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  2. I first met Judge many years ago in the early years of Possum Trot. In a sport full of great people, he was one of the best. He will be missed.
  3. Great catch. I'll update to reflect " .40 to .45 rimmed and .36 to .45 cap and ball" Thanks!
  4. In for a penny, in for a pound Grizz..........might as well get a fist of whisky!
  5. As we creep closer and closer to the match date here, was wondering if any local cowboys or cowgirls could provide some of us out-of-towners with some good local food places. I can Google touristy places but what are the BEST local joints in and around Cheyenne? Thanks!
  6. There is an exception for 56-60 in a rifle
  7. Everybody but Americans call it the Seven Years war. I never new that until I talking to an SAS officer one time.
  8. At the Michigan State match each year they have a fun evening of "shotgun games" on the trap range. One year I picked up "my" 30" 97 from the rack only to notice it wasn't my gun. About half of us were shooting 97's. I started looking around and spotted another shooter with what I was sure was my shotgun. He initially assured me that it was his gun but, upon closer inspection, admitted he had the wrong gun. The problem would have been on his trip home. He was from Canada and apparently he would have had a problem at the border trying to reenter Canada with a different serial numbered gun than the one he had brought into the states. Apparently, it's easier for Canadians to bring their guns into the U.S. than to take them back to Canada.
  9. Nope, TTN/Cimarron => Lindsey Vonn Fast, fast, rugged, fearless, strong. Good luck, GJ
  10. Great Matrix!!! Many thanks Some more detail: Now it looks like one could shoot REALLY BIG BORES in classic cowboy/girl, as it only states: " .40 or larger rimmed, .36 or larger cap and ball " But of course, the overall upper caliber limit for SAS main matches is .45 (SHB p.37/39) Equanimous
  11. BMC, Haven't heard from you in a while. I always enjoy your posts, and your commentary on others. Hope you're well, and things are good out in Pacific NW.
  12. Noz

    wrong rifle!

    and pre drill the holes. Abeline beat me.
  13. I don't watch it! I checked what was going on when the Indians game went to a commercial! I'd like to see him lose already, like I said before it's like watching baseball games and they're blowouts every single night. I have nothing against this guy I just can't get excited about it! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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  15. I have several hammered doubles, including a very nice Rossi. I have always felt that the TTN/cimarron 1878 is the tops for cowboy action, the Rossi is next. With a little work the CZ works fine but with the hammers spread wide it is a little harder to get it cocked than a TTN. I have given up my FFL license and am selling off most of my inventory, which are now personal guns. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  16. So don't watch it, we'll let you know when he's gone, I'm thinking sometime after the 4th he'll get bored and stop pressing the buzzer.
  17. Plains tribes are famous for using the same style of mural to tell the story of important events. One of the best known is a pictorial history of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. I wonder if, at some point, if that room was used by some Indian that had fought in the French and Indian War. Then again, literacy rates were low enough back then that it could have been done by a white man as well.
  18. It's a form of self-punishment. I have some bad habits. High volume weekend ice cream intake is one of them.
  19. What is this 'workout' thing of which you speak? There may or may not be firearms hidden throughout my house...
  20. Once I noticed that the shotgun targets were really close. I happened to be using my Parker that day. The one with 18" barrels. Just to see if it would work, I pointed the gun "between" the targets and gave 'em both barrels. Both targets went down. My shoulder was very angry, but the comment was, two shots, two targets down, two hits. Later that day, I had stubborn target that would not got down. Once again, I gave it both barrels. My shoulder REALLY hated me after that.
  21. I have several stashed around the house, but unless I'm getting ready for bed, I usually have one on my person.
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