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  2. This is what I have done, it holds 10. I don't like shotgun belts and bandelero s don't work for me either. I shot shotgun left handed and the rifle right handed
  3. Okay the address is 43567299 Main St. East River Ohio 440551.............. be there at 2:00
  4. Hmmm...maybe not! She's 63 and in the show she's some kind of high ranking officer. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/army-changes-mandatory-retirement-separation-age-3976316
  5. ADDRESS??? What time do you expect the Lasagna out of the oven ??? Should I bring a Beverage??? Red or White ???? Seamus have a preference??? Pick up a Dawg onna way???
  6. Would take to long to find my photos, but we have what is called, "Eagle Days" here where I live and at the overlook by the dam they bring up from Dickenson Zoo one Eagle that you can walk right up to. They also have tours around the lake that day for Eagle watching. When I sit out in my sun room you will see Eagles flying by all the time. I am on a bluff where they fly by. It's cool.
  7. Can anybody read all of this manifest? 158 hogshead ??? 8 gang casks and 20 barrels New England rum ??? 40 barrels flour 51 loaves sugar ??? Brown sugar 1800 bunches onions 30 boxes ??? Candles (candies?) 6 barrels tar 2 barrels molasses 24 barrels beef 22 barrels pork 10 barrels ??? ??? bread (instead of two items, this might be ten barrels of something something bread, but there appears to be a comma between the two words, which is why I think it is two different things) 25 casks rice 1 box ??? with sundry other articles for (use by?) crew ??? invoice of the same, all of which is consigned to the said ??? Hopkins on (or?) the ??? of the shipper
  8. Have your friend look again, very very carefully. Often the firing pin return spring will stick in the Breach Block. It will look initially like a ledge machined in there. Stick the tip of the firing pin in there and see if it moves. Most places that have a firing pin return spring, it is a reduced power spring and is attached to a firing pin. Brownells carries parts. However, there is a really really good chance the postage for a single spring or single screw will exceed the cost of the part. PS: Forgot. If this rifle has had action work your friend may well NOT want an OEM Firing Pin Return Spring in the rifle.
  9. When is the book set? Could farmers be buying from her for their herd?
  11. What time do you want me to be there?
  12. Here in Pannsyltuckey, the Keystone of Liberty, you'd be fine. As previously mentioned though, You'd make the 6 O'clock News, with some commentator standing in front of your house, advertising your address to every other wacko within 100 miles, thereby painting a target on yer back and for lack of other "Breaking News" they would be out there for about 3 days. Unless one of those deceased was an underage teenage victim, at which point, you're screwed.
  13. I moved his nurse from Southern California up to NE Washington. Dad had a small moving company. I of course asked her how big he was.... I’m 6’3” and 260 lbs. She looked me up and down and said.....”Well he was as tall as you.....probably taller, but he certainly was NOT as big as you!” I never felt more like Hoss Cartwright in my life. Dadburn it! Later we were touring Hollywood and I found his boot prints at the Chinese theater. I put my Clydesdale clod stompers next to his and it pretty much confirmed what the mean nurse had said about me.
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  15. Do not know about high step but sure is big dog...Very big dog... Texas Lizard
  16. Takes 4 decent sized ones to make a sandwich. Just sayin'
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