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  2. Windex with vinegar will clean it. Take the stock off and flush it. Then blow it out with compressed air and then use your spray lube of choice, and blow it out. Let it sit on your with the bench muzzle up overnight. Wipe off the rec'r area and re-install the stock. Use a patch soaked with Windex and swab the bore out, then dry and oil. OLG
  3. 1. Is that true? ---YES 2. Is retiming hard to do or do have to have a gunsmith do it? Not hard, IF you know how and have the correct tools to do such. The timing issue is corrected by replacing and fitting a new cyl pawl(hand). OLG
  4. Handguns eligible for sale in CA have to be on CA's "Approved List" : https://www.oag.ca.gov/firearms/certified-handguns/search I rather doubt what Franklin Arms is allegedly selling as "CA legal" has gone through the testing and even if by chance they submit one or more guns for testing and they do pass the tests, CA will still not approve the gun based on looks alone.
  5. Seems like that would kill your split times. I hold dead on and just use my thumb. I don't have to wait on the muzzle to raise and lower and reaquire the target.
  6. Gun rolls back in your hand, raising the muzzle and bringing the hammer closer to your thumb; cock the hammer as the muzzle lowers to shooting position. More recoil = higher muzzle rise. This is assuming plow handle or birdhead grips.
  7. I would think that Franklin Armory has attorneys that researched it. Maybe not. We’ll wait for a test case I guess.
  8. Pulp just reminded me of a good one. Adjustable sights should be allowed/outlawed in all categories.
  9. Ty, I've never understood the math on this.
  10. I have not cut and replaced the Spur, but have notched, heated and bend down the hammer on several. As for the timing on a Colt or Clone, sometimes a simple swap will work, but my experience has had me do some work on the Bolt to get it to drop at the right time. In the early days I screwed up many of my own guns messing with the timing, just out of ignorance. It looks so simple, but can be a bit tricky. You might just try it and see where thing fall. Over dressing the Cam can get you into trouble, so go slowly if you work on it. Playing with the inside leg of the Bolt is the cheapest part to replace if you mess it up. If you are cycling the action fast, setting the timing a little early can be helpful. Just try it, then do some research on dressing the Bolt and go for it. If you need to replace it because you went too far... it's not an expensive mistake, and can be a great learning process. when adjusting the timing on a Colt, just go slow. Snakebite
  11. My favorite old costume was Scout's "ham" costume: Yes, I'm from Alabama, and I love "To Kill A Mockingbird".
  12. Three Cut is a good people and a TOP HAND doing this kind of work!!
  13. Me too. But I just want to see Kate Upton jumping up and down again.
  14. this is great. it's almost exactly what I already do with my 66 & 73 for regular post match cleaning.
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  16. I have tried several times to send you an email and it states it doesn't recognize the address. Send me an email at blazekinkaid253@powerc.net
  17. Sniff, sniff, thank you, thank you for your kind support and understanding. Bartender, set them up for my warm hearted friends..........................I think I can find some change left in my pockets.....................'though not much left after my dealings with the SAA. And Charlie, I promise they will be duly dirtied at the range!
  18. Avoid using hydrocarbon-based cleaners and lubricants in weapons that you shoot black powder or black powder substitutes in. The combination, when burned, causes a hard to remove sticky residue that will often clog up your weapon and also cause rust. Cat Brules
  19. 28 and breezy, no more shoot'n events till next year. Praktizen with my Taylor's & Company Remi sheriff models with fluted conversion cylinders in .45 Colt long, great fun, beautiful pistolas. Go'n out for breakfast at the Cowboy's Cafe in Minden, ya'll is invited. You know bout the lawn. Carlos Murphy
  20. Black MZ and APP load and perform the same. Lots of smoke but no deep boom and flame like BP. A good starting point on the way to black powder. I shoot 45 colt and have migrated to Reenactor grade for the 10 (Winchester 1887 lever and Remington 1883) and 12 gauge shotgun (Boito Kmart special), and 2F for the 45 cases both regular and cowboy special under a 200 gr bullet (Miroku 73 and Rossi 92, Ruger OMV Bisleys). No filler, all smooth shooting nice boom, smoke, and flame.
  21. I just want to see Verlander do well. He deserves it. We miss him in Detroit. Even though he's with the Astros, he still does things in Detroit. He has a foundation that supports veterans. http://winsforwarriors.org/
  22. Run 45 colt with good crimp. Normal BP cleaning regimen. Used brake cleaner to bare metal then Ballistol when switching to BP. Now everything stays soft until I get around to cleaning it. Recommend a full size inert cartridge to help reassembly. 44-40 should be no problem what so ever.
  23. Since you feel guilty your penance is that you must buy everyone in the Saloon at least two rounds of drinks today. Bottles, please see that this fellow makes good. And congrats on your new toys.
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