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  2. Although happy to persecute law-abiding gun owners, this statement surely reflects the legislature's overall attitude on justice for criminals:
  3. The Tyrconnell. You introduced me to that, saying goodbye to Gunny.
  4. I'm sorry I didn't have a clever insult for you. I know I haven't done so in some time and that you must miss that. Put some Tupelo honey on a biscuit and wash it down with some Jack Daniels on my behalf sometime.
  5. It's a PDF so you may need to download then open.
  6. Barney, if you ever do that costume again, remember the gladius goes on the right side. Strong side, not cross draw.
  7. Use 100% copper or bronze wool soaked in oil. Make sure it is 100% copper or bronze and not plated steel. You can wrap it around an orange wood stick or chop stick to get into tight places.
  8. I kept my eye out on grabagun.com, and scored two new Cimarron Pistoleros in .45 Colt for less than $400 each. They are surprisingly good considering the price. They are timed very well, they lock up nice, they're smooth, and they shoot great. No, they aren't slicked up Vaqueros, but they work, and I shot my first clean match with them a couple of weeks ago no problem. I think for a beginning shooter on a budget they're hard to beat unless you can score a great deal on a used pair. Dude
  9. IMHO, this is what you get when our "progressive" CA State legislative imbeciles get scared of things that they don't understand, and they articulate their "solution" (to a non-problem) through their political agenda and narrative. Most of them are, in fact, entirely clueless about firearms. Few of them served in the military, and most of them came from an urban setting, where the leftist media only let them hear about guns in reference to crime. And their agenda doesn't permit them to deviate from their political party line, which seems to be disarmament of the American private citizenry. This new law will not reduce criminal firearm use or frustrate any criminal intent, because (except possibly in the world of DIY AR builders) few criminal gun users do their own firearm building or repairs. Instead the law will mean that law abiding citizens will be charged FFL transfer-like fees and background check fees for even the smallest screw or cross pin, needed to maintain reliability or safety, unless there is a non-gun-related alternative source for the hardware. And I question if the law is clear whether you could buy 5 or ten screws or springs without the requirements and FFL fees being applied to each, individually. It's an exemplary case of blinded leadership, and it for sure doesn't represent "Government by the governed", as described by Hamilton in the Federalist Papers. I suspect the folks who are slowly but steadily encroaching into our capability to use our 2A rights have a more important agenda in mind--to control the body politic--precisely the original reason for 2A.
  10. Thank you. I was hoping you or Nubbins would jump in.
  11. Years ago a police officer was flipped off here in AZ and arrested the flipper for Disorderly Conduct. The flipper had his day in court and it was determined that this was a unoffensive gesture and therefore all charges were dismissed. The officer respectfully flipped the judge off and politely stated, have a nice day judge. So the story goes.....
  12. Today
  13. Hey, at least they're not the Seattle Mariners. The only team in Major-League Baseball to have never been to the World Series... in fact the last time they even made it to the post-season was 2001. That's probably the most ignominious record in pro sports history. .
  14. Well deserved honor for a wonderful cowboy that Fannie and I, like so many others, feel privileged to call our friend. And like I told you, I want to be the first to buy you a drink when y'all get here in Tombstone! See ya soon.
  15. Looks more like Minimus than Maximus to me.
  16. Howdy all, I just picked up a pair of piety’s 1851 navys. The good, They have had some work done and the action isn’t bad, cap rake and slick shot nipples installed. The bad, the cylinders have quite a lot of rust, I soaked the cylinders in oil and was able to scrub away most of the rust. However there are a few tough spots that are being stubborn. Any my advice on something that will get the rust off without destroying the blueing?
  17. If you were to post your info, it could very well help other shooters too. OLG
  18. That's some good stuff right there Joe.
  19. Of course the Baptist Category would require "Cross" draw Duh
  20. Right now I use a Kirkpatrick shotshell belt. Whenever Blackhawk gets time I look forward to using one of his bandoliers.
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