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  2. Doc noticed a horse lingering around his stable, he was saddled but not tied up. He went up to the horse and checked the saddlebags, there was release papers from Yuma prison with the name Gordon "Bull" Riddle on it. Doc had no idea who's horse it was but guessed it might have belonged to the man Rye gunned down in the saloon. Bull Riddle didn't sound familiar to him at all. He checked with Mayor Dawg and the mayor said." Bull Riddle's two sons were shot by the previous sheriff, Cole Alan, who left the town just before Sheriff Tyrel took over. It was also before I became mayor but I'd heard the story from some of the townsfolk. Bull was in prison for armed robbery. He did 6 years and heard his sons were shot by Sheriff Alan in a bank holdup. Bull had no idea Sheriff Alan left town and had taken a job as a Wells Fargo detective. He was drunk and determined to find revenge for his sons being killed. " I've gotta tell Rye who this maniac was" said the Mayor. The Mayor went down to the saloon where Rye was hanging out talking to the piano player. He explained to Rye who the crazed shotgun wielding lunatic was and who he was after. "I know Cole Alan, he was a sheriff in Sandstone which is where I found the Steinway piano. I knew Cole from a few years ago before he became sheriff here. We were on a cattle drive together. I forgot all about that whole Bull Riddle incident. I heard about it when I first got here to Stone Creek" said Rye. He poured a drink for the the Mayor and told him about his leaving to join the Arizona Rangers. The Mayor agreed that it was a good opportunity for Rye. He had been kicking around pushing cattle and playing piano and doing a couple temporary deputy gigs here and there. This Ranger job sounded like some stability which was scarce in the west. If you landed a job you hung onto it. "Good for you Rye, I hope you'll come back from time to time if you can, don't you be forgettin' about us now" said the Mayor. Rye said, " Mayor, I've made some good friends here that I won't forget and I'll be back when I can. I still have a few loose ends to tie up before I leave so you''ll have to put up with me for a couple weeks yet". The Mayor smiled and held up his glass and said, "I'll drink to that".
  3. Fantastic match, worth coming too t his one from Nebraska
  4. Sent PM back. I will have to go check the chokes & length. They are either 26" or 28". I recollect that they are 3" chambers (Full & Mod?). I won't know until I get to town. MG PS Right now I'm looking for my cell phone. I have either lost (or possibly was swiped) my cell phone with all of my pics, etc.
  5. Hopefully you will be healed by then. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
  6. Shoot went well. All 50 cartridges went boom. No real problems. The guns did seem to be binding a little more than usual. Not sure if that was the papers fault, probably caps. When I cleaned them, some debris washed out of the chambers. Overall, way better than handling loose powder. Maybe I could use a jag to clean the chambers between loadings, like the worm for a cannon
  7. I check all my AA shells before a match. The Super Sizer will fix not all but 9 out of 10.
  8. I've seen non-overlapping targets deemed too close for a "Clean" miss. That's the problem - subjective. Phantom
  9. And you know they had to use Wikipedia to find out who they were. Kinda like doing a cover and not knowing it was a cover or who made it famous.
  10. While APP does not rust my guns, the residue buildup can stop them from functioning. After every day at a major match the buildup gets washed off. It is removed quite easily.
  11. Congrats JM and I appreciated your input and help with the walk thru. I’m still learning the ins and outs and ups and downs of writing matches. I’ve only written a couple of matches including the one you just shot so advice in the form you gave it is much appreciated.
  12. I love Clays. It's all I currently load with. Whenever I get down to two 8# tubs I buy another.
  13. From the thread title I was hoping for a photo of you with a big fish!
  14. i had looked for a few years for a lower to mount my kimber conversion to so i would not have to be switching it back and forth - i finally gave up and bought a sale item and cannibalized it [put the stock upper in storage in the original box ] i am happy - sorry this wont add to your happiness but you might be luckier than i in your search ,
  15. Hello Mr. Ham Call Altamont Grips and ask if they will make you a slim pair. They have a lot of great choices.
  16. It was a blast working on this match. I don’t know if I ever really expressed how hard Wabash Valley Slim worked. He hustled from sun up to sundown for 2 straight days helping with the stage fronts, props, tables etc. I’m not sure how I’d have gotten it done this year without his help. All but a few of the stages came from ideas that I “borrowed” from other folks. I got “blast the doors” from Fire N Fallback. The knockdown stage came from T-bone. Other contributors /influences were Cowboy Junky, Jake Dunson, Pig Iron Lane and the cracker crew to name a few. My motto is “If ya want the best, steal from the best.”
  17. A clean miss is just a term. Maybe is should be described as not getting a P due to overlapping P lapping
  18. I am looking for a 1911 frame. I picked up a nice colt slide some time ago and thought I would build one to shoot wild bunch. I have seen the 80% ones for sale but that looks unnecesarly complicated. It seems all of the other frames are priced really high. I am hoping ya'll have some wisdom for me.
  19. Your point is well taken. But if a shooter shot at #3 and hit #4, then shot at #4 and hit #3, if those targets are overlapped or only allowed a 'couple' inches between them, could the shooter have a legitimate protest that he/she wasn't allowed a Clean Miss because the targets were too close? I'm not being argumentative or trying to prove a particular point but rather I'm trying to better understand the 'Clean Miss' thing. ..........Widder
  20. Nope. C4 is a very stable explosive. In order to set it off from that distance you would need one whopper of an explosion...like a whole bunch of C4 going off.
  21. The discussion centers around having the ability to actually miss without getting a P based on the targets being too close or overlapping. Phantom
  22. Yesterday
  23. Thank you and your post for honoring him and his service to our country.
  24. In that example target 4 was hit twice. The right type of target was hit in the wrong order so no miss.......P. You can’t prove intent only results
  25. Is it still hard to open if you cock the hammers before trying to open it? Most likely problem is that the firing pins are not retracting due to either sticking in the primers or there could be a burr on the firing pin or the hole it protrudes through keeping one or both from retracting. Talk to a competant SXS Shotgun smith and I am sure he can help you correct the issue. Has nothing to do with steel vs brass bases on the shells. It is possible that a different brand of ammo may help as some brands of primers are more suspectible to this than others.
  26. Howdy Wyatt. That is a good questions that might help us determine what is allowable within the definition of 'Clean Miss'. To answer your question within the subject of 'Clean Miss', if targets 3 & 4 don't allow a Clean Miss, then their close placement (or overlapping) would only allow a miss..... and not a 'P'. What do you think? ..........Widder
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