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  2. Here ya go: biodegradable shotshell wads for reloaders.
  3. It is a handful! I probably should have bought the .480 Ruger but shooting .45 Colt out of the ,454 is very economical. I had no problems with the one I had but did trade it due to the severe recoil. They are accurate and do not be standing beside it when it goes off. A second quick shot is hard to do accurately. I prefer the .41. or 44 mag.
  4. Widder, I assumed this project was for at least partially for hunting. BTW, all four FA 10" guns mentioned were/are octagon barrels. Very pleasing to the eyes...as are a couple pair of Model 97s that I shoot in CAS. Long barrel relly helps tame muzzle. Even the weight of a first generation HoloSight that is atop my 6" helps tame. In its early open sight configuration, it could touch my cap bream pretty easy off-hand. In hunting situation, I pretty much demand a rest. I actually have a back pack I'm accustomed to shooting from. bb
  5. This country is so messed up. I think we're the only nation on Earth where a citizen can be within the law one moment and then suddenly be committing a felony the moment he crosses into another state.
  6. Imported by Cimarron, made by ASM. Unfired, but no box. 38spec. Small dent in the navy sized grip (safe ding) $400.00+ shipping
  7. you can find 20 ga snap caps on ebay. better for dry fire than dummy rounds unless you have something to use in the primer to prevent damage to your firing pin.
  8. Hoss


    And you are 100% entitled to your opinion! I don’t avoid clubs with down range movement stages, just not my favorite. I do prefer when there is downrange that requires rifle to be left behind to have a table with an angled marker to restage on, as opposed to vertically.
  9. Just use fired rounds, what could be better?
  10. Pre safety (1982) JM Marlin 1894 Marlin carbine in 38/357. Gun is stock, never been near a cowboy match. 18.5" barrel, holds 10 38 spec No marks on the bule, a few small scratches in the wood.Hol $850.00 delivered to your FFL
  11. Stock except for jewled hammer. Nice original model Vaquero, blue with box and paperwork $550.00 + $20 shipping to your FFL
  12. Just fill the hull with cotton - simple as that
  13. And if used only for the gun belt, would they be allowed in B Western?
  14. I've used all 3 to carry .44 cal percussion cylinders for '58 remington, '51 navy, 61 navy, and '60 army with no issues. T.F. Jack
  15. Several years ago, I had a new CZ SxS in my trunk, headed from MA to CT to deliver the gun to Happy Trails for a bit of smoothing. It wasn't until I saw the "Welcome to Connecticut" sign that I realized that I was now in a state that did not honor my permits, and had no sympathy for out-of-staters caught with firearms. Slowed down so as not to give any troopers a reason to pull me over. Not a state to be taken lightly. LL
  16. I tried to pm you about that Beaver Brand hat. Won’t go thru. You can e mail me at sixshooterbob@hotmail.com if you want.
  17. 1861 Whirtney reproduction with display case for sale. Pertinent characteristics: Steel 1861 Whitney .36 Cal; Manufacturer: Double Diamond which was Euomanufactures logo ; Precursor to Palmetto & Pietta Date of Mfg: Unknown -no date code probably from the late 60s early 70s Finish: Very Clean Brown/Patina. No Rust. Barrel Address: Dixie Gun Works, Inc Price: $450.00 shipped
  18. I am trying to find someone who makes/sells 20 gauge lightweight dummy rounds. I have some but they are full weight, for shucking practice I need lightweight rounds. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Today
  20. Didn’t know that!! My dad was a WOJG in the Air Force during that conflict. Tiny Bubbles!! LOL!!! And thank you for the kind and encouraging words!!
  21. I am of the opposite opinion.
  22. Is there any Cowboys or Cowgirls planning on shooting the Cowboy Rimfire match on Thursday afternoon that have not signed up? Right now we are short enough shooters needed to run a posse and have the match. If you are planning on it and not signed up please let me know. Thanks, Barkeep
  23. W, I have probably shot near a 1000 rounds of 454 ammo thru several 454s, all Freedom Arms. I still own a 6" and 10" although seldom fire them since I have given up most hunting of big game. I also shot a 475 Lin in a M87 FA that was in test and I came to conclusion that the 454 Casull would do all I needed it to do for game and much more versatile in loading A 260 at near 1900 to a 185 at 1400 are favorite loads. Bullseye can give you nice "pussycat" loads with most any bullet if desiring just a practice load. 454 C is one excellent cartridge. I have taken some 18 bull elk with one, including several well over 100 yards, an antelope, pigs, numerous whitetail, and even Mountain goat. If one has the desire, the recoil will not be factor. I guess I was one of those because I practiced with full house loads and actually enjoyed it. But then that's part of the thrill of hunting. Yes, trigger discipline is a must, but it should be with any gun for the serious hunter, especially the handgun hunter. Personally, I would not recommend 454 in Ruger as I feel there are bargains out there on used FAs that would be better. If ever a question, be glad to help. In my IHMSA days, I enjoyed FA 10" M87s in 353, 41, and 44 mag. Such accuracy in revolvers. Note: When I shot the 475 in test I was at a writers event and another writer had just tried it. I was hesitant in trying it but he said that recoil was not bad, "it would just roll to side of your head". He actually was quite right. The recoil was certainly there but handling was not bad since it did have that roll to side on its way up. I do think 454 might be more rearward, bet I have hit my cap/hat brim a time or two.
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