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  2. Ya know, if you use a bullet that is large enough in the first place, it really doesn't have to obturate. Use a soft bullet, keep it large enough and go for it. I'm with Phantom, keep it simple.
  3. John Boy


    Good for you Jeb
  4. Thanks Dawg! I agree 100%!! Were you there Yul? I'm sorry I missed you! I'm certain our paths will cross again. Hope they're not getting wet up there today. Weather is pretty gloomy today.
  5. Wish I would have met you. That was a fun match. Welcome to many more.
  6. Congratulations Dave: just a first of many great days! —Dawg
  7. The Sig P229 is a fine handgun and 40S&W ain't exactly no slouch. It's a good combo here. This would make someone a great carry piece!
  8. And although it might be legal per state law employers can and do have polices prohibiting its usage.
  9. I was finally able to attend my first shoot at The Cajon Cowboys yesterday. Beartrap and Razorback Red, took me under their wing , and gave me expert guidance. Everyone I met was absolutely amazing. I felt like I'd been part of the family forever. Thank you all so much for making it the best day ever!
  10. 1 normally shoot 44s so to me the hottest 38 load has little or no noticeable recoil. So that clays load should be very mild with light recoil. But mild or light recoil is in the eye, or should I say the hand of the beholder. Let us know how they work out.
  11. If you fellas make a deal, I'd be interested in the holsters
  12. The original Grumpy Gritz…..Maybe some more coffee is in order for you on this fine Sunday morn Half Deaf....Good that you asked the question here, rather than showin up with rounds you can't use. That said, Grumpy Gritz makes a valid point, as most of the answers are in the handbook. You'll probably need to read it several times... I as sure as hell have and probably will for years to come
  13. Just about to the end of another great Ohio State Championship, and although the weather presented some challenges, it was still a wonderful weekend. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in putting it on, especially Mean Gun Mark, Boaz, and Hunny Bunny. You guys are the best, and I'm already looking forward to next year!
  14. True. I was specifically addressing the Federal 4473 though
  15. However it is not legal in all states with some states have very restrictive use requirements Is CBD Oil Legal in My State?
  16. Today
  17. Mount Laguna, San Diego, got some snow Thursday night. Today, here in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County it's 55 degrees at 10 a.m. and we are getting a light rain. Average for this date is 78. Today we might break 60. Record high is 98.
  18. I didn’t know if side match is allowed to mod that rule like they do to higher fps for range. That’s why i said “I wouldn’t think so.” Just looking for options.
  19. You know, I pointed that out to CHJ a couple of years ago. "You'll have that" he explained to me in true Ponderosa Pines fashion.
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