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  2. I've won pistol caliber rifle matches with factory stock sights on my gun. Know where your load hits, and practice your marksmanship. Any reloading manual load will be safe in your .357 magnum rifle. Good luck, GJ
  3. Used mainly to tie the firearm into the scabbard on a saddle. Once folks started riding a horse most everywhere (after the Civil War), there was little need for a sling. Good luck, GJ
  4. That's Latin. Doc knows what it means, I dont...but I like it. Imis
  5. This afternoon at the awards for Ohio State, Boaz brought in a box of lost & found. There was Red Wing screwknife that was almost identical to mine in a sheath exactly like mine. I didn't even realize I lost it so I picked it up. After the awards I didn't go directly back to my trailer but when I did, I realized that my screwknife was still firmly attached to my holster. I took it back to the clubhouse but everyone had left. I apologize but I took someone's screwknife. If you lost one or know of someone who did, send me a PM and I will get it back to you asap.
  6. I started making a list. Firearms used in Heinlein books. Not needelers, blasters or burners - firearms. Like Hamilton Felix wearing a 1911 while the whole rest of the world used laser guns.
  7. I have 433 winchester AA low noise low recoil hulls and 22 gray winchester hulls that I would like to sell. I have all of them in a large flat rate USPS mail box and would like $60 shipped for them.
  8. Thank you to all those who have helped with my wife's final expenses. I got raped selling her truck back, but with your help, I'll get by, and save $700 a month! If you feel like helping, I have setup a "gofundme" account. The link is: https://www.gofundme.com/carol...F8wo-pzz3R64PJc9ahb8 I especially would like to thank Sig SAS-229 (From the SIG Forum) for the wonderful urn for my wife's remains. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was. Here are some pictures from Saturday's "Celebration of Life" for my wife Carol (SASS Bea Itchin'). Wide shot of the Alter Bea's Rig: Internment of the remains.
  9. This is a brief tutorial on how a SASS member being a complete jerk can screw things up for a club they don't even belong to, and how to create some long-term negative consequences for the club. As background: I belong to a club that has run a state match for many years. One thing they attempt to do is have really nice door prizes for all participants. A whole lot of membership efforts are tied up in soliciting prizes from vendors. These include really super gifts from companies such as Dillon and Rugged Gear, plus many local businesses, primarily gun shops. One local shop (a very successful father/son operation) annually donates several hundred dollars in gift certificates. They have done this for many (10+) years. Anyhow, an out-of-state SASS participant wins a $60 gift certificate as a door prize. He returns home and attempts to order something on-line. This shop does not have an internet presence as they do a good face-to-face business in a fairly rural area. Apparently the SASS guy has harsh words with the shop about being in the 19th century, etc. and then sends them the certificate with a very caustic note to basically stuff it. The club was never contacted by the SASS participant and knew nothing of the issue, until a member went to solicit the shops assistance for the 2019 state match to be held this fall. They were informed by the gun shop that their extremely nasty experience with the SASS member is causing them to cease supporting the club/SASS. The club is sending a thank you note to the gun shop for their past service, and then just forgetting about the matter, as it is, in the overall scheme of things, a petty issue. I guess the real lesson here is: “No good deed goes unpunished.”
  10. He did have a way with words, didn't he?
  11. You got a deal! Message me where to send the gold.
  12. Sorry Irish-Pat and Fast Freddy - looks like it is sold to Sloe Moe pending funds- appreciate the offers
  13. May maledictions pursue this nameless thing to the uttermost depths of world slime.
  14. Yes sir, I will do that in the morning.
  15. Those must have been some really strong winds. Can’t wait to see you folks again!!
  16. It broke our hearts to miss this wonderful event and all the great folks it brings together. Maybe next year...... But I did get to see my new grandson this weekend!!
  17. I have a Surefire MAG5-60 that I would like to sell. I would like $75 shipped to you if legal in your state.
  18. High winds this week knocked the greeter shack off its footings and pushed it back some. We'll have it fixed up in plenty of time. Not sure about installing a recliner and wet bar though.
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