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  2. My fav is “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra”.
  3. If they will work on a 38/357 I'll take them. Please PM me with payment details Thanks Smiling Wolf
  4. one last time before I shuffle it to the back of the safe.
  5. If Jeb Stuart doesn't take the Jimmy Spurs NMV's I will. Please send pics if he doesn't. Sorry to hear you are getting out of this great sport.
  6. A guy in my office has been singing this ALL WEEK. Someone else can have it now. https://youtu.be/0gM5TjSOQ48
  7. Thanks guys, I finally met back up with the owner and he agreed with your concerns. I have him $30 for it. I will not shoot it, but probably clean it up and hang it in my workshop area. If I even need a part, I’ll have it. i do appreciate the time on the answering and replying.
  8. Having a TV or something to distract you while working out can be a good thing. Riding a stationary bike or using a treadmill can be boring. My buddy would pick a half hour show and watch that while using his treadmill. He worked his way up to one hour shows.
  9. I agree with you. I don't know the answer. IIRC this particular store is in one of the small municipalities along this main road. They may not have the staff. I am going to bring it up to the county sheriff and find out what he thinks and is planning on doing about it.
  10. I appreciate your position. In my case, when I hear Homeland Security intercepted another cyber attack, I know I had a hand in that. When our warfighters return home to their families, I know I had a hand in that. When the NSA catches someone spying on us, I know I had a hand in that too. The biggest thrill in my career was when a warfighter comes up and said they appreciate what we do because it made their life safer, easier, better or whatever. That too is why I do what I do. In this life there are give and takes. I'm willing to make a small sacrifice for those who make huge sacrifices for us.
  11. Mounting a TV so I can watch videos or Netflix whilst on the treadmill. Got most of the connections figured out. Now to get the cables concealed. I put in a selector switch. Not full auto, just to go from Bluray input to computer input.
  12. Trust me-We knew before you did............ OLG
  13. Thanks for all that came out and helped! Great day for shooting, small crowd but we had fun! Last shoot of the year .
  14. How many of you are aware that Guns are not allowed in US Post Offices or parking lots they own .
  15. I agree totally, the Yankees ARE baseball! Their history is just so beyond any other team ever! Do I want them to win? Hell no!!
  16. All I’m saying is I refuse to give up my freedom for a job, I would take less money if I had to! That’s just me, to each his own! I made a decision to be self employed, I may have been able to make more money if I worked somewhere but I chose my freedom instead!
  17. Guns Save Life, NRA-ILA, and the ISRA have planned a mini I-GOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day) at the capitol. Mom's Demand Action and similar types will be there also. The legislature is voting on a ton of anti-gun stuff, so click on the link and try to be there! We need all the folks we can to turn out. Looking for positive dialogs with legislators, not shouting matches. There will be media all over the place. Don't need to feed the anti-gun media machine unflattering images. Thank you. LDD http://www.gunssavelife.com/details-inside-mini-igold-tuesday-october-29th-in-springfield/
  18. Puts new meaning to chasing tail lights.
  19. Exactly Wise man say "Shoot slower the fun lasts longer"
  20. Today
  21. You bet. Had to buy left handed rifles when the right arm was broken. Bought rimfire lever actions and SAA while the shoulder was healing. It never healed 100% so the 45-70 gov, 35 Whelen, 300 win mag had to leave the stable. Use this time as an excuse to buy multiple cheaper rimfires. When you heal, you can sell those multiples to get your one Tikka. Sometimes it sucks but if you listen to the doctor, it is usually best. You may not shoot for a few months now but you’ll be able to shoot for years after this instead of the reverse.
  22. Thanx OLG. I don’t check for that. Just dumping thoughts onto the Wire then, I guess. Cat Brules
  23. Jeff Daniels sitting on Lauren Holly’s broken toilet while “shaving” and “cleaning my teeth”
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