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  2. Well durn RSE, I just bought 3 cases of STS Nitros today. Plan to shoot them on sporting clays and reload them for CAS
  3. It’s not only AA’s, I checked 3 boxes of factory STS for the Georgia State Match and had 15 that wouldn’t fall out if the gauge. I tried them in my Super Sizer and it wouldn’t help most of them. I usually get more factory shells that won’t gauge than I do with my reloads. Randy
  4. Out of shape after the break for those other shows? It would have been the fourth show of the day. See how he does tonight in the fifth show.
  5. Sure wish they could teach the 10 commandments instead of their opinions. GW
  6. I’ m a little like you Max and I don’t know if it’s frequency or db’s but I can’t hear a Pact nearly as good as I can hear my Pocket Pro. Randy
  7. Maybe he is counting how much the IRS is going to take awayyyyyyy.
  8. I have an old Competition Electronics that treated me well. But I really like the CED7000 shown in Dillon"s Blue Press. The ones I have heard have a shrill , high pitch whistle that MY ears react to. Plus it is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket but believe they had an armband. GW
  9. What never gets old? Conspiracy Theories and unvaccinated kids. Anyone who can look at photo's like this and not thank God for the Polio Vaccine (and the others) is a heartless fool!
  10. Well, he did as requested. I generally ask for 50s unless I am traveling.
  11. I'm very sensitive to certain frequencies as I have Profound hearing loss in the high frequency zone. Moderate to sever everywhere else. Born with bad ears Phantom PS: But grateful for what I've got
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  13. ME thinks your opinion is correct. I learned that from 4 separate Audiology test from the VA. 105db won't mean crap to my ears if the frequency is one of those I seem to be immune to..... But, my guess is the freqs used in our Timers are good enough because I can detect most 'Beeps' if the timer is within a couple inches of my ear. Max: When I did a couple videos on shooting the SG, I had to clip the timer on my shirt collar in order to react to the beep. Its something you might want to consider. ..........Widder
  14. I have just started having some AA shells stick here Down Under as well I thought it was me or I hadn't cleaned the gun enough (or at all) I have bought a gauge and will be checking in future, thanks for the heads up.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I guess I should have been more specific, the Chinese POS I am trying to avoid is the ATI one I keep seeing. Didn't mean to sound so harsh in my first post. :) I would love a Cimarron if I could find one. The CZ coach guns do look nice, and I might go that route if nothing else comes up.
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