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  2. This really dependent on just where your crossdraw is located on your body.
  3. around here , they are so SLOW getting ready , it will be about dinner time Monday , then I gotta do just that , kinda ruins all other plans YA KNOW they be right , even if they be wrong CB
  4. To the previous comment about Georgia being so free on gun control, it is interesting to note that of the 4,432 firearms seized by TSA in carried-on baggage in 2019, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had the highest incidents with 323 LOADED firearms found in checked on baggage! (Compared to 217 in Dallas, 140 in Denver, 138 at George Bush Int'l, 132 In Phoenix, etc.) RR
  5. My son left his rifle in a gun case that was a little wet, enough so that the wood got "fuzzy" and discolored. Any way to remove the darkened coloring on the wood? It was an oiled stock, no clear coat or polyurethane like Ubertis have now. Fortunately the metal was oiled enough that it didn't rust.
  6. Thanks to both of you. When I was using the search function I used Ruger 44-40 or Vaquero 44-40 and it was not coming up.
  7. I agree with the OP. Not too much here on the SASS forum, but my local list serve always just says "For Sale". Then you have to click on it to find out what the hell they want to sell.
  8. a Whitworth would be a good addition as well.
  9. Amen pardners. It is disappointing to click on something that you think is for sale only to find out they need it. This is the proper section for this rant.
  10. McCandless

    EOT awards?

    Just a quick question. Someone asked me if EOT still awards buckles to top 10 finishers in a category. (Assuming there are at least 10 shooters in the category). It's been a long time since I've been back to EOT, since we're still wrapped up in the care of elderly parents and can't get away for that long. So, just wanted to give the person an answer. Thanks
  11. Wisner's will be your best bet! Newly made parts, call and determine that you're ordering the correct "stirrup" type mainspring if ours is of that vintage. There are two pre-64 springs for a straight grip, one with the stirrup, and one that is a flat spring used in the later pre-94s. Numrich only sells used parts, and sometimes gets some 94 parts mis-labeled.
  12. "yes , not to mention the crossdraw dance that should not result in any type of penalty ", The cross draw dance is not a thing, not required. Turn your hips slightly is all thats needed to meet the 170.
  13. Charlie what do you mean a "LITTLE" more flash?
  14. THIS ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ In fact, even "shuffling" your feet while shooting is not a penalty. Having to move your feet to maintain balance from recoil, especial those of that are NOT weight challenged is a HIGH probability! No penalties. And: There is, unsportsmanlike conduct; I just don't know when to apply it! I especially like those that will call something like this, then do the exact same thing themselves; AND THEN argue about it when someone tries to call them on their "rule"!
  15. I’m new to SASS and still need a shotshell belt. If anyone has one they are willing to part with I am willing to pay a fair price. It has to be a 29 inch belt and if also 38 cal loops as well that would be awesome.
  16. Understandable confusion. Bear Arms Bare Arms. Bear Arms
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