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  2. This is a new built custom pistol belt and double strong side holster rig. The belt is 37 to 43 inches from buckle to holes.It was made for old model vaqueros 4 5/8 barrels but my new model vaqueros fit it. The holsters are hard cased saddle skirt leather and lined with it as well. The leather used in this is wickett and Craig which is some of the best leather in the country. The craftsmanship of this set is very nice. Asking 365.00 shipped obo. Thanks for looking.
  3. I really really like the wine part.
  4. Well, a one maple general would sound silly. Tasty though. We don’t officially call them by their stars though. Brigadier, Major, Lieutenant, and General.
  5. YESSIR!! Just somethin’ else ta’ ruminate about whilst conversin’ over beverages!!
  6. I left a few friends in the An Lao Valley. I always try to remember them on this holiday. RIP BROTHERS!
  7. As I recall the funds were getting very short at that point. Doesn't he also, in that same scene make a comment that there was a rifle he really wanted but settled for some surplus Garands to save money? I'm a huge fan of his juvenile fiction.
  8. First make sure it is not loaded. Take the ramrod and drop it down the barrel. It should reach to the hole where the nipple is attached or very close. Take the nipple out and give it a thorough cleaning. Make sure there are no obstructions in the barrel. If you shine a light in the hole where the nipple was you should be able to see it by looking in the end of the barrel. I would also not use Pyrodex in a percussion pistol. I shoot around 70 lbs of real BP a year in everything from flinters to LR cartridge rifles. kR
  9. I spoke the final words over my friend's box. He'd been a Marine in d'Nam and he was my police partner and a fellow EMT. Neither of us had two nickles to rub together but what one had, he split with the other: the CD Carry Out had sausage dogs for ten cents and that kept our ribs from rattlin' together many a dark night. When you describe handing that folded flag with the solemn words, I had to stop and take a long breath and wipe my eyes. Bless you, my friend: it's hard duty we do, but we do it, because we must.
  10. Reading Rocket Ship Galileo (I've started rereading Heinlein). The burglar alarm goes off and Don goes to check. He was thinking that he wished he had a gun - a 45 would have felt real nice right then. The next day they make a run into town and buy two Garands and "a 38 police special on a 45 frame". That would either be a Colt New Service or a Smith & Wesson Heavy Duty. Did they make a New Service in 38? I know they made a 357. And I thought, IF HE WANTED A 45 LAST NIGHT, WHY DID HE BUY A 38? Only things I could come up with were that either there were no 45s in town, or the 38 was cheaper. Thus, my wonder.
  11. Had a nice day in Homer. A bit crowded as it is a destination for locals for the big 3 day weekend. We are going back later and are hoping to visit the Kilcher Homestead from Discovery Channel fame. We also visited the area we are going fishing next week. Raining today, so am drinking a brewski or 2 along with some smoked salmon and watched the Indy 500.
  12. To this I can only add ... (let's see if I can get this picture to attach!) ...
  13. 1st... lose the Pyrodex... a fouler product has seldom been foisted off on consumers. 2nd... Buy Lyman's Black Powder Handbook. You'll be amazed at how few questions you'll then have.
  14. Preacher Keller raised his dripping face from the wash basin. He looked at the wet reflection and shook his head sadly. "I don't mind it when a horse throws me," he said to the reflection. "I've been thrown any number of times." He reached over and picked up his shaving mug, added a little water and spun up some lather. He applied the fresh shaving cream to his wet stubble, twisting his mouth to the side as he did. "I refuse to admit I saw stars." He nodded in satisfaction at the coverage, at the white foamy beard he'd just applied to himself, then he picked up the freshly stropped straight razor, looked back into the mirror and stopped. "I'm goin' to miss Rye." He frowned, then laughed. "The man's more of a gentleman than folks realize. When I was flat on my back in the dirt and Doc was doing his best not to laugh at me, Rye came over and offered me a hand up and he didn't more than smile ever so slightly." He set the straight razor down, leaned the heels of his hands on the table, regarded his reflection as if he was studying a friend's face. "I didn't see any stars, but I'll admit to three planets and a stray comet."
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