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  2. My Spanish AyA is a ten gauge 3-1/2" double with 20" barrels. My loading information is rather sparse. I pour 2 dippers of Fg 1-1/2 into my brass 3-1/2" shells, cover with a nitro wad, put in 3 fiber wads, add 2 dippers of 7-1/2 shot and seal with an overshot wad covered with a lot of Duco Cement. I do something similar with my 8 gauge 4-1/4" double but use Fg.
  3. The sink in my bathroom has a hair problem:
  4. Is this a 10 ga double....I have I am thinking of shortening mine....Load info for your 10 would be nice... Texas Lizard
  5. I was a Dewalt fan for many years. The cordless drills lasted me about 10 years each which is pretty good since I used them to build lots of decks and stuff in the shop. A couple of years ago, I tried the Rigid brand. So far, I've bought 2 of their cordless drills and an impact driver. All have worked well. They have a lifetime warranty on the drill and the batteries as long as you register them on the Rigid website. When the Dewalt battery dies, it's over $80 for a new one.
  6. I do NOT have a truck vault , BUT , I like the ARE fiberglass bed cover on my F150 I also run an ARE step up camper on my Ranger CB
  7. It sounds like you can stand however you like with hands however you like as long as you’re not touching guns or ammo and complying with any specific stage instructions. I like it. Wish that was SASS default.
  8. Now that's a drive for me. Looking at close to 3 hours... Maybe I'll visit and bring the family. my wife has been curious about this sport as well.
  9. Sorry about that; I've got a busted mouse (thanks to my omnivorous Yellow Lab puppy) and I can't highlight, insert or drag properly. New mouse arrives shortly. LL
  10. Also if you don't mind that it is a forum mostly about USPSA/IPSC the Brian Enos forum has a whole section on Mental Conditioning: Click here---> https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/18-mental-conditioning/ I will say having dabbled in IPSC and CAS as a hobby off and on for many years they are a little different. I can have my buddies rag me and still shoot an IPSC stage pretty well. CAS though I must really focus on to shoot some of the target orders. One distraction and I can train wreck:)
  11. Lots of guns are good. But in practice hitting a small fighter while you're moving 200 mph and he's moving 350 is dang tricky. The AAF took very heavy casualties until the much needed introduction of long range fighter escorts later in the war. The newspapers came up with the nickname the Flying Fortress, not the Air Force. It was basically a large, heavily armed target. The crews thanked God for the appearance of the P-51.
  12. It’s easy to read, follow and understand Elizabethan English. If I read it now for a short time, I still begin to adopt the archaic words and speech pattern. Cat Brules
  13. DeWalt advertises that their tools are made in the USA, using globally sourced materials and components. They explain that they have 7 US manufacturing facilities, and purchase many components and materials in the US, but will purchase elsewhere when required by availability or price. No different than Ford and GM, I guess. I represented B&D/DeWalt for several years, and toured their US plants. Very impressive dedication to quality. When we tried a case for them, it was rare to find a potential juror with a negative impression of their products or service. I got my first DeWalt cordless drill during a plant tour around 1989. I used it and its younger brothers to build and maintain 4 houses, and a ton of lesser projects. Never had a terminal product failure. I now have 4 drill/drivers, a cordless circular saw, two corded circular saws, and a variety of sanders, nailers and air tools. I have looked with envy at the Festool line; but the price differential is extreme. I'll stick with DeWalt; I have a small fortune invested in batteries and chargers, and a ton of good experiences. The only Milwaukee tools I own are a pair of corded Sawzall demolition saws; also great tools. LL
  14. I use a pan with rounded/concave edges and bacon grease. Cook them the same way as you do. When they reach the point where you can move the pan and the eggs move within the pan, I flip them by moving the pan forward and then backward quickly. Eggs flip over and continue the cooking. I like mine still sort of runny, Kind of an over easy easy. I put the grits right on top of the eggs and mix them up.....now I'm getting hungry again but Daytona is getting ready to start after a rain delay and President Trump command to start engines and Presidental motorcade pace lap.
  15. Understand. and you are shooting with some good ones for sure. I also had Stoeger broken lug trouble in early years.
  16. Frying and flipping eggs is easy. I have to watch them! however, because (for me) it is sooo easy to overcook eggs in a frying pan. Cat Brules
  17. I see the upgraded story now....It doesn't start with a 4...Does not work for me..... Texas Lizard
  18. When I was a kid, I used to love to watch WWII movies and shows on tv. Twelve O Clock High was one of my favorites. As a kid, I thought that the B-17 was a huge airplane when watching the shows. When I had the opportunity to see one up close and go inside, I was surprised at how small they actually are. Back then, I was young and fairly skinny, there's no way that I would have fit into the area that the tail gunner had to. Those airmen of the B-17's and all of the WWII aircraft are one of a kind. To know your chances of returning are not good and to suit up anyway to do your job, your mission and your duty required balls of steel.
  19. He did, he went from Tombstone to a shop in Old Tucson Studios. I got a pair of JW style holsters made for my son’s pair of Nebraska Colt .22s which he shot 2 matches and the went straight for my .44s and we never looked back! Great leather nice guy and I am sorry some of you had issues with him but as been mentioned before there were health and business issues that prevented him from following thru on some of the deals.
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