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  2. Azcarebear, I'm interesting gun cart. Does cart come apart to transport easily? Thanks
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  4. Several Mae (something) alias but not Mae Bee Mae B. Knot
  5. http://www.pioneergunworks.com/technical-info This is the site for Pioneer Gun Works and the technical specs on ammunition please read about the OAL, bullet weight, etc. I reload and have used this information. I now load Trail Boss at 3.75 grains and a 125 grain truncated shaped bullet with roll crimp in 38 special. I use small pistol primers from Federal, CCI, and Winchester. My bullets come from Chey-Cast of Cheyenne, WY. I use the OAL that Pioneer recommends and have had No Problems.
  6. I got the old Colt shot on Sunday. All went well.
  7. I should know this, but what is the rule of thumb for reloading 38 specials to feed properly in 1873 actions rifles?
  8. A White Noise generator or fan helps me sleep at night. Hearing aids during the day.
  9. Depends on the buyer, like GJ said. For me, the brass sight covers are worth exactly $0.00. The Munden work might add a little (for me, once again), but unless it's the full meal deal, including trigger over-travel stop, and hammer over-travel stop, I wouldn't pay much extra, if any. Engraving just the back strap would probably run $50 - $75. Unless I were in the market for those exact added features, I wouldn't go more than around $550 on a used .357 New Vaquero. Other folks might go higher. You might get more if you can sell locally, because of shipping and FFL transfer fees on the buyer's end.
  10. That sounds more than a bit scary. I never figured a 1-1/2 cent primer was worth the risk of flashing one in the press. Hope you wear your safety glasses doing that.
  11. Yes they are 357's. I appreciate the feedback, I'll pass it along. Thank you, JSS
  13. Finally saw it. Good film, you don’t even realize you’re sitting there for 2.5 hours.
  14. Deuce, I'll take it. It's exactly what I want.... a Miroku SxS, with a bit of action work on it.
  15. I'd say if you can find the buyer who wants that work, you could get $700-750 a piece for those. Sure are good looking irons. I take it those are 38/357 guns, which could move faster than others. You almost never get the full cost of the action job OR the engraving back. If you get half of those add ons, you are lucky. Good luck, GJ
  16. In Sixgun Sheridan's "1980's Fads" thread, I mentioned spending countless hours playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on my old IBM PC Jr. Like everyone else, I've gone through a LOT of computers since then (1984). And I also upgraded the program a couple of times, keeping up with operating system progressions up through Windows XP. Last version I bought was Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Which, oddly enough, is not compatible with Windows 10. *Grump!* Might anyone know of any decent PC (Not X-Box) version that will work with Windows 10...? I know... 'way off topic. But we can't talk about guns and cookie recipes ALL the time!
  17. My right hammer was dragging on the stock might check that out. Also all the screws on the lock was loose and one came out and was under the spring.
  18. Lots and lots of churches have used lectionaries, and it is common for there to be widespread use of the same gospel passage on particular dates.
  19. What is the first numbers of the serial numbers? 510 or ???
  20. I will never forget the shock I experienced when the young lady selling me a movie ticket asked if I'd like my Senior Discount - age 50 qualified me. I didn't know whether to thank her or be somewhat indignant. Even worse is the realization that this was eighteen years ago.
  21. 1) A SxS shotgun shooter is allowed to use the unobstructed barrel to finish the stage in event of a suspected squib in one barrel. 2) A single-barrel shotgun shooter is allowed to clear a suspected squib from the barrel "on the clock" in order to "make it safe" and complete the stage. **PROVIDED that both the shooter and the Timer Operator visually verify and confirm that the shotgun has a CLEARED barrel in order to safely continue using the shotgun. Followup "WtC?"s : 1) If a T/O stops a SxS shooter with a squib in one barrel and orders the shooter to ground the shotgun, should the shooter get a RESHOOT due to the option to use the other (clear) barrel? YES. 2) If a T/O refuses to allow a single-barrel SG shooter to "make it safe" by SAFELY clearing a squib from the barrel, should the shooter get a RESHOOT? YES.
  22. After I got married, I kept getting this constant ringing it my ears. Then one day I realized that the ringing was caused by that damn bell my wife hung around my neck, so I cut it off! (The bell, not my neck). pfft...ringing gone.
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