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  2. I usually make a personal phone call to thank the person for the gift. If that's not possible I will send a note. It should end there.
  3. A few years ago my wife and I came to a hotel in Clayton NM, after packing in on horseback in Carson National forest. I went in the hotel to get us a room, wearing what I normally wear ()boots, hat, jeans, wild rag, spurs) and right away a young girl from a table set up in the lounge started chewing me out about being late, andifn I wanted the job I'd bettershow up on time. Haha. Seems they were shooting a movie (western) and she thought I was one of the extras. She was really embarrassed and apologized and said that they movie company would pay my and my wifes bar tab and dinner that night. But she told the the staring role was filled when I asked her
  4. 45 Colt can and does shoot just as "clean" as 44-40 or 38-40 or 38. Just an extra step. Maybe. I have two methods to mitigate blow-by. Method #1). Start with 44-40 cases and blow em out to 45 Colt. Really very simple and VERY effective. Method #2). Annealing the cases. I shoot 45 Colt cases, 45 Schofield cases and C45S cases with NO Blow-By. Light loads, heavy loads .... no matter. No Blow-by. Shoot what you like. It's a GAME. Remember that part. It's a GAME. Have fun. If you're not going to have fun, don't play the game. Simple. Reloading, regardless of caliber does NOT save you money. In the long run, reloading allows you to SHOOT MORE!! Enjoy. PS: Forgot. I also shoot BP and Subs. Mostly I shoot APP. When you shoot BP or Subs, you HAVE to clean your guns. Cleaning up after BP or Subs is really simple and quick. Easier and faster than with that Heathen Fad Smokeless stuff.
  5. Just watch, in 2040 they will extend it to 2075.
  6. We don't have OnStar, but as far as the owner's manuals of virtually ANY car is concerned, especially Ford Motor Company (including Lincoln's) are concerned, they are about as useful as,,,um... certain accoutrements on a boar hog! Whoever writes these things probably never has had to use them! There is NO trouble-shooting section, and the gobbled-gook is difficult to understand...even for a retired rocket engineer! A feature of a new vehicle we just purchased (to replace our 13-year-old one, has a feature of locking the doors that is NOT intuitively obvious. Press the silver button on the key fob, but DO NOT check the door to see if it is locked...UNLESS you have the key fob more than 3 feet away from the car! When you get within 3 feet, the doors unlock by themselves without pushing any buttons! Couldn't find anything about that in the owner's manual. Had to call the dealer. He said they get calls like that all the time!
  7. Uno and I took Lil' Jersey Jo and Smiley Ed out for Sushi after a match. We walked into the Sushi bar and asked for a table. The guy who went to seat us said "You Cowboy"? We nodded in the affirmative. He pulled a dusty, ratty old straw hat off the wall and said "I Cowboy Too". He turned the music up and the place lit up. We had people buying us Sushi and Saki, the house gave us a couple of rolls. We paid next to nothing for the whole evening and we left stuffed. When we went to the desk and paid for our bill, the guy behind the counter said "You come back again"!!! We promised we would.
  8. Be interesting to see how many of these newly-minted "butter bars" wind up with stars! Best wishes to all of their graduating class, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc!
  9. Family takes all shapes and sizes. Taz was family. I'm so sorry for your loss and glad you decided to share it with your 'cowboy' family. Most of us can understand your deep grief as well as your shock. I have a loaded rifle in my pantry waiting for that big coyote I saw in our back yard. Perhaps I can help you 'get even'. Witch Doctor
  10. According to rumors/plans, the Air Force doesn't plan to retire the H-models until 2050! If funding is available they are planning to replace the current eight engines with newer, improved efficiency and higher thrust engines, have already started upgrading the electronics and weapons capacity. I tell my doctors they better keep me going, as I want to see when the BUFF's are retired in 2050...for my 108th birthday!
