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  2. The article’s entire reason for existence is to bring to the attention of the anti-gun crowd and that there is another opportunity to go after gun and ammunition manufacturers.
  3. A simple question about whether folks carry to/from matches turns into a bitch session about the vagaries of California's gun laws. If you californicators would spend half as much effort preventing or overturning such laws, we wouldn't be constantly subjected to your whining about how tough things are in PRC.
  4. Just winged’em, is what she meant! :-/
  5. No truer words have ever been said. A Posse Marshal that knows what his Role is. , T/O's that know the Rules, Spotters that Can Spot and Not Listen/count. all these can make a Match Great or Destroy it so Bad you don't want to return.
  6. Try this: https://www.shouselaw.com/public-nuisance.html Around here, "disorderly conduct" would be the more likely criminal citation. Some locales have specific statutes or regulations forbidding the display of gun-like hand gestures. Talk about trivializing the role of a police officer - sending him out to arrest a kid for pointing his unloaded finger "in an aggressive manner". LL
  7. That ain't "Fry Bread". LOL Need to find ya some indians for that'n.
  8. If he is carrying a rainbow pumpkin, is the boy in a bloody ballerina outfit wearing a costume or just confused?
  9. Thanks - This exactly the kind of information I would need for a good cause statement, i.e., SASS enthusiasts have been victims of robbery when leaving events. I don’t know from your comment if that’s what you’re saying or that people leaving a range are at significant risk of being robbed. In any case this may be helpful. WBM
  10. I think I do have tweed! I think he’s referring to this picture. Is that tweed? Dang Charlie I’m flattered. That picture is 8 years old. You must have really dug deep into my FB to find that. I didn’t know I was that important to you!
  11. Novel, fiction. And I think he was just trying to throw a scare into him. But I wondered. Unmarked car cut a guy off on the freeway. Other driver honked his horn. Cop ignored that. Other driver pulled up next to the unmarked car, cussed at him and flipped him off. Cop lit him up. Checked the car for anything easily visible to arrest him for. Driver is about to piss his britches. Cop tells him he needs to learn some freeway manners. Then tells him, “I could arrest you as a public nuisance.” Then he let him off with a warning. My wonder - COULD you be arrested as a public nuisance for shooting a bird at somebody? Los Angeles, if that would make a difference.
  12. Ain't enough Botox in the world!!!
  13. Are they going to quarrel ?
  14. Captain Bill and Phantom, this banter is beginning to sound like you are BFFs! Rainmaker, if I knew what you were trying to say, I'd probably be mad. You must be saying your dog treed a cat. Mine did too. Well it wasn't one of his boss cats and it ran. It is the cat in the distance. His bosses are in the foreground ignoring him.
  15. And .... don't look now .... The Kurds ARE being shot to pieces and bombed back to stone age. those that say it "just ain't so" are some DELUDED.
  16. I have never tried the Bando but I recall the likes of El Lazo and Tubelo Flash of CA to be quiet efficient with them. I am sure there are others, seems that Flash from LA runs one well. The shotgun belt is my, and Sassy's choice, however I have found, like holsters, it is not a simple task of getting the perfect one at first choice. While I assume the style of bandoleers is relative simple, shotgun belts can have different shapes to some point and many, many configurations up for one to chose. I have purchased 8-10 shotgun belts over the last 20 years. I have found only a few, at this point in my life, that actually place shells at suitable position due to my physique. Seems some belts want to kick shotgun shells more closer to my body where others let them slightly kick forward for much easier grabbing. One must decide in single loops, double loops, or possibly combination plus addition of cartridge loops, and the place that suits you. There is also decision of material of belt (leather or canvas), but more important perhaps is the material of loops (leather, canvas, or elastic). Number of loops is personal, especially in cartridges. I have tried a number of shotgun loops and cartridge (38) loop combinations (10 to one side, five to each side, etc). Over the last couple of years I have realized that I do not need to be burdened with to many cartridge loops remembering that a couple for reloads is necessary and perhaps a couple for emergency use when at loading table and you discover the sudden need of a extra cartridge for whatever the reason...thus, a nice configuration might be 2-3 on left, right, or both ends . My preference now is at least six pairs of shotgun loops, three cartridge loops per end and 1-3 cartridge loops in center of six shotgun pairs. (Deciding factor might be if you shoot sxs, 87, 97 and how you load the rifle reload). I like leather belt over canvas and leather loops over canvas or elastic. Sassy likes leather belt and elastic loops, cartridge loops to ends and yes even one loop for lip gloss (I declined on that option). My favored belts seem to be the "three piece styles" (with center, loop portion, being larger/wider). As to leather craftsman, Doc Noper is by far our choice in maker. The fit and positioning is excellent, and he will go "the extra mile" to see that loops are arranged to your liking. This is not to say other leather craftsman don't offer similar belts and customer service. I have a Aint Dunnit sg belt and holster rig that is also excellent in fit and personal likes. For ladies and some men, there is also the "Tequila style" which places shotgun loops between holsters, Number of loops is limited somewhat but the style is accommodating to many. With this setup extra belt is not needed.
  17. If it is a fact that I am always right (and it is). Then by not agreeing with me - you would be deliberately choosing to be wrong. And that's just plain silly. Not unexpected from Shooting Bull; but silly all the same.
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