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  2. Quote from the end of the article Hardpan posted: ”They note that their work might grow in importance as the planet heats up due to global warming and melts glaciers, possibly unleashing deadly viruses.” In 2013 my Wife and I went on a trip to Alaska. On the cruise portion of the trip the ship went into “Glacier Bay”. The information provided by the cruise line said that in the 1800’s the glaciers would have extended to the mouth of the bay. The ship traveled 2-3 hours up the bay before we reached what remained of the glaciers. Not sure of the actual distance as the ship was traveling at a cautious speed, however, you could not see the mouth of the bay behind the ship from the glacier face. So do you think there is any chance that ancient viruses have NOT already been released into our modern world? Kind of makes you wonder!
  3. I use 7.5. I also make and ship it. 65 pounds direct to your door for $120. tracked and insured. 7.5, new, tumbled and graphited. Fox
  4. If you read the posters post you will see why he's asking
  5. I don't have a donkey in this race, But show me where it says the hammer must rest on a empty chamber in a side match .......
  6. Welcome!! Glad to hear you had fun. The Italian guns are ok, if you want to start a fight just say either a Ruger or a SAA is better than the other. One other thing, have fun, don't worry about speed, making mistakes, or not knowing the difference between a Nevada Sweep and Sweep. Just have fun, and make friends everything else will follow. Warning If you shoot black you won't go back!
  7. i needed to bring my groups up. went with a heavier bullet.
  9. Don't forget the empty rule on which to rest our hammers.
  10. I believe it was 20 something - enough for 2 posses.
  11. Go to some more matches before you make any decisions. Rugers and Colt/Colt clones feel different to my hands. Try to sample as many as you can before plunking down you money. Welcome to the game!
  12. I just go by their rules, at their shoot... ....if pocket pistol calls for 5, I load 5.
  13. Now I'm going to ask about why it had windows! And plywood sounds even more plausible.
  14. Was there 14 people at the match? With all the ammo malfunctions, that part makes sense.
  15. Then what would you do in a derringer side match, load one?
  16. Boy howdy. You got a better eye than me if you can tell the difference between a colt and italian clone just by lookin.
  17. I shoot a .44-40 Uberti Henry (brass frame). Identical action to your ‘66 and can be slicked up with SS kits et al the same way. Mine is and it’s awesome. I’ve handled an HRAC version and it’s smoother out the box than a stock Uberti, but not as smooth as a slicked up one.
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