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  2. I just spent 20 minutes looking. Either the video quality was, shall we say, less than optimal, or they were in route step. Or it was their first or second day. Weird.
  3. Lots of ways to cut down 45 Colt to C45S. This is the way I did it.
  4. Hendo, a good debate is one without the falling to making disparaging remarks about the person you're debating. It's a sign for lack of confidence in what you're espousing. Also, you choose to attack words rather than debate the intent of what I said. So the Constitution and the BOR didn't give us our rights. But they did define what those rights are. The Judicial system and the 2nd amendment protect those rights. Yeah, in theory so does Congress, the Senate, and the President. My original position wasn't about the intent or opinions on what all of those documents may say. Mine was those rights were not granted or given to my by a God. Unless now you want to embrace all Gods since the USA is no longer a single religion nation. All their references to "God" are based on the religion of Christianity. And I'm not sure which one of the many, mines right, version of Christianity they were referring to. And it did take a Constitutional Amendment to give women the right to vote. Big Government interceded where the States couldn't figure it out. Also the Constitution defined how the President and Vice President were to be elected. So the Constitution did address some aspect of voting. On another note, no one pushed back on my comment about "freedom of religion" was about all the facets of Christianity. Todays culture now needs it to be all inclusive. Which it's not. Otherwise you're free to worship in whatever way you want as long as it's Christianity. Ike
  5. Are you thinking this gun cocks the hammers when it's fired? That's not what the website says. It says they cock on opening.
  6. Ethan, If you already shoot .45 colt,how about cutting some down to C45S ?If you don't like the cartridge you haven't invested much to find out. Choctaw
  7. Mean Gene -Dad pan Willy is first in line for foe #1 your 3rd in line
  8. That is most lucid explanation I have yet seen. Thanks! Extending this logic, it appears the TC is more desirable in 38SP cartridges for a longer OAL. I bought the 105gr LTCFP specifically for low-recoil use in our revolvers. I'm thinking 158gr is much better suited in the Marlin.
  9. I so envy you gents that not only have a shop... but a basement as well.
  10. I would also think that any attorney, even the most inept, will file a motion to have Sanders, Booker, Harris and Warren recused from the Senate trial of Mr. Trump.
  11. OP, what brand ammo? Have you tried other brands like CCI mini-mag solids? OLG
  12. A barrel that is wider at the breech and muzzle than it is in the middle; helps reduce weight and balance better:
  13. Next time, I think you should strive for more accuracy... (Thanks for the useful info!)
  14. Anyone got a video of it being done right?
  15. I make my kids watch this at least once per year.
  16. Again, the Truncated Cone will put more nose length out in front of the case than a round nose flat point, making feeding slicker and more reliable. A 105 grain bullet is hard enough to get to feed in most lever guns. So the usual design at that weight is TC to keep as much length as possible out ahead of the case mouth. Good luck, GJ
  17. Beretta / Uberti, 1873, 20 inch octagon barrel. Short stroke, Really smooth, Stock shortened 1 1/4 inches. East Alabama area. $1000.
  18. Will the feminist groups have a booth for sampling their de-masculinized men?
  19. Try Blue Dot and watch the groups shrink. BD is also about the cleanest burning powder you will ever use. BD works it's best towards the top end of the charge table. OLG
  20. Sad to say it, but the 2A supporters could cure cancer and male baldness, and still be demonized by Democrats.
  21. Ralph and his Attorney General need our charitable donations. Their "blackface" make up is running out and needs replenishment.
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