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  2. And, case gauge every round that you load for him. It's easy to leave a sliver of lead bulge at the case mouth, and that will quite often cause the round to fail to feed well. GJ
  3. For your brother's needs - a round nose "ball" bullet, 230 grains - many different makers make something very close to the FMJ from military and factories. The Magma mold 230 grain round nose is quite good. A poly coated bullet is excellent in the 1911, because the 1911 gets fouled quickly using conventional lubed lead slugs. Make sure you seat the bullet so that none of the straight section of the lower part of bullet sticks out of case above the mouth - at very most, only 0.10" above the case mouth. If you leave the "full bore diameter" of the bullet exposed above the mouth, it jams while feeding with the slide refusing to close the last 1/8". Test in his gun that you have the seating depth right before you load a big batch! The 1911 has a very short throat in the barrel, so bullet seating depth is pretty critical. About 4.3 or 4.4 grains of WST (Winchester Super Target) will have him making power factor while using the most common Wild Bunch pistol powder. Muzzle velocity must be checked with a chronograph before they test his ammo at some future match and disqualify him! Good luck, GJ
  4. Use a RN lead with about 5.6gn of WW231 powder. OLG
  5. I have three Browning trail camera's.
  6. I am shooting a wild bunch match with my brother in Nov and told him I would load the ammo. What cast bullet is being used in the 230gr weight. He is using a stock Colt 1911 Model 70 that likes hard ball best. I would like to stay as close to what it likes as I can. Black powder .44-40 I know but this new smokeless powder and 1911's are strange to me.
  7. I'm completely normal. I still have my unmatched good looks, wit, charisma, wisdom, and humility.
  8. would have loved to be there instead of .......................here
  9. I have an American. Very well made.
  10. Just move along folks. The coroner will determine the disposition of the bodies.
  11. ask here - good folks in that era and area of collecting - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/britishmilitariaforums/index.php
  12. Actually I like all these songs....and Country Roads has been in my head since yesterday.
  13. American Derringer. Had one in .45 amp. Have one in .45. Solid.
  14. other than bond, is there another large derringer maker? i seem to remember one back in the 90s or so but cant remember who made it...
  15. Thanks Dutch Nichols, changed it in the listing to reflect shipping for one box, rather than two.
  16. Talk to your tax guy and see if the drill is deductable.
  17. Texas Brushpopper was Cimarron's name for the 18" half-octagon rifle when it first came out. Evil Roy has sold a number of those, as well as other configurations. Cimarron used to sell them both straight stock and pistol grip, but it sort of looks now like Taylors sells the straight stock version only and Cimarron the pistol grip only.
  18. That Little Miss Sunshine. I thought a movie with a dumb title like that just had to suck. I was sooooooooooooo wrong!
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  20. I never really considered Take Me Home, Country Roads to be an earworm. I like the song, along with a number of other of his songs. If you want earworms, I give you: and perhaps worse:
  21. Keith Richard won't get a facelift, they'll just lower his body.
  22. Ballistol is your friend. +100 to Cypress Sam
  23. welcome to the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!
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