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  2. Been there many times, it never gets easier. I don't know how all that works (yet) if we'll see them in Heaven or not. If we do I'm gonna have a pack of 'em! JHC https://www.bartleby.com/364/335.html
  3. When you start to shoot the red stop signs you have to sing "STOP! In the name of love".
  4. I will also turn the engine off.....If it ain't to hot outside..... OLG
  5. I actually like frozen meatballs. Usually. Some times they're fulla bone chips. Or bullet fragments. My wife doesn't like them so I rarely buy them. Just easier that way. JHC
  6. I can't believe no one has added The Conquer
  7. You mean like TN Williams and DQ Kid? ..........Widder
  8. Looks like a perfect place from which to ambush a deer or other unsuspecting morsel.
  9. You guys can laugh all you want about whether deer can read, but they can dang sure read a calendar.
  10. Won't be their grand kids are coming in for the weekend . We have to watch a 2 yr. and a 4 month old while mom and dad attend a wedding . You all have good weather and have fun.
  11. It varies by shop here. It's rare to find a shop in Alabama that doesn't have any 1911s, but the best stocked one I know of has a bunch of RIA and Armscore, a couple of Kimbers, a few used Colts and one new SA Defender. We have one shop that advertises as a "stocking" dealer for Kimber, but he rarely has more than three or four. I ordered two of mine, the others I picked up from local dealers. The stainless TRP and the EMP were both ordered from distributors. All my Colts were bought from local dealers as normal stock items. My solitary Kimber was bought from a dealer... It had belonged to a very good friend who is now deceased. He had sold the Kimber at a substantial discount to a mutual friend of ours, who proclaimed it was never to be sold. When the mutual friend traded it for a polymer 9mm wonder, I bought it and it's now got a permanent home. The mutual friend has tried to buy it back, but I just smile and refuse.
  12. Good question, Sneaky. I'm looking forward to the answer as well. I've often thought of getting 1860 grip frames and fitting them to my Taurus Gaucho's in order to get a more full-handed grip (I don't like the pinky under the grip), but this looks like an easier and possibly cheaper option.
  13. Sedalia I have heard of and seen on Cop videos on YouTube where the cop sees the driver moving around and thinks they are hiding something or reaching for a gun. Many have ended up with a gun in their face and on the ground with the car searched. I was advised to do nothing but shut the vehicle off and put both hands on the steering wheel. Let the officer tell you what he wants you to do. Ike
  14. Stages are set, targets are painted. Come on out for some last monthly shootin fun.
  15. My favorites are the ones from someone promising change and to fix all the local problems. Then you look twice and realize it's the incumbent.
  16. That's where I keep mine too. Used to be you got out of your vehicle. That could be interpreted as a threat. Now I turn on the interior light if dark, keep my hands in sight, and follow instructions. JHC
  17. WOW. Hope he pulled the ejection lever in time!
  18. I use Desperado Cowboy Bullets 235 gr. round nose with either 3.6 grs of Clays or 4.2 of VV N-320 with a magnum primer. Won a World Championship shooting Traditional a couple of years ago with this load. Marshal Stone
  19. As a former LEO-trust me, when I say it's best to inform the Officer/Deputy than not. Why my permit is behind the DL in my wallet. OLG
  20. Jaan

    Ammo bags

    I shoot .44-40 in my rifle and .45 Colt in my pistols so I've been pre-sorting out the ammo the night before so I don't get them mixed up. I've been using plastic bags but I thought something more fitting to the time period would look nicer. I bought these bags direct from China. Not bad for about $12 shipped total. They're the perfect size to fit 10 rounds. The heart bags are going to be for .45 Colt and the colorful bags for .44-40. There are 10 round in each of the bags in the second picture.
  21. How 'bout my home team, the Seattle Mariners? Oh that's right, they've never even been to the World Series. Never even played in the postseason since 2001. Makes it kinda hard to enjoy the World Series when you know that your team will never get there.
  22. Never had one, can't say personally. Long ago in a galaxy far away I shot a lot of IPSC, they seemed to have a good rep. All mine have been Colts. If I was going to buy a new one it would probably be a Kimber. JHC
  23. Your right, Actually then they blame the cop, so which do you think is better?
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