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  2. Another point of clarification regarding overloading a REVOLVER in the OP scenario: If a shooter loaded 5 + 5 for a 9-round revolver string, but only fired the required 9 rounds, there would be NO PENALTY for the extra round in a revolver. (as long as the hammer is down on a fired case).
  3. Tyrel, Do you know how those compare with the "new" model Vaqueros as far as weight and width? Red Wolf
  4. Someone said it is a Remington.223 that was made a few years ago. I don’t remember the model . Maybe this is it. https://www.remington.com/news/2008/remington-model-7615-pump-action-rifle-now-available-durable-synthetic-carbine-version
  5. Watch and you can see the sabots hitting the ground.
  6. Where did you buy your grips and how easy or hard did they install?
  7. Loading 9 rounds in the pistols is not a P trap. It it requires attention to detail at the loading table. I think it is a P for not following stage instructions.
  8. I love 1911's but that is why I will never shoot wild bunch, as I couldn't bring myself to buy a mil-spec 1911. So many great and beautiful 1911's out there that a mil-spec would just seem so drab and plain and with poor sights to boot. Well maybe an original from WWI or WWII. Personally Springfield makes quality 1911's but I will never buy a Springfield again as they sold out gun dealers in Illinois with support for state licensing that put 1/2 of all gun dealers out of business here in Illinois. Later they got called on it and backtracked but they never the less got caught stabbing dealers in the back.
  9. 9 shots from the six shooters sounds like a "P" trap....just myown thoughts that nobody asked for.
  10. The slide sold separately so I dropped the price. NOW $199
  11. Already suggested, maybe next order
  12. Today
  13. Condolences on the loss of your friend, always hard to lose a faithful dog.
  14. I had these made up and received them today. I'm very pleased with them. Now I can show my pride in shooting black powder!
  15. That would be a P for not following stage instructions.
  16. Surprised that this thread has gone so long without
  17. Kaga was found last week, now the Akagi. That leaves Hiryu and Soryu. Hope they go after and find the Hamman which went down with Yorktown. Might not be enough of it to be found tho as it broke in two on the surface and depth charges went off on its way down. https://www.apnews.com/f026d20d928143ddadfc3df0f3d36f77
  18. Mom was Italian and made her own ravioli from scratch as well as sauce and meatballs. She would brown the meatballs and then cook them at a low simmer with the sauce for hours in a cast iron skillet. She made the best meatballs I've ever eaten - most meatballs at restaurants or commercially sold meatballs all need to be thrown in the trash.
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