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  2. I have had a couple of people take me to task regarding comments about schools and teachers manipulating young hearts and minds. Some might find this interesting, enlightening or maybe frightening. https://www.weareteachers.com/social-justice-lesson-plans-resources/ Enjoy!
  3. If your rifle is used for nothing but competition then sure I’d zero at 15 and call it good. But my rifle will be used for other stuff too and CAS is only a hobby so my rifle is zeroed at 100 yards and that puts it 4” high at 25 yards and only 2” high at 15 yards. Knowing this the rifle can have two good points of impact. Question is what will the rifle be used for. If its life is spent on a gun cart shooting steel then sure zero it in the middle of your closest and farthest target.
  4. A man goes into a pet store to buy a parrot. There is only one parrot in the store so the man asks the owner "How much for the parrot?" Owner replies "You don't want this parrot, he was raised in a saloon and cusses like a sailor." The man says "I really want this parrot, how much?" The owner says "I'll give you the parrot and cage if you'll take it and never return it" The man agrees and takes the parrot home. Once at home the man asks "Polly want a cracker?" Parrot replies "Screw (not the real word) you." The man tells the parrot "We are a god fearing household and do not swear in this house....now, Polly want a cracker?" Parrot replies "Screw you". The man immediately grabs the parrot and puts him in the freezer. After 15 minutes, he removes the parrot from the freezer and asks "Have you learned your lesson?" Parrot replies "Yes, what did the turkey do?"
  5. Thanks for letting me know about the Inbox. I've sent your funds via Paypal. Included extra 4% to cover their fees. Sent you an email to siskidrick@gmail.com that includes my shipping address and phone number. Please let me know when this ships. I hope I get it in time for next weekend's match. We'll see though. Thanks, again.
  6. In the Navy and while in boot camp, I listed 'Corpman' as my top choice for Navy career. This was 1969. They made me a Radioman. Go Figure. ..........Widder
  7. I don't know much about Dan Wesson but kimber and sig are excellent and out do a colt hands down but they do not feel the same nor shoot as good as a wilson. The rock island often have sights that I can't see anymore but otherwise seem fine, just have not fired one
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  9. I know when you buy a Ruger 357 Vaquero you have a sight up front.....a really tall sight that will have a pretty close POI with a 357 mag load. If you use it for cowboy 38's of 800 fps you need to file it down quiet a bit so that's what's happening if you exaggerate it. I know one of the faster pistols shooter's around here uses a LOT of power and a 125 because of what Doc said.
  10. The final outcome was less representative of the competition level than you'd think! The other player, I thought, was a little timid with his Final Jeopardy wager and that produced a larger final score difference. The guy was good!! He actually caught two of the Daily Doubles and led for a good portion of the game. That's twice now that the game has been in doubt going into Final Jeopardy. James is now less than $10,000.00 from the two million dollar mark!!!
  11. Just curious why people are checking 50 yards...…..let alone 100? 99.8% of the targets you shoot will be 25 or less. Most like 7 -15. A rifle can't have a good POI at both.....so it seems like you would want to set er' up for where you use it most. I have never seen a target over 25 in the last 15 years.....unless it's a side match.
  12. Billy I purchased 3 cases of the Fed SP Mag primers. I entered my submission online. I never removed the individual boxes of 1000 from the case boxes. My entry included(as per the submission form instructions) uploading an image of the shipping invoice/receipt, one photo of the top of the cases, one photo of the bottom of the cases and one photo of the side of the cases(all three boxes showing in each photo). I received the same Submission Received message(like Yusta B.) via email immediately following said submission on 5/11/19. This morning I received the following email from Vista Outdoors: Your rebate is approved! Vista Outdoor <sendmail@apmailer.com> Thu, May 23, 11:29 AM (18 hours ago) Dear David Sullard, Thank you for your submission in the Handload & Save Program. Your submission has been successfully processed and your submission id is ORD-3VEYZACDSVH7. Please allow approximately eight (8) weeks for your reward to be received. You may track your submission by using the Status Lookup tool found here: https://promotions.vistaoutdoor.com/EN/US/Home/Lookup Thank you, The Vista Outdoor Team Can't speak to the process if you use snail mail as I submitted mine online. There is the 1-800-998-8758, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CT phone number that may be of assistance. Good luck, mine was easy-peasy. Oh, by the way, you'll notice I included an unredacted version of the email.....wouldn't want to be anything but fully transparent!
  13. Nope, first I ever heard of it. If time allows, I may watch.
  14. Thanks for the confirmation. I've wanted a Bond for a while. This will probably clinch it.
  15. Two impossible to find Ruger Montado hammers. They are a drop in part for Vaqueros and New Vaqueros. $199 shipped.
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