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  2. Hey is the uberti 73 44 mag capable of shooting modern loads? I heard some guns are not capable of shooting the heavier bullets with higher pressures. I'm not talking buffalo bore +p just normal factory mag.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that....there may be some sort of medical support device available to help you out. LL
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  5. Walrus are a Federally protected species and have been for maybe 50(?) years. Their ivory tusks were the principal incentive for hunting them almost to extinction. So why are some species’ ivory prohibited to possess(?) or for use, but not the Walrus? (a rhetorical question...no answer necessary). It sure looks beautiful as Colt SAA grips, that’s for sure. Anyway, I am the Walrus! goo goo ga-joo! Cat Brules
  6. Major: For years, I have used a product called Boeshield, also made by Boeing, as an anti-corrosion treatment for marine gear. Available at West Marine stores and on-line. Same stuff? Or a cousin? LL
  7. Yes, I know. But, it is meant to be a lighthearted joke. You didn’t actually take that silliness seriously, did you? Cat Brules
  8. How about bead blast ane Cerakote in some hot colors? BTY, I popped the grips off and the hammer spring has been butchered to an hourglass shape. I'm thinking no more than 1/8" wide near the top. But it looks to be an older thick spring so not ultra light.
  9. Started out years ago with a 44 Magnum Winchester 94 that had problems with everything special or magnum. I tried a Rossi that jammed with 44 Special, then a Browning that worked fine with 44 Special. with 200 rnfp seated normally for both pistols and rifle. I later added a late model Marlin was a pain with 44 Special until lots of modifications. Found 44 Magnum brass with 200 rnfp and 240 gr seated out in special brass cured the Marlin problems. Finding the right cartridge length was the key to having the Marlin work right. Along the way I started shooting 200 rnfp in Russian cases for BP in handguns . I finally started using 160 or 180 gr bullets in Russian for BP. I found 44 Special in cowboy loads had blow back problems in my Marlin just like my 45 Colt Marlin if I went lower that 200 grain bullets. If you wind up with a rifle load and a different pistol load you might as well shoot 38 special handguns,. There is not much difference in recoil feel in rifles compared to handguns and it is really easy to keep 38 handgun loads separate from larger caliber rifle loads. If you find you really like the sport you could add a 38-357 rifle down the road and keep your Marlin 44 as a spare. It does not hurt nearly as much to lose 38 Special brass as it does more valuable 44 Special or Magnum. If you want to keep with 44 for everything, you might think about light bullets in special for you pistols, You will spend a little more for bullets than 38s , but not much. The 160-180 cowboy bullets or 190 full wad cutter are great in your pistols and easy to tell the difference from 200 grain for your rifle loads so you can use the same 44 Special brass for everything. Once you start shooting and buying stuff you might think about some nickel brass for some load to easily tell you that it is for a different load or gun,. You really can't go wrong and welcome to the sport
  10. The second the loaded revolver left your physical contact, except for staging on a table or other prop, if so directed, = MDQ.
  11. This is a big consideration with BP loads and the main reason I stopped using 32 H&R Mag with black powder. Did not ring or move the target enough for spotters not doing/understanding their job. I would get 1 or 2 misses called and knew better.
  12. Misprint. I meant walking from the loading table........
  13. The rule is a bit confusing. "A shotgun is considered safe for movement (in hand while moving through a stage) in the following condition only: 1) action open, round in chamber or on carrier 2) Hammers fully down on empty chamber(s) or on expended rounds, action closed." If you do as you described with an internal hammer gun, I would suggest getting T. O. approval BEFORE OPENING THE SHOTGUN at the staging location. T. O. may need to have you pull the triggers on an internal hammer gun to verify hammers were fully down during movement. Oddly, the rules stop short of allowing a SG to be carried with action open with chambers empty. (I presume that is just an oversight) Just a note. Some, shooters are unaware that dry firing a SXS can be damaging to the firing pins. A better way to drop the hammers on an internal hammer gun with dual triggers is to hold the two triggers back while closing the breach. Hammers are then lowered slowly.
