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  2. I couldnt tell you historically but currently they make the 1894 in .45 colt
  3. Slix have a CAVEAT on the package. Remington # 10 ONLY. I run Remington # 10 on ALL my Pietta Cap Guns with Slix nipples.
  4. My sincere condolences Grumpy Old Man, It's never easy to lose our furry kids.
  5. Hi all. I don't know anything about Marlins, so I have no idea which model would be likely to be available in .45 Colt. As mentioned before, I am slowly obtaining the parts needed to create my own "Big Iron" that inspired the Marty Robbins song of the same name. That pistol featured a barrel made from a Marlin rifle that had been cut to 9-1/2 Inches. I figure the original started life in another caliber and was relined or something, but that getting one with the proper bore size would simplify things for me.
  6. Don't know, but I love my 45's. Price seems to be good. Free bump!
  7. Good points by Tyrel. I am also a fan of Windex with Vinegar (or generic version) and Ballistol. A new discovery I have tried is a couple of carbon eliminators offered by Cowboy Shooter's Supply( Italian and KG-1). I, too, agree on soapy water, hot when available, for brass. Little wind-shield washer fluid & water in container is good until home to rinse.
  8. Water does the work. Everything else is just artificial flavor, color and smell.
  9. You ad for the sale of your guns says you have Win 78's for sale. What is a Win 78?

  10. Have we convinced everyone that they can't compete with .45's? OR Is my price just too darn high?
  11. A very good material to make shotgun wads with is Masonite siding. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets and can be bought at a Lowes or similar store. It is used as sub-siding for houses and is made from glued up wood fibers. I punch the wads and soak them with homemade lube. You can shoot for the weekend without the gun fouling out. Hopefully, here is a picture of my punches laying on a piece of the Masonite.
  12. You will have to bring them to show and tell MF so we can drool on them.
  13. I very seriously doubt a consensus can be acquired and please: NO MORE PINNED POSTS There is no "best" way, pick something and be consistent, just make sure you get them cleaned. The exception to that is if you use Pyrodex, then clean your guns before you leave the range; your guns will start rusting as soon as a shot is fired downrange. My current favorite is: Light coat of Ballistol before leaving the range. Once home(within a week), Clean with Windex w/ vinegar. Rinse off with hot water. Blow everything dry with an air compressor, Light coat of Ballistol. For brass, I throw in warm soapy water when I get home and then wet tumble when I get around to it. Like I mentioned earlier just pick something as Murphy's mix works, soap and water works, Windex w/ vinegar works, etc... Really, we have plenty of pinned posts; the only thing I can think of that needs pinning now is the category matrix that Ripsaw made and that doesn't need pinning just added to the handbook. My dos centavos.
  14. Lost in Translation with Bill Murray. I left that one questioning, "What the heck was that about?"
  15. So much for baseball this year. The NY Giants are a disappointment. The Islanders are having a great start.
  16. DAMN There I got that out of the way, JC Pa is a day drive from here, but if you get there you better stop by here too. Or I will be Grumpy. Looking forward to the SE Regional in 3 days, me and Jersey Bratt head out on Thursday morning, only a couple hours drive. No caretaking duties this weekend, Im relieved for 3 days. Imis stay off the lawn
  17. Godspeed, Chance. May you and your family be comforted at the loss of a beloved dog.
  18. He is out of his mind and he is going to get an officer killed! I took an oath to uphold/enforce the law 24/7/365! I also needed to be able to protect myself and family outside of work! If the bad guy you arrested a week ago sees you eating dinner or at the store and knows you are unarmed, you are done and the chief is to blame! He also open the door for a major law suit for the officers to sue the city in case there is an officers death because of this! I would be looking for a new job ASAP!
  19. The blue projectiles indicate practice/training ammo. They are still loud and lots of recoil. The sabot rounds, didnt see being loaded, have a muzzle velocity of nearly a mile a second!! Imis
  20. Today
  21. I have a couple '58s with the .45LC conversion already on'em. $795./ pair, consec serials, 8"? brl. (I think), blue, very nice.
  22. I'm not only new to SASS but new to BP/Sub cleaning. I've heard everything from Windex to soapy water and more. Just this weekend I found out that I could use soapy water instead of vinegar and water to put my spent brass in since I use a sub. So from all you knowledgeable pards can we get a consensus on what works best? Please say what your method works on (BP, Subs or Both). If you think you've got the best method post it, if you agree with someones post "+1" it. When the post runs it's course I'll compile the top few listed methods then maybe one of the Mods can make it a sticky for others to benefit.
  23. The Rodentator is awesome. Not recommended for back yards though.
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