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  2. I carry a .44 or a .45. If its load isn't enough, you'd better either get some training or stay at home. I fire about 400 practice rounds each month. I am arthritic, a tad past middle age and pretty deaf. My .44 and my .45 are quite comfortable and accurate. Why anyone of any age and any stage of arthritis would carry cute little .22s, .32s, 9mms or .38s escapes me.
  3. Beretta did make a .380 tip-up barrel, the model 86, but I don't think they manufacture them anymore. It is the size of medium sized 9 mm and is soft shooting. I always thought it would be a great house gun for someone with limited hand strength. I owned two Beretta Tomcats in .32 ACP, but neither one of them fed reliably for me.
  4. You have a house it has either vinyl siding or aluminum siding. You decide, for whatever reason, that you are going to replace all of the siding on the house. Would you remove all of the siding first, or would you remove, say one wall at a time, put the new siding on it, and then clean off another wall, so the house always had siding on it? There's a house down the street, and he pulled all the siding off and threw it in the big dumpster in his driveway. Now the house is covered with "foam underlayment". He has new siding on one of the short walls, but the front and back wall and the other side wall are still foam, and it's rained every day for the last four or five days. Just seemed (to me, a non-builder) a dumb way to do it. Seems right up there with - if you were going to paint the entire inside of your house - instead of moving the furniture out of one room, painting that room, then moving the furniture back in and emptying out a second room to paint it, taking all your furniture outside and setting it in the front yard until you get the entire interior painted (which, since you're doing it all by yourself, will take a week or two).
  5. Nice to have an understanding wife that's also a cowboy action shooter. I set up to size bullets on our dinning room table. The wood stove is 10' in back of me. TV to my right. Latge south facing window (with no curtains) in front of me. My recliner not far away if I get bored or need a nap. It's 0° wind chill outside and going to be cold through tomorrow. I have the time.
  6. There is a shooting. The cops arrive and take pictures and pick up all the brass as evidence. But if before they arrived someone else picked up some of the brass, and then tried to give it to them, would they want it? Or would they decide that since it was not laying on the ground, it was no longer in the chain of evidence. The defense attorney could ask, "what makes you think that cartridge case came from my client's gun? Did you pick it up at the crime scene?" and they would have to answer no, so the judge would cost that evidence? This one is based on reality. Back in '76 I was working as a security guard at a hotel. Somebody pulled up into our parking lot and took a shot at the bar across the street, then drove off. A little kid picked up the shell case. I took it away from him, and when the cops arrived I tried to give it to 'em, but they didn't want it. That crawled out of memory this morning for some damn reason, and made me wonder why they wouldn't take it.
  7. My 2018 IBC code book does not mention door swing in a restroom. It does mention doors opening into corridors, common areas etc. If the door was recessed into the restroom they could reverse the door swing and make the door open out, much easier for ADA people to exit in an emergency. And, we could push the door open rather than touch a nasty door handle. Might be cheaper to build the restroom with door that opens into the room, days lost to illness would offset that cost after a very short time. I built them for years, I just maintain them now. Still retain a general contractor license for inhouse projects.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZQzXJ85cdM
  9. Hello Cholla, I may have a local buddy who would take the wood, can you email me at tomgraham01@msn.com with more information?? Regards,
  10. If she was a he, and peed on my leg, I could see where she was getting me to play "fence post". But since she isn't, and she didn't, I don't understand what you're talkin' about.
  11. Anyone who does Browning BSS work knows the Miroku 500 inside out! Essentially the same gun. Ol # 4 does great jobs on 'em. Good luck, GJ
  12. They also gasket everything that uses oil to keep it in it's place. And they circulate it with a pump. Guns don't have either of those! Grease has it's use, even in autos. Look at the ball joints and steering linkages and drive axles and CV joints. No oil on wheel bearings either. Many of those applications have a heavy load, slow motion, are not easily accessed, and are exposed to dirt and weather similar to a firearm. All a gunsmith has to do is get the gun out the door feeling slick. Once shots are fired, it's the customer's job to pick the right lube. Good luck, GJ
  13. Perhaps your dog actually got you to “play fence post”...Didya think of that? Your training is ongoing...
  14. You mean other than hoot and holler and have a grand old time? Start high and gradually crouch down the thicker the smoke gets.
  15. Hint- There are lot to lot variations on spring making runs. When I want 2 or more identical guns to be sprung exactly the same. I call Wolff Gunsprings, and ask that my order be filled from the same lot run. OLG
  16. SB caters to the demographic that brings in the money. Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction garners more interest than a precision marching band.
  17. On all parts all I have ever used is GI issue LSA medium Weapons Oil MILSPEC L-46000B. Great in any weather and never had a problem with it in military and 50 years use in retirement. Down to my last bottle. Not worried, I may be gone before it is used up.
  18. Thought I'd give frontier cartridge a try for awhile. Shot my first match with no wind and heavy smoke. Are there any tricks or something different you do when this happens? I'm shooting 45 LC
  19. An interesting question: how many of those attending the rallies are registered to vote, and vote in every election?
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