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  2. Good point, and my weight does fluctuate at times. You're saying the Buscadero style (Double Drop Loop) is more likely to change position with weight gains and losses?
  3. Yes, that matrix has been very helpful, and it's starting to sink in...The matrix makes reference to "any main match" under the weapon category, for example. What is defined as "Any Main Match?" To a newbie, that phrase is kind of vague. So, it sounds like I can get a Buscadero style rig, and still be legal with respect to most categories, maybe all if the rig is embellished enough.
  4. I will take 'em, I'll send you a message with contact info...
  5. Thats funny. Don't forget to change your alias to 'Klinger' for the match...... ..........Widder
  6. Ripsaw


    At one of my clubs we built an "NRA Wall." Not sure where the specs came from (assumed from the NRA?) but it is a series of 6x6 posts spaced about 8 feet apart with 2x dimensional lumber (2x10s I think) lag bolted horizontally on both sides of the posts and filled in the middle with gravel. I think we used crusher run, or as it is called, variously, crush 'n run, B3 & fines, or whatever is common in your neck of the woods. Around here it's crushed bluestone. That type of wall is common around here to separate firing positions.
  7. It happens more often than you think...... I know a guy who got a city electric department utility bucket truck stuck in about the same environment as the one pictured, one late Friday night. Not a large bucket truck but the type that you see cable TV guys using. Yep he kept his job...... Also....... I know a guy who took a county maintainer to his house to work up his roping arena and it broke down in the middle of it, just off a state highway where everyone driving by could see a piece of county-owned equipment on private property. It set in the arena for a week while waiting for parts. He got kind of nervous during the wait but he kept his job.
  8. Just a thot for anyone contemplating this item. I have an H&R Trapdoor in the Officers Model (long barrel, tang sight) and it is not only a beauty but a great shooter. Do not know about others but I am nervous putting a smokeless powder cartridge , or a black powder one for that matter, into a century plus old gun. Nice to know the cartridge is going into a modern-made rifle with better steel and closer tolerances than the originals. Oh, those old Trapdoors were stronger than people think and were subjected to some rigorous tests ... and held up well ... but the metal in them, even the later models, is now at least 125+ years old. Not an issue , assuming appropriate load data is used, with a modern-made rifle. My 2 cents. Fort Reno Kid
  9. Still available $165.00 shipped and insured...
  10. Went out and had a great time, ran a course which was a hoot! Now to start spending money...
  11. Still available. Beautiful classic Cart-Rite cart. $500.00
  12. The rig is still available, the shotgun slide sold separately. It was not a name brand I was just throwing it in because it was sitting in a drawer unused. I got $7 for it but I’ll knock $10 off the price $215 plus $15 shipping. I’ll measure the belt and post results
  13. The colors will vary regardless of importer. If you don't care for the color or the poly finish, it's easy to refinish.
  14. A couple of years ago I found a really sad, ratty looking old Resistol hat in an antique store. It fit my size 8 melon and, after looking it over closely, it seemed sound, just dirty and misshapen. I gave $45.00 for it and the man who owned the store told me that a young lady came in with the hat and a story: Seems her great grandpa bought the hat for himself as a Christmas gift in 1941, put it away on a shelf, and waited for Saint Nick. A coupe of weeks later the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the man went down and joined the Navy. He was sent to the Pacific and never came home. The family never got rid of it and finally her mother told her to find it a good home. I had it cleaned and re-blocked, then a lady shaped it further to my liking. I wear it a lot and on my trip to Las Vegas this past week I went to a place called Arizona Charley's for breakfast. I was waiting for some other folks when a lady walked over and asked me if I was Arizona Charley. I laughed and told her that I was Arizona Tom but thanks for the compliment. I later found a characterization of Arizona Charley and danged if that old fart isn't wearing my hat. I have a dozen or more hats, four made by Bob "All Hat" Dumez (RIP) from California, some just right for Sunday-go-to-meeting or coronations. some for getting down and dirty, and some that aren't even western style, but this old black veteran is my favorite hat by a huge margin. The Randoph Scott Confererate grey that Bob made for me is #2.
  15. I'd personally go with Taylor's regardless of finish because of their OUTSTANDING customer service.
  16. Oklahoma City used big blocks of concrete
  17. Point out to Mrs Pat that the full size Sharps are too expensive to feed, so you got one a little one in cheap old .30-30 instead.
  18. American Arms 12 g. SxS impulse single trigger, like new. Barrels are 21", chambers coned,$450.00, plus shipping, cash, certified check
  19. Today
  20. One thing to keep in mind with a slotted belt/holster rig vs one where the holsters have a loop over the belt. If you gain or loose weight your holster position will change.
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