  14. Lucas also makes a very good gun oil, I have used it for years, but the best rust-corrosion protection I have ever found was a product called Boetec, made by Boeing Aircraft Co. I use it on my cast iron wood working tables and it's the best. I can spray it on bare shinny cast iron, set it out side in the Oregon rainy winter and come spring no rust. Nothing compares to it, well maybe paint.
  15. mine comes and goes - i think im lucky in that it is never severe , that may not continue in age , there are moments when it gets so intense i get a headache tho , just takin it one day at a time ,
  16. If you are walking from the ULT, it sounds like your guns must have been cleared and you are no longer on the stage or firing line, so no DQ. As I understand it, the DQ penalty is only applied when the shooter is on the stage -- between the time you put the gun down on the LT until the guns are pronounced clear at the ULT.
  17. Getting the wad column height just right for a good crimp can be problematic. However by using a rolled crimp you can sort of by pass all the gymnastics getting the right spacing. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Roll-Crimping-Tools/products/128/ This product works great and even makes a good firm crimp on the cheaper shells that will work through almost any action. Use them once and pitch them. Best thing going if you are reloading your own BP shotshells. It actually melts the crimp down and beefs up or thickens the amount of plastic around the crimp.
  18. i started all this with a 94 , i shot it a long time , i still have it and would gladly shoot it again , i settled into my 66 after trying a lot of options
  19. Look at some of the tombstones in older cemeteries. I've explored a number of them with my dad down in Kentucky. Plenty of people passing away in the early twentieth century in their 80s, and a few in their late 90s! With very active people, those fatty foods worked very well for energy. Salt and other minerals were flushed from the system by water. With less sugary and processed simple carbs in foods like we have today, diabetes, or "the sugar" as my grandmother always called it, was probably not so prominent until people got older and became sedentary.
  20. I drank three cups of coffee this morning and later when I went into the restroom, I remembered why I walked into the room!!!
  21. "...Please consider what it pays to advertise on your vehicle. Just a suggestion ..... I have no political or religious stickers or anything that tells people what I’m into!!..." i , as a long term member of the 'silent majority' [we older folks understand] agree with that sentiment , pick your fights well , always place yourself in the position to win , never give up ,
  22. W.P. I picked up a card from a vendor at our local gun show that makes Ivory grips, I think he said he used walrus. He is in Coos Bay, Or. If you want his info. I can get it for you.
  23. 348 is one of my favorite cartridges some say it kicks really hard but I've never thought that (maybe a little more than a 06 but not bad). The lever opening a little on firing is common it's your hand hitting the lever under recoil with the shape of the pistol grip. As for the ammo and locking up the action sounds like some bad shells. Are they new Winchester bought from a reputable dealer (know it sounds bad but could someone stuck some handloads in a Winchester box)? The reason I question this is I've found Winchester factory loads at least the ones that have been made since the 80's have been loaded a little lighter than 2500fps. Also, Winchester hasn't made any 348 factory ammo in at least 8 years. I've had sticky extraction with grizzly ammunition and buffalo bore but never Winchester in 3 different 348's. It is a great cartridge and with the 200 gr. Swift a frame works great on anything in north America (even know of several brown bears that have been taken). Hope this helps.
  24. as much as i was willing to be considerate of a buntline - im having a lot of trouble accepting the extremes , legal or not , ill not go there , but i commend those brave enough to do so ,
  25. "...PS: My other recipe is two layers of Bacon on toasted Sourdough, Sliced Tomato, Shredded Lettuce and Mayo to taste. Yum..." i cannot argue with the pure logic of that , even if it kills me , ill have a smile on my face when i go , that said i cannot help beyond the info offered , i do learn from all of these those for when i am ready to make the change and take up the BP torch ,
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