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  2. Have pair NIB Uberti 356n20 Short Stroke SASS Pro 4 5/8" $1100.00 can send pictures if requested. TUCO
  3. Well, looks like the movie came and went. i imagine these melting little snoflicks will all be working for minimum wage at CoffeeVille, flipping burgers, 7-11 clerks, etc., as their career, with their degrees in sociology, ethnic studies, social activism, women’s studies, etc. tucked in a box somewhere..... dreaming of their “boy, I sure told’em!” glory days at DaddyBucks U. Cat Brules
  4. Could have been shorter. Didn’t need the “.”
  5. Today
  6. Do you know if the grip panels are original. Cat Brules
  7. .45 loops, should also hold .38’s securely enough for CAS, when the need for extra “reload” ,38’s comes up. Mine do, anyway......ymmv. Cat Brules
  8. If you're man enough. After all it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  9. I was using fresh AAs because this is what I want to run as my wife gets up to speed with the SxS. Side note: the new V3 will not eject the AAs... they shoot fine, but I have to manually eject. I'm shooting trap, so this is a non-problem. I will pull the chokes and see what I have. CA is going to pull the plug on gun parts on 1/1/2020, so I have to get all my springs and chokes before I have to submit to an anal cavity check to buy them. I have an idea for a rubber bulb as a trigger release for a sled vice. Squeeze the bulb, and a bulb in the trigger guard expands and moves the trigger. Not possible on the Stoeger 2x, but still an idea for hands-free (no flinch, no impact) trigger. This would tell me where the GUN is shooting and remove the human factor. If this bulb-thing exists, please pass it along so I can look into it. The buys set up a round butcher paper target some 40 feet away, with a yellow Post-It in the center. The Stoeger is 15" to the left of center, and 15" high from center. Both barrels. Very well could be the noob on the other end... But the V3 is dead-on, using the same noob. We shoot 75 rounds of trap (each) every Monday now, until the weather goes bad.
  10. There's a reason. It's poor stage writing; somehow attempting to apply a band-aid to itself by masquerading as creative. 10-10-4 is boring... Only if the stage writer is boring. 9-9-5 is exciting and creative... Only if the stage writer is exciting and creative. Matches are a stew... Consisting of target placement, target sizing, sequences, movements, props, lines, transitions and gun orders. If all the above are well done - then there is zero requirement to adjust round counts to be creative. If the above are done poorly; all the changes in round counts will accomplish nothing. I submit any stage writer presenting round counts variation as being creative stage writing needs to actually experience some creative stage writing.
  11. Sorrow and understanding for your loss.
  12. I don't know why my wife gave me The Look when I showed this to her.
  13. I think many of us are. Creativity is a usually good thing, and variety is the spice of life. But both need to be seasoned with some reason. Nobody likes to run the timer and agonize, watching shooter after shooter get disappointed with "P"s and excessive misses on "creative" stages. Somewhere in between is the right formula. We keep looking for it. If the variety stays reasonable, it will be fun. If not, then most will be too fatigued or penalized to be able to enjoy it.
  14. Thanks for the replies..I'ii just have to set myself a routine & get the mind into gear !
  15. Sorry about the loss of your furry friend, my sincerest condolences.
  16. Showing anyone at the LT that a revolver hammer is down on an empty chamber wouldn't necessarily indicate how many rounds were loaded.
  17. So What's wrong with 5-10-8 ? Or 11-8-4 load 1 pistol on the clock?
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