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  2. Wow Very Nice . Ruger see's the need to make something affordable in the .22 market again . This should be the New SASS Buckaroo go to .22 pistol IMHO . A pair of these with a Henry rifle and a Little SXS 410 and a young shooter has got a nice setup . Just sayin Rooster
  3. Before he converted, his slave name was Bobby Joe, so he don't know no better.
  4. Another great option for the young'uns! Thanks Ruger.
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  6. Yeah, and except on very few occasions, they got it done with rifle or pistols and never needed the scattergun. We use all three all the time, get what makes ya happy and works for you.
  7. The Arab yelled jihad. Maybe I saved everyone from terrorists.
  8. No proof what so ever. But I'm thinking why back when the handgun die sets were made with the assumption you were going to load cast lead bullets. I think in more modern times they have changed to assume you're going to load jacketed bullets of smaller diameter. I've opened up some sizing dies because they were sizing the bejeezes out of the case and leaving a pronounced waistline. The expander dies were too small also. Hard to widen them out.
  9. I read this and it was just -- Huh?? She is the county coroner and owns the funeral home. She buys a case of penicillin. I can't figger why a coroner or a mortician would need penicillin. Thoughts?
  10. This is screwy. A guy was at the loading table and it looked like his ammo was loaded with wadcutters. I made mention and he said no, bullets loaded backwards. Said it reduced case volume (I'm sure that it would) and that the bullet going out the muzzle backwards reduced recoil (I'm doubtful of that) because of the boattail effect. Looked like he crimped in lowest lube groove. I've shot with him a lot and never seen him load that way before or after. I wouldn't call him an expert at reloading.
  11. Yep them Schofield cases in the .45LC are a treat to use , luv them myself with a 160g bullet.
  12. So, as a follow-up to the recent thread about Dana Delany in a new program called *The Code*... Has anybody seen the show? And other than Ms Delany being in it, is it worth watching...?
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