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  2. OP... I commend you. That is a Stupid Dad joke of the highest order. Kudos
  3. When you get a chance let me know what you have and such, Thanks, Blackfoot
  4. I have no interest in ARs, nor do I have a dog in the fight. With that in mind, I would not attempt to own an AR in California. The law here is SO capricious, it changes as the wind blows. That which was legal and grand fathered yesterday, is now illegal and banned today. I figure CA will ban my SA revolvers last of all.
  5. Put a fired case in the chamber before flushing or swabbing the barrel and the action will see little crud introduced to it. Helps keep her clean when cleaning.
  6. I live in CT and you're almost certainly right to decide to withdraw your name for consideration, even aside from the gun laws this state sucks: cost of living is high, taxes are high, houses (especially in the Stamford area) are expensive, it's crowded and the winter is bad. As for the gun laws, in theory a carry permit is "Shall Issue" however some towns stall, play games and force the applicant to appeal to a board of firearms permit examiners which currently has appeals scheduled into 2021. We have an assault weapons ban, which includes most "military looking" semi-automatic rifles and there is a magazine ban on any detachable magazine or detachable feeding device that holds more then 10 rounds. This law was poorly written that it INCLUDES machine gun links, cloth machine gun belts and even original Gatling gun magazines. A ammo permit is required to buy ammo (and out of state internet dealers will require it) A long gun permit is required to buy rifles and shotguns and allows the purchase of ammo A carry permit is required to buy a handgun and also allows the purchase of long guns and ammo The carry permit does allow a person to carry a gun concealed most places (excluding state parks, airports, prisons, court and a few other places) and does allow open carry, although few CT gun owners chose open carry.
  7. I use a Cash Guarantee Card instead of a credit card, so I just take that elsewhere. I shop very carefully and watch pricing. Bass Pro here was the only one carrying AA shotshells for a decent price. They were cheaper than any of the online vendors, and no shipping. I had to wait a couple weeks, but that was the tradeoff for the low price. When the new CA gun laws become effective on 1/1/2020, I will be spending more time in BP and Sportsman's Warehouse for all the little stuff I would normally get from Grafs or Midway. Gotta do those background checks on those dangerous springs and pins.
  8. I've swapped out hammers a few times on piettas. Most of the time it it doesnt require much if any work to correct the timing for plinking. however you may see a difference in the timing once you try running at full speed. It is not difficult to do once you understand how it all works. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself then by all means send it out. If you do decide to do it yourself make sure you have additional spare parts on hand. On occasions that i've trimmed a little too much off from a hand I never thrown them out. Never know when i'll find a pistol that needs that length of hand. T.F. Jack
  9. So I read it and I do not see much that makes it that much different than an AR style "pistol". I do not think CA or others are going to accept that if it is not classified as a rifle by the ATF then they are going to call it a pistol and it still has banned features that are listed in the banned assault handgun category. For heavens sake a broomhandle mauser is classified as a an assault pistol since it has a ammunition feeding device other than in the handle. As stated above I am not sure I want to arguing all that in those court systems and if it came down to it, will Franklin put up the money and attornies to help you out? Alright, I do not see what is the problem with so called featureless long guns. There is little I can not do with a Mini 30, Mini 14 or my Winchester 1907.
  10. Pizza from Nancy's in Covington! Big, thick, STUFFED pizza! Oh yeah... ANY ice cream!
  11. Pip was slang for a difficult person to deal with. Pipies might be a plural of that I suppose
  12. Hot water to clean and liberal amounts of Balistol. Wipe the surface and good to go. That's it. Works great on my Rugers, 1860 Uberti, 1873 Uberti, 1894 Marlin, and 1892 Rossi (SS) GG ~
  13. Our local Cabela's used to donate stuff or discount coupons for our annual shoot. Went last year after BP took over. Nope we don't do that! Ike
  14. A little yes, but: I shoot gunfighter mostly and it doesn't matter. I use BP so gotta wait for the smoke to clear anyway When I shoot duelist with that heathen smokeless mess, I want my competitors to have more recoil and a slight delay in target aquisition
  15. I know this will really disturb you and Widder, but I've never been into nanner splits. Nanner pudding with Nilla wafers, sure, but nanner splits, no thanks. Beer and Pizza is always good, breakfast of champions.
