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  2. I don't doubt in the least that it can and has happened. But for someone to say that it can happen, but a reloader can't blow up a gun is preposterous when it happens far more often.
  3. 2nd edition of that book is included in the OP's offer. Also, don't forget to add a good set of calipers.
  4. Rye noticed a shotgun barrel sticking out from the window of the small ranch house. Mark yelled out to the house! "We've got something for you". The person in the house didn't say anything. Mark yelled again, "Don't shoot, we're not here to do any harm we've got some bodies that we think belong to you". Again, silence. Rye jumped off the wagon and yelled, "Put the gun down now" as he pointed his greener toward the house. The shotgun barrel suddenly disappeared. They pulled the 3 bodies off the wagon which were all covered in blankets and laid them on the ground. Again, nothing from the house! They got back on the wagon and their horses and took off! They're job was done. It sure was a weird experience for all of them. They were talking about it on the way back to town. They were trying to figure out who was in that house. Slim speculated it was maybe a woman by herself and didn't want any trouble. Maybe a mom or wife or both to the dead men. I guess they would find out in time.
  5. They do not import many and mostly short barrels and 22cal
  6. Everything locked around this house has a Ruger branded lock. Tried giving away accumulated firearms locks on my gunshow table. No takers. When you can't give it away at a gunshow, you know what it's worth.
  7. Don't forget a good reloaders book like the Lee's Modern Reloading manual.
  8. Google I search for "Amazing Creativity for making work Life easy" with the quotes.
  9. Talked to Winchester today appears they produced less than 200 of these in 357/38 special high grade rifles...
  10. Really? There were women looking for men? Who knew? My list is shorter: 1. Move to within 100 miles of a Naval Station.
  11. For anyone starting out reloading ask the folks you shoot with if one or more of them will mentor you starting out. Kudos to Echeconnee Drifter for his generous offer. Only addition to this excellent starter set besides the dies of your choice is a wet tumbler for cleaning your brass.
  12. Other than a set of dies and shell holder you have everything you need to get started.
  13. Griff: I'm Hurt ,,,, We met I believe at WR in 2016 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was the Hansom one with TR ,,,, Taller Too ... And I will bet after the first few Rounds go down-range you are smart enough to step back a might ... Jabez Cowboy
  14. I have been using the pre-formed 30 grain pellets on my 1860 Army's for years....works great. Very efficient drop them in , seat a ball, cap it and shazzam you are ready for another stage! Bugler
  15. Agree. I think most of the top shooters also enjoy, and wouldn't avoid shooting a more difficult match.
  16. Same thing SWMBO seyz when she's leaving for work. OLG
  17. What? and miss out on the opportunity to send clouds of smoke down range. People would think I was cheatin' lol
  18. Today
  19. No .. not in the Ruger ... (see Blackhawk photo below) ... BUT ... I but I suspect they would just work fine in a 45 acp moon clip gun ...
  20. There were mining claims in the streets in the early days of Deadwood.
  21. Had the same mix-he got into everydanging. So we named him CJ, as in Jeep. Enjoy, as she will take up all of your heart-Mine did. This breed does not deal well when you leave them alone- When you leave the house-Leave a radio on so she can hear voices, etc. OLG
  22. Major, I can't see you fearing the stove pipe wearing, Hunkerin' Hud.
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