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  2. And no, Okie, I did not go to the urologist.
  3. pietta, wherever you are... PLEASE MAKE THIS!!!!
  4. Ok, that's a Ruger-esque type setup. Same same applies as far as setup goes. The hand spring is a "frame mounted" coil and plunger just as the Ruger (and most everyone else . . . including me!!! Lol!). The #35 spring in the view is the combination bolt/trigger spring. Mike
  5. At the Turkeyfoot Cowboys range earlier this year we built a wall just like what you're asking about. We used 4x6s, the 6 is the width of the wall. We screwed 3/4" plywood to each side and filled the cavity with sand but pea gravel would work too. Topped it off with a metal. Works great. Lanky Frame
  6. I use the belt keepers that are left over from my Sam Brown.
  7. If you don't PM him or quote him, he may not get a notice. I have noticed that on my items for sale.
  8. Thank you Joe for the info. I will answer each paragraph as best I can. It is a Kimber Match Grade full size 1911, mfg 2004, I've had it for 7 years and probably have shot 15000 rounds, the slide release appears normal size. The last major jam I had the spent cartridge was horizonal with a live round underneath it, it was jammed so tight I couldn't get it into slide lock. I mentioned the slide release because occasionally after I ram home a mag during a re-load it the slide moves forward without me engaging the slide lock. Thank you very much for offering or the use of your backup, but my policy has always been to not borrow fire arms. As far as the ammo I've checked and re-checked my procedures in re-loading, and I always put each round through a case gage prior to use. I've changed mags from McCormik to Kimber and numbered them to see if it was one particular mag causing the problem, to no avail. I checked the Bordertown WB list of who is coming and saw that Bogus Deal wasn't coming. Would it out of line if I asked you to bring the parts, assuming you have them, and taking a look at my Kimber? I realize you are shooting both matches and you probably have your schedule all worked out, if not don't concern yourself as I understand you are here to shoot, not to fix someone' pistol. Regards Blaze
  9. Duke - I'll take it if it's still available. PM me on payment details. Church Key
  10. There's probably 20 oils that are great for future rust prevention. Boeshield T-9 is another that is quite good about staying put on the area applied and not attracting dust. RemOil is a commonly used gun oil, but it lacks stay-put power. Any rust-resisting wheel bearing grease will stay put and really prevent rust - apply very thinly and remove from bore before next range/field outing. But - Kroil is NOT going to stay put and prevent future problems. BTW - throw that can of Pyrodex on the lawn. It's REALLY hard to keep that stuff from corroding firearms. Good luck, GJ
  11. I have a pair of Cimarron Pietta Eliminator C's ..... Factory Short Stroke & Low/Wide Hammers, Tuned by Cimarron, Full Race, 4 3/4", 38/357, Blue & CCH Wide Hi Viz brass covers on front sights, backstraps engraved by Aspen Filly... one sez "TEXAS" the other "LIBERTY" They've been shot Lots, I've had them for about 3 years and there is some wear showing on the finish, but they Look Really Nice !!!! Very Smooth & Ready to Rock!..... $1000 for the pair plus shipping to your FFL.... (He must accept pistols shipped from an individual.) I can take some more pics if they're interested...........
  12. Thats total BS, I would refuse to sign even if it meant getting another job! You can't get another life!
  13. This exploded view say you should have a spring on the cyl hand and trigger(#35). OLG
  14. "Knowledge is good." Animal House. Nothing even compares.
  15. Exactly what I was thinking! Unless they search your car, which is illegal, they'll never know about a gun. If you have to use it on the property and get fired at least your alive! You can always get another job but to get another life is a little difficult!
  16. Today
  17. Astros down 4-1 top of the 5th. Still lots of time left. JHC
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