  16. This is a long one. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to relay these events. I just wanted to pass along this information in hopes it helps someone. The set up: The cluster of smaller cities in our area have a population of about 250,000 people total. We aren’t a big city, but we aren’t a small village either. There is one main road, other than the interstate, that strings a number of these small towns together. It has lots of traffic at all hours of the day and night. A coworker stopped at the local grocery store on her way home from work. Broad daylight on a Tuesday evening, not in a bad part of town. The store is on the main road, lots of traffic and many people doing the same thing. As she exited her car, she saw a man learning on the wall outside the store but away from the entrance. She didn’t think much of it but it did trigger her radar. As she walked towards the entrance, she heard his steps behind her catching up to her. She sped up her pace and started jogging into the store. She felt his hands scrape her back as he tried to grab the backpack she was wearing. She ran into the store screaming “Help me help me, he’s trying to grab me”, as she approached the customer service counter, which was right inside the entrance. He ran into the store and hid. The store manager and three other employees searched each aisle of the store but couldn’t find him. They guessed he went out the other entrance. The manager offered two employees escort her while she did her shopping. She rushed through the store grabbing what she needed and moving at a fast pace so she could get out of there. While in the produce section, the assailant comes out of nowhere and begins running full speed for her. The two employees grab her and pull her behind the employee doors of the near by bakery/deli counter. The assailant gives up and runs out of the store. The manager confirmed it on surveillance camera. The employees escorted her to the customer service counter where she checked out, then three large employees helped her to her car, loaded her groceries and made sure she safely exited the property. She drove straight to the police station to report the incident. After she left the police station, she drove around for an hour to make sure she wasn’t being followed. When she finally felt safe, she went home. Notes: When she asked the store manager why he didn’t call the police, he said this kind of thing happens more often than you know. He did encourage her to go to the police herself, which she did. The police sergeant told her that our area is rife with human trafficking. They target females and young boys. Older women are sold into slavery and younger women, girls and boys are sold into the sex trade. He also said if you think about it, we are a 90 minute boat ride to a foreign country. The sergeant commended her for running into the store instead of back to her car. He also named several other stores in the area to avoid because of the same problem. Epilogue: She is afraid of firearms, but may consider them as a form of self defense now. I have invited her to a ladies day at the range where she can try out what I have and see if it’s something she would like to get involved in. If it is, I will connect her with proper training. If not, I will connect her with self defense classes where she can learn techniques to handle herself in this kind of situation. We are not allowed to have firearms on our person or in our vehicles on company property. Period. It is an instant termination offense. Since there is no place to park off company property, I have changed my habits and go straight home from work or stop at the little grocery store near the house, saving my large trips for the weekend when I can go heeled. Be careful out there.
  17. Windex with vinegar will clean it. Take the stock off and flush it. Then blow it out with compressed air and then use your spray lube of choice, and blow it out. Let it sit on your with the bench muzzle up overnight. Wipe off the rec'r area and re-install the stock. Use a patch soaked with Windex and swab the bore out, then dry and oil. OLG
  18. 1. Is that true? ---YES 2. Is retiming hard to do or do have to have a gunsmith do it? Not hard, IF you know how and have the correct tools to do such. The timing issue is corrected by replacing and fitting a new cyl pawl(hand). OLG
  19. Handguns eligible for sale in CA have to be on CA's "Approved List" : https://www.oag.ca.gov/firearms/certified-handguns/search I rather doubt what Franklin Arms is allegedly selling as "CA legal" has gone through the testing and even if by chance they submit one or more guns for testing and they do pass the tests, CA will still not approve the gun based on looks alone.
  20. Seems like that would kill your split times. I hold dead on and just use my thumb. I don't have to wait on the muzzle to raise and lower and reaquire the target.
  21. Gun rolls back in your hand, raising the muzzle and bringing the hammer closer to your thumb; cock the hammer as the muzzle lowers to shooting position. More recoil = higher muzzle rise. This is assuming plow handle or birdhead grips.
  22. I would think that Franklin Armory has attorneys that researched it. Maybe not. We’ll wait for a test case I guess.
  23. Pulp just reminded me of a good one. Adjustable sights should be allowed/outlawed in all categories.
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