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  2. Bad Bascomb: Maybe this will help but no Lead Bullets Image_(3).bmp
  3. in 1955 in France I had a S/sgt that wore the CIB on his AF dress uniform. He earned it in WW2 in the army in Europe and transferred to the AF after the war. I was in the AP's and he was one hard task master. Fair but hard.
  4. I’ve had this stache since my US Navy active duty days. The first iteration was a Dick Dasterdly Handle Bar. I waxed it and curled it up at the tips. As we were on deployment in the Caribbean (sp?) Sea it would melt and droop so I eventually just cut it at my upper lip line. I had to appear in front of the Captain to request permission to keep it once we returned stateside. I think it was CNO Admiral Zumwalt who relaxed the facial hair standards for surface ship personnel in the late 60’s. It’s a little grayer now than when I first grew it. Like Alpo I was blond as a young child then my hair turned brown. I wouldn’t mind it being all gray now. Amusing story: I grew this while at sea for 6 months. When the ship docked at Norfolk Naval Base the Captain allowed all ships company dependents onto the hanger deck to meet their husbands, fathers or boyfriends. 640 sailors looking for their loved ones was quite a busy scene. I found my wife in the crowd and she had her back to me as I approached. I touched her shoulder to get her to turn. When she turned and saw me, she almost smacked me before she realized it was really me. I tried shaving it off once after many years. It felt really weird without the insulation on my upper lip and I had a hard time not cutting myself, so I grew it back and haven’t been without it since. CJ
  5. Dear Colesville Bob You should get your box on Monday or Tuesday Heck
  6. Dear graybeard You should get your box Monday or Tuesday Heck
  7. Probably so. Lee has always followed a "cost leadership" strategy, but in former times their quality was much better than now. Everything they have produced since about 2000 is complete trash!
  8. My relationship with my old man has never been a good one, but he is still my father, and I'm in a position to take up a cause for him. He doesn't know anything about it yet, but a guy with whom he served in Vietnam is circulating a story about him over social media. They met up at a reunion nearly 5 decades after the event and took a picture together. The gist of the story is this: 22 February 1969. My dad was in C company, 3/506th, 101st Airborne. The writer was in D company, same battalion. They were in a base camp near the South China Sea when D company was attacked at night. Vietcong penetrated the wire, and "all hell broke loose," as the author put it. D company had to retreat to C company's position; their company commander and two other soldiers were killed, 27 wounded. A C company soldier was on top of a bunker firing over their heads to cover their retrograde. The author, who was either D company's First Sergeant or a Platoon Sergeant by his description of his actions, integrated his men within C company's defensive perimeter and together they were able to hold the line. But the guy who was providing covering fire during their retrograde was severely wounded. Apparently my dad and the author, once the D company soldiers could cover the gap in the line, pulled him through heavy fire and rendered aid while being engaged. They saved his life while getting shot at. They had 18 Vietcong bodies inside the perimeter by the time it was all over, so this was no small affair. In the days before the internet and the power of the Google search, I was a young lad still living at home when the man whom they had saved showed up at our doorstep out of the blue. He had been looking for my dad and found him when I was about 15 years old. He told my dad that he had been submitted for the Bronze Star medal for his actions that night -- this guy had personally seen the paperwork. However, as many of you know, the Army is *HORRIBLE* about keeping track of that sort of thing. It was neither approved nor disapproved; it was simply lost. I didn't know the story about why he had been submitted for the BSM. He never talked about Vietnam and on the few occasions I asked him, I regretted it. People didn't understand PTSD back then, but my old man should have been a case study. At the time, I only knew some guy had shown up and told him he had been submitted. It died on the vine and I haven't thought about that in decades. But now the story is being circulated on social media, and I know for a fact that two eyewitnesses to my dad's actions under fire are alive, which is why I'm going to fight the bureaucracy. A Bronze Star Medal (BSM) must be approved by a 2-star general, and it *CAN* be done after-the-fact with no statute of limitations. Sworn statements must be obtained from at least two eyewitnesses. A sworn statement must be obtained by a commissioned officer, who is legally able to put someone under oath just like you do in court. Do you see where I'm going with this? I'm a commissioned officer; I can put witnesses under oath and obtain sworn statements. In my Army Reserve job, on 1 AUG I will transfer to a new assignment, and become a faculty instructor at the US Army War College (this is my part-time job). The commander is a 2-star general. My sister has the contact information for both eyewitnesses. She is going to provide it to me and I'm going to obtain sworn statements from them and submit my old man for the BSM. I've already begun greasing the skids at the War College S1 so they know it's coming and not lose it again. I don't know the Commanding General (CG) very well at all, so I have no idea if he will be receptive to this, but let's hope.
  9. Dear Black water Your box should get to you by Monday or Tuesday Heck
  10. New Blog Post here. It also contains a link to the group I started for enthusiasts of the 1847 Walker and Dragoons.
  11. Regardless of what they are made of I will bet they are expensive.
  12. Oh, Absolutely...I may be dense sometimes but I am not an idiot.
  13. Sure, they are tall and all but they don't have enough style!
  14. Now you've implied that there are 4 or more... Heck I know of at least 5 that post on this here Wire...
  15. They could be stabilized spalted buckeye burl also. Without seeing the entire grip it’s hard to tell. This picture is the buckeye burl.
  16. There ya go. I was blond when I was a kid, but when I went through puberty my hair turned brown. Now I'm going blond again.
  17. Oh, forgot. Should have said ‘On mosques and Orthodox churches’
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