  11. Our club membership has dropped over the past couple years. One of the complaints is that CAS has become IPSC in cowboy boots. Although I still shoot CAS, I just don't compete anymore. I ignore the pistol targets and shoot the rifle targets with the pistols, rifle on rifle and shotgun on shotgun targets. spotters are not required, only the RO for safety reasons as I don't care about the misses. I just want to play cowboy the way God intended. The pistol targets are so close now to accommodate the gamers, that it is not fun shooting at targets you can spit on. One of our members quit CAS and went and joined the muzzle loaders why? Because you have to "AIM" at the target. I also joined the muzzle loaders for that reason. I do both now plus lever action silhouette in big bore and pistol calibre, where you have to "AIM" at the targets.
  12. "If I had known I was gonna' live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself!!"
  13. If you are using a product such as CCleaner that runs at bootup, these will clear cookies, which is the root cause of your problem. If you run a Firefox browser, you can check the Clear History settings. There is a checkbox for clearing cookies there, also. Diagnostic: Log into the site, then exit and close your browser entirely. Connect back to the site and see if it remembers you or not. If it remembers you, then you are clearing cookies at boot-up time. If it does not remember you, then your browser is clearing cookies and history when it closes. You can prove this by closing the browser and rebooting. If you cannot connect to the site without login, your cookies are cleared at boot-up time.
  14. Actually the reason I've started de-priming is last year the 1st station (12 yr old Dillon Square Deal)stopped poking out the old primer reliably. Out of a 100 primers 3-5 would not be removed. This would disrupt the flow of loading. I called Dillon and they said to replace the pin and they sent me a couple. They told me it had most likely mushroomed slightly and was poking the primer out then pulling it back in. It didn't work so I called Dillon and they said to take a file and file off the pin to make it like a truncated cone. This still didn't work and was getting worse 10-12 per 100. I called Dillon back and they blamed the way primers are made now. So I did a search for hand de-primers and found high marks for the Harvey De-primer https://harveydeprimer.com. I got one and have found I like de-priming first because the primer pocket is getting cleaned so the new primer seats easier. I can de-prime a monthly match worth of brass (120) in 15 minutes.
  15. Fast Eddie sold out the Georgia State Match way ahead of schedule. I guess the word travels fast because I know a lot of folks didn't get in and there was a long waiting list. I'm so sorry for you folks on the list! Anyone who wasn't there missed the best cowboy match every - I mean ever - anywhere - ever. Eddie and Blackhawk Henry are world class match directors. Either of them alone could put on a fine state shoot - but combine the two of them and they produce a "magic in a bottle" match. I told Eddie this morning to quit daydreaming about putting on a match better than this one - it can't be done. Maybe next year's can be nearly as good and that is plenty good enough to blow the mind of any shooter away who has never been to a Fast Eddie Georgia State Match. Thank you, Eddie, for thinking of everything. Thank you, Blackhawk, for 10 incredible stages - inventive but not difficult. It might be time to sign up for next year.
  16. Sadly, a number of GI's were caught trapped in their sleeping bags by the Chinese, and killed, partly because they couldn't unzip the zippers. From that, if I believe the story, came the type of zipper that could have the slide pulled past the stop, so that, while the zipper was fastened to keep in the heat, all you had to do was push against it, and it would come undone. Frozen or not, I'd bet if you were "motivated" enough the zipper would open. My old Woods Three-star has a zipper like that. Quite convenient in bear country!
  17. If you have one that you would be willing to part with I'm interested in buying one.
  18. I understand the CAS club in Payson AZ has disbanded... apparently not enough participants. Prescott still has an active group, which we will join if we can ever find a house there.. Being a Mason, I see the same thing in the service organizations. Membership everywhere is dwindling... a long way down from the halcyon days of the past.
  19. I do love hot banjo pickin' And that heavy metal version was just smoking hot!
  20. Today
  21. I remember when Swearegen ,after learning of Custer's demise, said something like," That pretty much determines the fate of those dirt worshippers from this day forward"
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