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  2. Hi, my pistols are 38 and the rifle I'm planning to get is 45 colt. If the holster belt had 38 loops, i guess it would make sense to get 45 loops on the shotgun belt or bandolier (leaning towards the latter). I think so but just wanted to check here, first.
  3. The Saloon, rich with Cultural Education.
  4. @Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438, thanks for your input. I understand that you are responding from a lawyer's perspective, where the worst case must always be considered and countered with a legally ironclad response. I appreciate and see the logic in your reply. However, I still don't think, especially in this instance, the action on the part of Stoeger was warranted. I would consider it highly unlikely that they are unaware of the types of modifications commonly done to their firearms. I would also argue that there is, by now, a long and acceptable safety record of their firearms performing adequately with these modifications. If that doesn't offer them any legal backing, then ok, I can still understand that. I'm sure that they have tolerances they are required to reference (SAAMI specs?) which would be considered a legal standard, and that's fine, but this is still extremely poor customer service. Something more along the lines of what @Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 described seems far more customer-friendly while still avoiding both legal responsibility for the allegedly unsafe firearm AND defacement of the customer's personal property. Had they permanently disabled the firearm, I would be causing a far greater ruckus. @Dusty Devil Dale, thanks as well for your input. I have to say though, I respectfully disagree. If I sent a firearm off to a gunsmith and I had little confidence in or knowledge of the actual state of the firearm, I can see accepting the judgment of the gunsmith regarding its integrity. Milsurps with wildly incorrect headspacing come to mind as a common occurrence of this. However, a known and reputable gunsmith had already modified my firearm and deemed it safe. Whom do I trust? Does Stoeger have some type of assumed superiority because it's their design? A flaw in their design and manufacturing is what caused my issue in the first place (stock fitment)! Also, as I mentioned above, the types of modifications done on my shotgun are extremely common in SASS and have been for years. Thousands of shotgun rounds have been put through very similarly modified firearms with few, if any, related serious mishaps. And again, it's not as if I made these modifications on my own as an amateur and decided to blast away in the presence of a crowd; everything was done by an established professional. I appreciate your approach to risk management, but this doesn't seem like an appropriate application.
  5. Bravo, TN Tombstone! So glad to know him and his Lady!
  6. i picked up a bench made skinning knife the other day. I have had their pocket knife for a couple of years and always sharp and retained the finish so I figured the skinning knife will do as good. my other brands kept getting dull.
  7. When the lever is full close carrier hangs up sometimes. Had a shell separate, shot another round before seeing the separated case. Case went in hard but ejected okay. Then the carrier started hanging. It is bone stock never been to a gunsmith as I can't hold still enough to need a gunsmith to speed me up. Arthritis for the last 30 years will do a number. If the lever was closed using to much force to seat the round in the chamber what parts would bend?
  8. hakkaa päälle first - then when you miss with the sword or don't make the goal in hockey it is Saatana Perkele - or Perkele perkele perkele...... :-) STL Suomi
  9. Thanks for the tip on Jacks Leather. I like the dual color and he seems to even be local to me (813 area code)
  10. My daughter started hunting a couple years ago, and i want to get her a good hunting/camp knife and a good skinning knife for Christmas.
  11. I thought it was hakkaa päälle that was the general purpose phrase.
  12. I've seen real estate, houses, cars, trucks, RV's, ATV'S, books, bottles, coins, antiques, and assorted knick-knacks for sale here, as well as plenty of non CAS oriented guns, holsters, belts & assorted other non-cowboy items as far back as I can remember. I have a couple non-cowboy rifles for sale here right now. Property taxes are due in another six weeks.
  13. Saatana Perkele (Finnish for satan the devil) Used frequently in Finn for everything.....:-\ STL Suomi
  14. Count us in. I've got a coconut bra and grass skirt. Hopefully shooting outlaw won't catch the skirt on fire
  15. And add Hardpan’s boolits and knife!
  16. QC, Classic Cowboy is definitely NOT the most common category. The most common categories are the simpler age-based categories that do not have extra holster or clothing requirements. Two-Handed (Traditional Style) is more common to see than Single-Handed (Duelist Style) shooting. Take some time to stroll through the handbook. No need to get anything fancy, at all. No need for "tooling". You already have one 5-1/2" barreled Ruger. To keep things simple, go with the same thing for your other gun. I try to keep the feel of both guns the same as much as possible. Especially since you are having a slight difficulty at the moment. As in any new endeavor, keep things as simple as possible for yourself until you get you "sea legs" under you. There are literally nearly 100 good gun leather makers out there, very familiar with what we need for CAS. If I may make a suggestion, even though I don't own any of Jack Dixon's work, I've seen and handled enough of it. His work is priced below what you usually find, and his turnaround time is reasonable. https://www.facebook.com/Jacks-Leather-1441207002841046/ But, definitely get to a couple of matches first and get an idea of what you would like, before ordering anything. Yep, been there, done that, got the t-shirt!
  17. My dad purchased one for me ( I bought it) in 1961 when the suggested retail was $125 for $95. He new the chief of police and got it at his discount. Yes it has been shot and I killed a lot of ground squirrels with it. I missed a lot too but they definitely new they being shot at. One of my favorite revolvers.
  18. Your butt must be sore from kicking yourself. JHC
  19. My wife is born in Ridgway PA, and has family in Connellsville. Moving there will put her 3,000 miles away from her daughters when I drop dead.
  20. I am already looking for a Hawaiian Cowboy shirt.
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