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  2. Annie and I just got back today from another wonderful time in Tennessee. The match was great, the people even better. The two of us enjoyed hosting the first vendor appreciation dinner. We both heard a lot of positive feedback. The dinner will be back next year. Annie and I had three days on the road discussing the menu for next year, watch out! The chili cook off was great again, thank you to all that participated. The various pots of chili were awesome. Thank you to all the people responsible for hosting this match. The hospitality shown to the two of us over the last seven years has helped us to decide where to retire. We have met the friendliest people ever while back in Tennessee, making us feel welcome every moment there. None better in our estimation. And the scenery ain't half bad either. Yes, we have made some very good friends in them thar hills. The State Match in Tennessee hosted by the Wartrace Regulators is a must do, so DO IT! Enough said! Chas B Wolfson and Apple Annie
  3. I use a couple of patches with Ed's Red. The acetone removes the plastic residue which tends to remain with other solvents. Keep it off the stock!
  4. Good for you, I still would refuse to give up my freedom, my life my choice! If your happy with your job that’s all that counts. Your life your choice!
  5. I use a bore snake, that looks like an accident waiting to happen.
  6. I can use a rod and patch for about ZERO cost. OLG
  7. Anybody ever see these before? Directions say load one, pull trigger, shotgun clean. Seems like another solution in search of a problem.
  8. Stirrup hobbles work good for those and can be very inexpensive
  9. We're not supposed to have firearms in our vehicles on company property, parking on the street is closer to the building than using certain areas of the parking lot, stoopid rule, not enforced by anyone. It's an excuse to fire someone for not following policies and procedures. People just park on the street, I know why they park on the street, others don't. I've seen clients packing concealed weapons (poorly concealed) in our buildings and it doesn't bother me, I have told them to use better concealment so they didn't get hassled. Shot with one of the HR people at work today, his first time shooting CAS. He was pretty impressed. There are many people carrying in Wyoming and not much problem with sex trafficking or kidnapping. It's also a long way to the southern border.
  10. It must be an epidemic. I'm feeling the early signs right now.
  11. My fav is “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra”.
  12. If they will work on a 38/357 I'll take them. Please PM me with payment details Thanks Smiling Wolf
  13. one last time before I shuffle it to the back of the safe.
  14. If Jeb Stuart doesn't take the Jimmy Spurs NMV's I will. Please send pics if he doesn't. Sorry to hear you are getting out of this great sport.
  15. A guy in my office has been singing this ALL WEEK. Someone else can have it now. https://youtu.be/0gM5TjSOQ48
  16. Thanks guys, I finally met back up with the owner and he agreed with your concerns. I have him $30 for it. I will not shoot it, but probably clean it up and hang it in my workshop area. If I even need a part, I’ll have it. i do appreciate the time on the answering and replying.
  17. Having a TV or something to distract you while working out can be a good thing. Riding a stationary bike or using a treadmill can be boring. My buddy would pick a half hour show and watch that while using his treadmill. He worked his way up to one hour shows.
  18. Today
  19. I agree with you. I don't know the answer. IIRC this particular store is in one of the small municipalities along this main road. They may not have the staff. I am going to bring it up to the county sheriff and find out what he thinks and is planning on doing about it.
  20. I appreciate your position. In my case, when I hear Homeland Security intercepted another cyber attack, I know I had a hand in that. When our warfighters return home to their families, I know I had a hand in that. When the NSA catches someone spying on us, I know I had a hand in that too. The biggest thrill in my career was when a warfighter comes up and said they appreciate what we do because it made their life safer, easier, better or whatever. That too is why I do what I do. In this life there are give and takes. I'm willing to make a small sacrifice for those who make huge sacrifices for us.
  21. Mounting a TV so I can watch videos or Netflix whilst on the treadmill. Got most of the connections figured out. Now to get the cables concealed. I put in a selector switch. Not full auto, just to go from Bluray input to computer input.
  22. Trust me-We knew before you did............ OLG
  23. Thanks for all that came out and helped! Great day for shooting, small crowd but we had fun! Last shoot of the year .
  24. How many of you are aware that Guns are not allowed in US Post Offices or parking lots they own .
  25. I agree totally, the Yankees ARE baseball! Their history is just so beyond any other team ever! Do I want them to win? Hell no!!
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