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  2. I understand the CAS club in Payson AZ has disbanded... apparently not enough participants. Prescott still has an active group, which we will join if we can ever find a house there.. Being a Mason, I see the same thing in the service organizations. Membership everywhere is dwindling... a long way day from the halcyon days of the past.
  3. I do love hot banjo pickin' And that heavy metal version was just smoking hot!
  4. I remember when Swearegen ,after learning of Custer's demise, said something like," That pretty much determines the fate of those dirt worshippers from this day forward"
  5. We went into a McDonalds after a shoot in full cowboy regalia. I had my Arizona Ranger badge on. Some guy and his wife and kids asked us if there was a rodeo or something around there. I said, "No sir I'm an Arizona Ranger looking for a bad guy that we've been following from Tucson,Az. I then said, "Hmm...sir were you in Tucson on the night of Aug 29"? He hesitated for a second and then caught on to my ruse. He said," Nope I was right here in Mansfield,Ohio and my wife here is my witness". Great comeback, we then told him about cowboy shooting and where it was etc etc. Nice family, turns out he was a big hunter and thought we were pretty cool!
  6. Love you, Wally. Have a safe trip to heaven. You were such an important part (like the very heart) of River Bend's successful state matches and I can't believe we've lost you. I've always been proud to consider you a friend. Yazoo - I will pray for you daily. I can't even imagine the heaviness of your loss. My deepest condolences. Witch Doctor
  7. https://gunblast.com/Stevens411.htm maybe this will help
  8. Almost forgot. Once I went into a 7-11 and the two smart***es behind the counter were openly making fun of me and giggling like little girls. I think they were high. I went back to the cooler, grabbed a couple Pepsi’s, slid my wild rag up to cover my face (like a bad guy) and then quickly walked up to the counter, sat my sodas down and and said, very loudly “What are you ladies laughing about?” The color drained from their faces. ”Don’t just stand there. Ring me up and get the register open..............I need change...” They both stood there trying to figure out what was happening and I loudly said “C’mon, I ain’t got all day.” And tossed a twenty on the counter. The one kid rang me up, shaking wildly and gave me my change. I tipped my hat and walked out. As I was getting into my truck a guy came out of the store laughing like crazy and he yelled over to that I made his day. Made mine too.
  9. No. At this point it's even stephen. Don't prolong it.... or it'll end up being a Three Stooges bit.
  10. All this in 5 minutes... I had some kids outside a Starbucks making fun of me (amongst themselves) as I walked through the parking lot and into the store. When I walked inside everyone stopped and stared for a couple of seconds. A guy says “Hey Tex, what’s up?” I smiled - I freakin’ hate that. He was just being friendly though. The girl at the counter said “What are you all dressed up for?” with a little smirk. I said “Movie shoot. I play the lead bad guy. The movie comes out next Winter but I can’t talk about it. It’s a big budget film with lots of big names.” All of a sudden I was “somebody” and all the folks within earshot appeared envious. (Superficial dimwits). When I walked out the kids were still there and they all faced me and one said “Sir, why are you dressed like that?” I liked that they had some manners. I responded that I was going to a Cowboy Action Shooting match and to shoot “Cowboy” you gotta dress the part. I had their full and undivided attention. I told them CAS was like tactical shooting only with cowboy guns. I told them to look up Cowboy Action Shooting on YouTube. They had completely different attitudes when I departed as compared to when I arrived. They thought CAS sounded “really cool”.
  11. Larsen, Fannie and I are heartbroken for you, we know what it's like. And more to come some day. But we all have to cherish the good memories. Like Lawman Dago Dom said, the best place to bury our furry friends is in our hearts.
  12. “What are you all dressed up like that for?” ”This is the Twilight Zone, isn’t it”
  13. Reminds me of all the years I spent Civil War Reenacting. A gaggle of us would make a run into the nearest town for supplies and libations for an evening. We always reminisced on the way in about the looks and comments we got and looked forward to adding to the list!
  14. I have the basic emergency package. I think we have used it twice, but you can get a full package that includes GPS and other features that I don’t see the need to pay for. I can read a map and I’ll call and get directions if I need ‘em! The roadside assistance and accident response stuff is reassuring when I am out on the road.
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