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  2. Looking for a source for Rossi model 92 parts. The gun in question is a Puma. I specifically am looking for a muzzle cap retaing screw for a rifle. Gun parts showed the correct item but shipped a carbine screw. I called Rossi and the said they are part of Taurus now and anything before that they can not help with.?? They told me to call Legacy the importers of the Puma, who they said we have not head those for over 10 years, and can not help. There has to be options. I just do not know where.
  3. I’ve got to send my application in... I will do it tomorrow!! I’m coming AND I’m gonna shoot Black Powder in Honor of Beaver John and Judge ‘Em All Duncan! It’s a long way but I’ve heard NOTHING but GREAT things about your match! Plus, I really like your whole family! Great big hugs! Scarlett
  4. Well Assassin, I'm a little OCD about some things. I have a spreadsheet with a page for every gun, what rounds shot when, reloading page same, match page tells me what guns I shot in every match. Some folks practice transitions and dry fire, I update my spreadsheet.
  5. The most beautiful buckle I've ever seen.
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  7. Ol' Hardpan... Hallowe'en frat party, circa 1970. I wuz inspired by the "Wizard of Id."
  8. Dang Abilene, I can't even remember my last clean match. Don't remember my first clean match and I'm in my 24th year. I know I've had a bunch but I don't keep track . Those clean match pins do add up, I gave one of the local clubs a hand full last year, figured they could just hand them out again. Clean is overrated.
  9. Price is for the whole kit. The case is glass topped and is heavy. It'll stand up on a shelf or table. It shows no sign of being fired; but, I'm sure it has
  10. https://www.ausa.org/sites/default/files/AUSAGraphicNovelIssue3AudieMurphy.pdf
  11. He does enjoy stirring the pot on occasion. The "wire" is just the "wire" not reality, he's a good hand on a posse and is very helpful to new shooters.
  12. Assassin


    Those are at Briggsdale, Co and they are doubled up I believe. Hope y'all are doing well.
  13. Well I think there gotta be a buyer out there somes where
  14. Man, those oldies are scarier than anything I've seen in recent years!
  15. That's the thing about Hallowe'en-- they aren't out of place.
  16. I give out candy. If the parents do not sort it out I do not see it as my problem that someone might be sensitive to the candy. I give out chocolates, mostly. I also add in little packs of Skittles or Starburst and I usually just let the kids pick out what they want. We have no idea how many kids we will get here. This will be our first Halloween here at this house.
  17. It is in Hell I Was There and also in Kieth. I believe that it was this event that got him to start working with the .44 Special. Duffield
  18. I shoot with folks with Rugers where the hammer fall is so light you can watch it fall as if by gravy alone. About every stage he has to go around at least once, sometimes more, to get all rounds popped. It doesn't bother him apparently as it's been like that for years.
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