Just dump the cases in my cartridge bag and carry 'em home. No matter, 1 day local, or three day with travel. At the range nothing. When I get home I run my small shop sink with hot water and dump in a goodly amount of White Vinegar. Let the cases sit for about half an hour and rinse. Stick em onna cookie sheet (with raised sides) and stick em inna small oven at 180 for an hour too dry. Run them in my dry vibrator for an hour. Done. Cap guns I clean with Hot Water and a couple of drops of Dawn. Rinse, Dry, Oil, Done. Shotgun and Rifle I squirt some PAM (Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol and Murphys Oil Soap) down the bore, run a wet PAM Patch through the bore (or two), Dry patch, Oily Patch, Done. I have also found the Windshield Cleaner sold by my local Windshield repair place to be excellent for Shotgun and Rifle bore. Dries really fast. Dry patch anyway, then Oily patch Done. Other than PAM, I have found some of the other concoctions to be wanting. They work, after a fashion, but for the most part, HOT WATER will clean up after BP and Subs as good as anything. Less Mess too. No ugly smell either. You won't get a consensus. We could go to three or four pages arguing for our favorites with no problem. Only CAVEAT: DO NOT use petroleum based lubricants. Best lubricants I've found are Mobil 1 motor oil and Mobil 1 Grease. Non Petroleum. Quart of Oil will last a couple three years and a tube of Grease will last till you're not shooting anymore.
  11. Either of these suggestions should solve your issue. ..........Widder
  12. Today
  13. But... but... but elephants don't have bills ~ they have trunks! (Don't have hoods or glove compartments either, I don't think. )
  14. Hot water, liquid laundry soap and Ballistol. When I get home the brass goes in the wet tumbler with a little liquid laundry soap, LemiShine, and hot water. Moose milk in the actions and down the barrels of all 4 guns. Plug the shotgun barrel(s) and fill with hot water. Let soak while I clean everything else. Start with pistols, then rifle. Flush barrels and actions with hot water. Then Remington squee-G to remove remaining fowling. from barrels followed by boresnake soaked with ballistol, Couple squirts of ballistol in the actions, cycle to spread around then wipe off any excess. Do shotgun last Remington squee-G followed by boresnake. I can clean all 4 guns in 30 minutes or less. Even cap guns. I use tooth brush to scrub nipple area of cylinder and other nooks and cranies. Use canned air to blow out nipples once everything is clean.
  15. I was wondering why you where having those problems at Dayton.
  16. Like I said in our other communication, so sorry! I like most dogs better than I like most people!!
  17. H. K. Uriah, Maybe one of the parts suppliers such as VTI, Jack First, Poppert’s Gun Parts, etc., can supply you with an octagonal barrel of the correct caliber....maybe even one off a Marlin rifle. Cat Brules
  18. I'd just buy the barrel blank. Lots of good companies making barrels. Ant decent machine shop can cut it to length and match the threads you need
  19. Interesting thread. Hope they aren't Outlaw Bullets but if they are, I would very much prefer an email or a text before seeing it on the Wire. I'll bet that's the case for ANY Cowboy bullet vendor. As far as the skips, is it 10, 20, 50, a whole box full? I put an extra 10 bullets in every box to cover for the occasional blunder. I expect that the other Cowboy vendors do something similar. I like to tell new customers, "If you like my bullets, let your friends know. If you don't like my bullets, let ME know so I can fix it." Waimea Outlaw Bullets
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