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  2. I gather that this is your own personal view, since there are no specific references made to any existing government document. The very fact that our currency bears the “ In God We Trust” slogan plainly illustrates that the Government recognizes a higher power!! The “separation of church and state” is a misnomer. The Constitution only prevents the government from establishing a state or national religion. It DOES NOT preclude religion or recognition of religious rights or guidelines in government! The “ God given” adjective added to those rights delineated in the Bill of Rights in our daily discourse merely notes that these rights are sacrosanct and are protected by the Constitution. The Constitution RECOGNIZES these rights and protects them. It prevents government, at all levels, from infringing on them and acknowledges that they are NATURAL rights that are NOT to be tampered with! The Constitution DOES NOT grant these rights!! It protects them!!!
  3. I had a very vivid dream about a week ago. Wasn’t anything funny about that one. As real as can be, sights; sounds, smells, feelings........ Training monkeys? Can’t imagine why they scrapped the project! :-) Cat Brules
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  5. joe Monta, Hall of Fame quarterback and winner of four Super Bowls, thus the rings.
  6. 1. RCBS Carbide 3 -Die Set - Long Colt 45 Part # 19112 Basically new- I only used decapping/sizing die 2 RCBS Shell holders #23 QTY 148 Hornady >45 Cal .452 Dia 200grain SWC Bullets Qty 228 Mixed head stamp de-primed and polished brass cases QTY 24 Mixed head stamp polish brass cases but not de-primed $50.00 plus shipping 9lbs 8" x 6" x 4" 2. Lee Carbide 3 - Die Set with Shell Holder and Powder scoop 44 Magnum Part # 90512 - used Qty 91 Hornady Hollow Point / XTP Bullets #44100 .430 Dia 200 grains Qty 42 Mixed Head stamp once fired brass $40.00 plus Shipping 5lbs 6" x 6" x 6" 3. RCBS Carbide 3 - Die Set 45-70 Part # 20904 New never used RCBS Shell Holder #14 Qty 32 once shot Brass 45-70 Reloading Manual $50.00 plus shipping 4 lbs 9" x 6" x 4" 4. Cheyenne Pioneer Cartridge Boxes 45 Colt (Long Colt) Chipboard Pack of 5 New $10.00 plus shipping 1 lb 9" x 6" 4" 5. RCBS Automatic primer feeder. NEW $15 Shipped TYD 6. Plastic shot shell boxes QTY 7 12ga - QTY 1 20ga $8.00 plus shipping 3 lbs 10" x 10" x 6" 7. 2 plastic pistol cartridge boxes and 2 Rifle cartridge boxes $4.00 plus shipping 3lbs 14" x 9" x 5" 8. Canvas bag 18" x 11" I used this for spent brass $4.00 shipped TYD or $2.00 with anything else 9. Qty 527 mixed head stamp once fired .45acp brass $10 plus shipping 9lbs 6" x 6" x 6" 10. Qty 738 44 cal .430 300 grain Lead SWC Bullets $40.00 29lbs - 8" x 8"x 8" #11 to #14 below would have to be A FTF sale in Fond du lac/ Ripon/ Montello area WI 11. QTY 238 mixed head stamped primed brass 44 mag. $5.00 12. Qty 1000 Federal No. 150 Large Pistol Primers $15.00 13. QTY 1370 CCI No. 300 Large Pistol Primers $18.00 14. Qty 200 Winchester Large rifle primers WLR and 100 Small Pistol Primers WSP $5.00 15. I have 2 items I don't know exactly what they go with - The one I believe is a sizing die and is marked 429 and the other is some type of shell holder that is threaded into the black base and is marked #4 anyone have a need for them??? SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED UNLESS STATED TYD AND FOR EVERYTHING ELSE IT WILL BE THE EXACT SHIPPING - USPS PARCEL SELECT FROM 54937. Weight and box dimensions of each are provided so you can get a approx. cost via USPS web site.
  7. You mean to say we'..ve actually got something BEFORE you guys..had those fancy hand dryers for years, now speak of taps & they have all the different contraptions fitted to them, no longer a simple matter of just turning them on !!1
  8. Whilst I do get the reference; I have difficulty with the pictured person ..... I'm guessing that the jewellery has some significance ....
  9. I suggest that you get a knowledgable gunsmith to polish the chamber of your weapon. Cat Brules
  10. This particular gun is a Uberti-Baretta 1873 replica. It is unusually tight in the chamber, which makes it sensitive to poly coatings, as well as bullet crimp. The slightest burr left on a round, or banana bend stops bullets from chambering smoothly, which slows things down, and sometimes they even jamb solidly, requiring a squib rod. I've tried coated bullets from several prominent commercial sources (prefer not to name them here). It isn't the bullets that cause the problem, it is the gun.
  11. Then there's the Louisiana surrender, pistol out pointing at the target.LOL
  12. Smokeless I use 2.9 gns Trail Boss 165 gn pill for pistol and 180 gn pill for rifle. BP 9 gn APP 165 gn pill.
  13. Might be a good idea for C&I to at least obtain and set up a phone answering system that provides information to clients and potential clients, so clients don’t just “blow off” C&I as a source for firearms, parts, and service. But, as the Bard said many times, “A man oughtta do what he thinks is right!” People don’t like even the appearance of an “attitude” from a business that leaves them with more questions than they started with, especially if they are “in-process” in a business dealing with that company. If a customer feels slighted, he likely will not come back. People also do not like the term, “misunderstanding”.....Hurt feelings translate to ill will. That can be headed off with proper communication. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure proper communication with their clientele and that there are no misunderstandings. Just a heads up. Glad everyone one is well and staying busy. Cat Brules
  14. "You have to go out. You don't have to come back." https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/12/coast-guard-training-in-massive-surf-captured-in-stunning-photos?utm_source=outbrain_ftw&utm_medium=recirc&utm_campaign=rail&obOrigUrl=true https://coastguard.dodlive.mil/2009/09/surf-training-at-station-bodega-bay/
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