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  2. Hardpan, You just brought back precious memories of my childhood. Also, made me remember one of the funniest times in church. An elderly gentleman, who was by now almost deaf, was at one time the song leader. "Eston" was asked to get up and lead the congregation in a song. As most portly gentlemen do, upon rising from the front row pew, he tried to adjust his pants. What he didn't realize, is that instead of pulling on his trousers, he grabbed the waist-band of his boxers, and stood for four verses, facing the congregation with his colorful shorts pulled up to mid-chest. The song was great, but hard to sing with everyone trying to suppress the giggles.......
  3. Great news! Looking forward to trying out the Pro Steel side match this year. Totes
  4. You can order directly from the Federal web site. But they are going to be full MSRP. My lady ordered some, lead time is a couple weeks.
  5. I never heard of most of the places mentioned. Only MacDonald and Wendy's in town. Burger King and Arby's out at intersection of US54 and I70. In any case, we only eat at fast food places in desperation. We seak out independent diners and cafes.
  6. On vacations when I was a boy we used to play a game identifying cars to see who could call it first when traveling down the road. It's been many years since I could identify the more modern cars.
  7. Uh-oh...... https://www.foxnews.com/health/in-n-out-covid-19-outbreak-oregon In-N-Out in Oregon is a hot spot.... LL
  8. My property is very heavily wooded as well, similar to Diamond Jake's land. Last year I bagged a spike in the 120 lb. range with a scoped .270 which isn't necessary in the short ranges of my woods. From now on I'll be hunting with my Uberti '66 carbine in .44WCF. Can't wait to bust one with BP rounds. BTW, nice orange cowboy hat, DJ!
  9. The most likely reason the electric arc did not ignite the BP is that it was graphited. Almost all BP is graphited, this is what the g represents in FFg. Only a vary small amount of graphite is used because only a VERY thin layer of graphite on the surface of every kernel is needed. This done so that it will flow and meter more reliably. Graphite is already highly conductive however can become even more conductive both electrically and thermally when it becomes only a single atom thick. Because of how it is applied to the kernels it is entirely possible that it is being distributed in this ultra thin layer which has the unique properties that prevent the static electricity flowing through it from generating enough heat to ignite the kernels.
  10. Probably? I figured Adam S. started typing that up in January...
  11. A lot of hats I've seen in pictures look pretty bad, not like the Hollywood hats seen on TV or in the movies. An exception to this might be the hats worn in town such as a derby.
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  13. If I still hunted I would. No time to hunt anymore though and I really miss those days spent in the field.
  14. A friend of mine (not a cowboy shooter) got a couple deer on his property with a Marlin .357 Cowboy rifle with an octagon barrel. He also has a Marlin 1895 Cowboy in .45-70 that he uses also with some success.
  15. Just showed it to my lady. After looking it over, her response is: "why?..."
  16. It's not a cracker it's a thin wafer and for years you weren't allowed to chew it you let melt in your mouth. Now I guess you can chew it but It's not a cracker. I saw how the communion wafers were made at a convent called The Sister's of Poor Clare. It was a large belt like machine with wafer material about 3' x6' and as it went through the feed it was stamped and made about 100 hosts or more. The nuns then stood at the end of the belt and checked for cracked ones. When that process was done they were packaged up and sent to the parishes where they were opened and blessed by the priests.
  17. No trigger guard, does have a safety "button"... But how the gun works is a bit scary: Hmm... Not good.
  18. A Russian agent arrives at a small Welsh station and asks for Mr Jones. “Well,” says the stationmaster, “there’s Jones the Milk, Jones the Meat, Jones the Flowers, Jones the Undertaker. In fact, my name’s Jones.” The agent whispers to him, “The eagle doesn’t walk over the mountain.” “Ah,” says the stationmaster, “you want Jones the Spy.”
  19. I'm considering these folks: http://buffalobrothers.net/epages/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461/Categories/On_Line_Store/4-C They have good reviews, but I haven't bought from them, yet. They say they can even do cracks. Good luck, Brazos
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