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  2. Very good. Why does stuff break just before you get ready to leave?
  3. Hello, Shifty Bob! Welcome to SASS and welcome to Cowboy Action! If you have an 1873, use a lead 125 grain Truncated Cone (TC) bullet. It will feed really well. I get mine from Bullets by Scarlett. Use .357 Starline brass cases in your rifle and use 4.2 grains of Trail Boss. The same load of Trail Boss will work with 158 grain RNFP or 125 grain TC bullets. The same load of Trail Boss will work in .357 cases or 38 Special cases. .357 cases work well in my Uberti 1873 I bought from Cody at the Cowboy Shop. Use your 158 grain RNFP in your pistols and try some lighter truncated cone bullets for your rifle. I hope this helps. All the best, Slow Mo Dern
  4. There are four range officers, a T.O. and three spotters. and RO1 says "Final assessment regarding the assessment of penalties is made by the T.O."
  5. I disagree with some of the comments here. I'm standing within arms reach of the shooter behind their right shoulder. I'm counting shots, watching their gun handling and I can see the targets. Target order is 2-1-2, shooter engages 3-1-1 with their revolver. Spotters call no misses and scratch their heads about target order. I'm going to call the P.
  6. I will have two Dillon Square Deal Bs for sale at Landrun. It was my Wildbunch starter set as one is 45ACP and the other is 45 Colt. Both were dialed in to make PF for WB and never had a problem. Came across a good deal on a 650 where caliber changes are easier so these have to go. One has a Dillon stand the other has an Inline Fabrication easy change base with extra plate for the SDB. Two wingnuts and a swap is made. 325.00 for regular base and 350.00 for the one with Inline Fab base. The very clean powder hopper is the 45 Colt.
  7. That's one heck of a list. I'm with Savvy Jack,,,, rifle, pistols, shotgun, ammo for all (correct ammo). Guncart stays in the van. I've got a 5 gallon bucket with everything in it. If it's an out of towner ,, clothes, everything goes in the van the night before except guns. I'm gone!!! Isom
  8. Two spotters agree on 2 misses... SHB pg 20 SHB pg 23 I've shot in plenty of prop buildings where we only have room for the shooter and the TO in them. The spotters won't fit in the building so the spotters stand to the side. Many of these buildings are being replaced over time, but it is what it is...Just have to make due. Wartrace just tore down their line shack last year. It was one of those where you might could fit a TO, shooter, and 1 spotter in there if it was stand and deliver. When we were moving from one side tray in the shack to the other, there was just room for the TO and Shooter.
  9. P-38 was a favorite of the bad guys on that other spy classic, Get Smart. The KAOS assasins seemed to love 'em. Maybe, "Ve don't use Schmidt und Vesson in KAOS, Starker!"
  10. You can reverse the piece with the white diamond. Put it facing the other way and it is SASS compliant.
  11. Agree completely. If the shooter asks questions or gives me the "deer in the headlights" look, I'll take a moment and clear up any confusion. But, I've just been doing: "Shooter Ready?" "Standby" and then the gong sounds...
  12. All the shoots I've been to the spotters call the procedural but the TO may ask them to explain. The TO can call a P also but he would also explain. If the shooter doesn't agree he can take it up with the Match Director.
  13. The shooter can always call a procedural on themselves as well.
  14. Love mine...my .45 is my "go to" CAS rifle....
  15. I'm in the same boat-I'd like to buy the two you have left. I think I still have your PayPal info, but PM me to be sure. Sp
  16. The otters are protected up here. The beavers not so much. I think you need a nuisance permit but I'm not sure. A 12 gauge with #4 buck would work well.
  17. Ammo would drive my selection. Ammo readily available and or what the military would use as in NATO rounds, 5.56, 9 mm, 22, 12 gauge, whatever an AK runs. Unless you have a large stockpile of reloading materials 30-03, Krags, and other "older" style ammo won't hold you for long. My AR 5.56 bangs steel accurately out to 500 yards so it would replace the need for a bolt action rifle. That is unless all of those who say AR's are for deer hunting are wrong! Ike
  18. Back to page 1. We are looking forward to seeing friends we have met over the last few years and meeting new folks.
  19. Piling on, if he spotters aren't in a position to see the shooters results, movements etc, then they need to move. The other side of that is the TO is behind a shooter shooting through a window/door and all the TO can see is the shooter....shooting, he can't see the targets. Seems the 4 people watching the shooter need to come to an agreement at the end of the stage. If they can't then what? Ike
  20. According to the list of protocols on RO1 page 49 the spotters are only polled for misses. It says nothing about procedurals, safeties, Spirit of the game etc. It doesn't seem to match what we have been doing. Everyones a safety officer, the spotters watch for misses, procedurals, etc. TO polls the Spotters for all of the above. As a TO I was taught to watch the shooters gun handling, round count, staging and re-staging of guns, gun order, and "IF" possible the shooting order. Also to no longer ask of the shooter understands the course of fire. With all that under the blanket of "safely assist the shooter the the course of fire". Using the "T" Ball culture we now live in if the TO polls the spotters and they come up with 2,1,3 misses the TO should give the benefit to the shooter and call one miss.If after asking the shooters and they can't come to a consensus. The same would apply here wouldn't it. TO says procedural, Spotters say no, TO can't convince them. No call!!!!! Ike
  21. With the likely future bringing us electric riding mowers, one of those would be ideal to convert to a guncart.
  22. It was my understanding that the spotters are looking for misses an making sure the targets are hit in proper order. The TO is safely assisting the shooter through the course of fire. A TO cannot overrule the spotters on misses and can overrule the overrule the spotters on a procedural and/or a safety.
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