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  2. Ah cooler weather..& that's the way it stay's, not like you lot up there that have that freezin' stuff when it's your turn.., anyways it's vegs & meat stews, grass that don't grow,no mosquitos, no sweatin' on the range, warm as toast in bed, football season...ah what a time of the year !!!!!! Grump 'ya' say .....I ain't no grump least not for the next 5 months Pretty soon all your grass will be green so best ya all get ready...me well I'm checkin' out the footy teams for the w'end, go to a gun show & bust some clays on Sunday Luv' this time of the year..ain't even gunna' tell ya to git off the lawn !!!.
  3. Howdy Thought I'd play around with crimping 12g shells in a vintage crimper that I have. Without buying a trimmer what's the best homemade device you've come up with ? I've tried a few different ways but want something that will give me more reliable length & evenness. Thanks.......
  4. I have the Renegade in .45LC..great rifle fitted with a pioneer kit. [ FYI ..this is the only ONE being used for cowboy in Australia..& only another 4 were imported by Beretta,don't know where they ended up...mine I bought back from a U.S.A TRIP ] Is the Beretta name only on this rifle or was there others ? Was the Renegade only 38/357 & .45LC !
  5. Great stuff & yep we also luv' this wonderful game 'down -under..can't beat good publicity !!
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  7. Slice it and give it to the dog...Then buy another one and cook slowly... Texas Lizard Only in the Air Force did I have tuff meat loaf....
  8. 6.2 grains of WST powder and a 200 grain bullet makes for a .45 Colt load that easily makes power factor and burns cleaner than most other powders. Extremely accurate, too. Although I like Red Dot as well for .45 Colt loads. I never think of clean and TrailBoss in the same universe. . Good luck, GJ
  9. And here's a caution from the Lyman die set instructions about overly-hard crimping that seems relevant:
  10. I could not find the thread regarding favorite loads for the 38 special. I noticed some shooters really liked 125 grain bullets with 2.4 grains of clays vs 105 grain bullets with 2.9 grains of clays. I am giving approximate loads since I could not find the thread. Was wondering if it was personal preference or it had to do with how long the sight was off the target. At close targets I have never noticed the difference. When shooting at further away targets I have noticed the sights leaving the target on multiple shots with heavier loads. Just wondering if the power factor was the same with a 125 vs 105 would you see the same lift or rise of the sights from one shot to the other. I hope this better explains my point in the thread. Any further ideas?
  11. Seems like RCBS has learned at least a few things since the 1970s. I'd like to see the instructions that came with that set. I'd imagine the instructions say to back the crimp off when using the dies for .45 auto to just straighten out the belling. And if loading .45 auto rim, then run the crimp down to apply it to that type of round. Further research on The High Road does indicate that it wasn't until about 1980 that RCBS provided a taper crimp rather than a roll crimp die in the .45 auto sets. Perhaps Lyman (my first .45 auto set) had a taper crimp offering earlier than RCBS. Good luck, GJ
  12. Made me wonder how many people practice finding their bedside firearm in total darkness. Also if they practice clearing a jam or reload in total darkness.
  13. I kind of did that years ago. I didn’t reenact the period clothing nor did I use flintlock guns but I camped using primitive methods. Starting a fire on a damp drizzly morning is quite a test of character. So is cooking a rabbit using a wood spit over a fire and cooking wild onions and potatoes (not really wild) just leftovers in our garden two months after harvesting. My spit fell over knocking my skillet into the fire...I had crunchy rabbit with dirty potatoes and onions...I think people pay a lot of money for those minerals and vitamins. It took me a few days but I was getting the hang of it.
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