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  2. HD: Yer always be welcome at Tusco. I enjoy having you on my posse, and hope we can shoot together a few times this year. --Dawg
  3. The club that Hunt Mountain Drifter and I are currently running here in Oregon died a number of years ago. The venue was still there, the targets were still there, but the enthusiasm wasn't. We got tired of having to travel at least an hour to shoot and decided to resurrect CAS on our local range. We went and talked to the parent club's officers and started organizing for CAS. A couple of years later they were buying us more steel, etc. and two summers ago we put on our first multi-day match, which has so far met with enthusiasm. I don't know whether or not such a thing is possible where you are, or if you'd even be interested in doing it, but maybe what is needed is some new blood? Or you can tell me to mind my own business... YMMV...
  4. I'm in!!! And Tucker -- it will be great to meet & shoot with you! --Dawg
  5. Say hi to that old scudder for me. Looking forward to seeing him at Winter Range. As to money....my budget goes to Moose Drool beer.
  6. NJ, PA, NY, NH, MD, OH, IN, SC, TX, AZ To do list; Go to Comin' at Cha again, and Black Gold.
  7. When you go to the actual auction website they list it as a 10 gauge. I find the trigger and breaking trigger interesting. I imagine it was thought that instead of a lever a trigger would be faster to open the action. Interesting.
  8. There's still a couple months before warmer weather hits and maybe you'll feel different then. Sorry about your club. I know Tusco is a hike for you but hope to see you there! Good luck in your decision. Rye
  9. Thanks to Outlaw Gambler I will be getting a pair with consecutive serial numbers and Alchamista hammers already installed. Can hardly wait to get them and start to shoot Frontier Cartridge.
  10. I traveled from WV to S.C. to compete in an annual event this month. Somehow caught the flu just before the event so I did not attend. Got to reflecting on my enthusiasm for ‘this sport and am truly not sure I want to continue. My local club went through a loss of venue this past year and although it secured another venue it was a bad situation for many members. I have had some great times in this sport but it has changed all around me. Will see how it plays out over the near future.
  11. To add to that, this was really only an issue in 40, not in 9mm.
  12. I’ve asked Abilene Slim to lobby for an “All Soot Lord” posse. What say the rest of you?
  13. Oh...come on Chili...it’s only money...Nice and warm down here. Should see Larry tomorrow
  14. Total conjecture but I’d say that notches are specific to the gun and not transferable to another firearm. Seamus
  15. Just reading another thread and realized that most old timers owned several guns over their lifetimes, maybe more than one at a time. If they bought a new gun, did they carve the same number of notches on the new gun and continue the score, or did they start over at 1....and how would you be able to figure that out....and how would you know for sure how many guys got shot by the owner? It's past my supper time and I think my blood sugar needs a boost.
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