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  2. Paradise Pass Regulators will be holding the first ever Making Black Powder Great Again match on August 29-30. We would love to have you come and enjoy 10 smoke filled, old school inspired stages of smokey fun!!! Please get your registrations in soon to guarantee you a spot for this!! We look forward to seeing you there!
  3. Well crap. Widder and Goody both beat me to it.
  4. Denver squirrel tests positive for Bubonic Plague Big deal. Prairie dawgs around here get it al the time.
  5. PWB, we can't possibly know the correct call without first also knowing which reloader the shooter reloaded the suspect shotshells on.
  6. Sad to hear this. A cool guy. He made Geoff Peterson the robot, for Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show.
  7. Probably didn't hord enough toilet paper.
  8. Hate that. I enjoyed seeing him on the show. RIP
  9. Nah has to be the true 1860 Henry for the side match I am planning for it. Part of the trick for running it well is how folks work around the tricky "Henry Hop"
  10. You forgot: 'How hard did the shooter pull the trigger'? ..........Widder
  11. Grant Imahara, one of the co-hosts of Mythbusters died of a brain aneurysm. I always liked him on the show, and by all accounts he was a genuinely nice guy. He had recently spent time building an animatronic Baby Yoda that shows emotion to take to children's hospitals. One of my favorite bits from the show including Grant:
  12. Only want the hammers to be honest, trying to short stroke a pair of usfa's without ruining original hammers.
  13. No email account? You could possibly be the only one on the planet without one! Well maybe a few in the jungles!!
  14. Unfortunately I expect that Navy will end up scrapping the ship. The USS Bonhomme Richard will have been in commission 22 years as of this August and with the replacement America Class ships entering service, I doubt the Navy is going to spend the money to rebuild her. We don't know the extend of the damage, but there is a pretty good chance it will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars range.
  15. I am interested now, so I guess I’m going to research “onions“. Cat Brules
  16. Think you would be happier with a great pair of Ruger OMV Bisleys GW
  17. How old are the targets? Are they reset with a rope, a chain, or going downrange and manually pulling them up? When was the last time they were painted? When was the last time the hinge was cleaned of splatter? Are the targets set directly on the ground or elevated on a platform? Was the TO able to count to two?
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  19. Face lands in palms with dejected sigh. A real Whiskey Tango moment.
  20. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/121990112/treasure-trove-of-hidden-historic-planes-including-rare-wwii-mosquito-to-see-the-light?fbclid=IwAR0Cc4kNC0pchDAckMnAxN9iKdn4NzVVYNHPVuNwQo_XI9LNZmcc-HwcD1s
  21. We had a couple little black and white hens that could have given the rhino a run for his money when I was a kid. You know the type, the rooster 'runs' the yard- but they run the rooster and they chase dogs and small children just for fun and exercise. Putting that windowlicker in charge of them might not be a healthy life choice.
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