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  2. Uberti doesn't use screws, those are threaded rivits
  3. Does anybody really know what time it is ---- Chicago
  4. What maybe more important, they hate themselves ...
  5. VA 2A rally was a massive success but I expect you won't here that in the news. Zero problems and no visible counter protesters. No official crowd estimates but had to be over 50,000 based on what I saw. The one picture looking up 10th street toward the Capitol building is only about 20% of the crowd. Every street surrounding the 2 block square Capitol grounds was packed like this. We met people from NC, PA, MI, WV. I heard many if not most of the 50 states were here. We sang the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, etc. Calls for Governor Northam to resign, some Trump supporters, and an ethnically diverse crowd. All the Democrats had left town, as did the Governor himself, ostensibly to "safe houses" due to "threats." So there was little chance to lobby the legislators. They are clearly afraid, as a proper government should be, of the people they work for.
  6. Wish my wife was here. She was in Army Basic back in 64. They did the same stuff as the guys back then. I can't say the same for our modern military. Wife and I visited on a tour at Ft. Leonard Wood. We both left shaking our head and couldn't believe what we saw. It was a mess and disgusting. Other than that, I couldn't figure out why they were not in unison with the arm swing. Just didn't look right for me.
  7. It seems like the step shooting rule relates to time, not motion or actual movement. I could make the exact same moves the Incredible Mr. Bull did (including shooting with one foot off the ground or barely touching the ground) and nobody would call a penalty as I move through the smoke in slow motion. I think that is why we are struggling with this. We know the "intent" of the rules is to not permit shooting on the move yet we still must allow for adjusting to keep your balance (Mr. Bull has an exception as he doesn't care). If a flawless fast moving shooter does what I do, it's a penalty. It seems like we would have to go to a "complete stop, both feet down to close and fire rule" not basketball rule and then make some kind of modification to the adjust rule, like put a distance of X inches around it or you can only adjust after first shot in string from shooting position you are currently in. SIGH. It does seem inherently unfair in a timed activity that 2 people can do the exact same thing but if one of them does it faster, it's a penalty.
  8. If I remember correctly, this came about from a video posted on a social media forum by Ray Heartless. The shooter was blazing away so fast, his upper body and legs leaning in continuous motion, that it was hard to see except by stop motion, that he still had one foot, if not "planted", at least is was toe-ing the same place. The question was, "Does this earn an SDQ?" Unless a spotter or TO was carefully watching the shooter's foot, it looked like "shooting on the move". So, what happens if the spotters and TO felt the shooter was "moving" while shooting, even if one foot remained mostly in one place? We don't allow video review...
  9. I really enjoy the heavy recoil, deafening explosion, sheets of flame and clouds of smoke from my wart hog.45 Colt and ten gauge 3-1/2" loads of Holy Black. No one ever said that you have to be particularly bright to shoot black powder!!!
  10. Doc, I did not mean my comments to be humorous. I DO regret your being offended by my comments. As you certainly must realize, there was no personal affront intended toward you anyone here, but I AM OFFENDED by that public display of mediocrity and tribute to stupidity on several levels. Just let it go; it’s not worth a go-around. Cat Bules
  11. I've used Murphy's oil furniture polish on some old shotguns thet I won't have in a safe.
  12. This really dependent on just where your crossdraw is located on your body.
  13. around here , they are so SLOW getting ready , it will be about dinner time Monday , then I gotta do just that , kinda ruins all other plans YA KNOW they be right , even if they be wrong CB
  14. To the previous comment about Georgia being so free on gun control, it is interesting to note that of the 4,432 firearms seized by TSA in carried-on baggage in 2019, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had the highest incidents with 323 LOADED firearms found in checked on baggage! (Compared to 217 in Dallas, 140 in Denver, 138 at George Bush Int'l, 132 In Phoenix, etc.) RR
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