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  2. Showing anyone at the LT that a revolver hammer is down on an empty chamber wouldn't necessarily indicate how many rounds were loaded.
  3. So What's wrong with 5-10-8 ? Or 11-8-4 load 1 pistol on the clock?
  4. Barkeep: if you're still looking for warm bodies to work the rimfire match, I can score. Not good for much else.
  5. I want to sell my WW2 Remington Rand 1911 as well as the pistol belt that comes with WW2 suspenders, canteen with cup and pouch, first aid pouch , WW1 dated 1911 magazine pouch and WW2 holster. I want $1,930 shipped and insured for everything. The pistol is in excellent condition with HS barrel that has really clear rifling. The magazine is marked "R". I have more pictures but I also have very slow internet. I will post them if i can later or forward them in an email or text.
  6. The loading table officer should have noticed this. Duffield
  7. 4.2 Trail Boss with a 160 gr bullet and Federal Lrg Pistol primer
  8. The Copperhead Juice flows from the pavilion posts!! Don't forget the beverage contest!! There's some right interestin' beverages produced for this!!
  9. Not sure about a fair price, but I would like to have them and would offer $1000 shipped.
  10. My Mernickle shotgun belt came with a (6 loop) bullet slide. I asked for one for 45s but they sent one made for 38s ... It has elastic loops and I noticed that it accomodates 45s and/or 38s just fine. I have one club locally that usually always has a stage at their annual where you shoot one revolver and then reload it on the clock.
  11. You get from FA what you pay for. When you handle one, you'll see. BTW, FA's are made from 17-4 stainless steel. OLG
  12. As a side note, I've seen several people over the years carry a derringer attached to their suspenders. They'd show clear at the ULT. Problem was after the match when we would go out to a eatery for food or awards. They forgot to take the derringer off of their suspenders. Florida is NOT an open carry state. I reminded them of that fact and they never had any problems but very well could have if the wrong people had noticed.
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  14. BTW I have had Copperhead Juice. Not once but twice. The first time was at the US Open in 2010, in Sparta, IL. The other time was at the SASS Convention in Branson, MO. So Kiddo, I know what and whom I will be missing if I don't make it to Black Gold. I know I will miss meeting you, Waimea, and seeing some old (lower case indicates "long time" not aged friends) friends. , Allie Meaux
  15. Nope . No prints, but they can get DNA. But that’s by using a special adapter on a mass spectrometer that picks up minute droplets from the breath of the shooter. The heat and friction sear the droplets into the copper casing and by using this adapter the copper can be heated to the flash temperatures of the barrel releasing the residue of the droplets. A micro flash of distilled water is puffed into the mass spec chamber and the perp’s breath droplets residue is absorbed into the moisture and the mass spec can then pull the DNA from that mist and match it to the shooter, or at the very least to the last person that touched the bullet.
  16. Hasn’t anyone heard of Italian sausage?
  17. Just to add to Palewolf's comment. I made her show me that it was non-functional.
  18. Good for you, many don’t bother to check patterns or point of impact. If you have not done so, shoot it at match speed— picking the gun up from a table, load it, and fire it quickly. Where does it hit when you are going fast? A tight choke may move around a bit if you are not consistent with your mounting technique. Open chokes are more forgiving when you get sloppy with buttstock positioning. And OLG has a good point; the ammunition makes a difference.
  19. Not sure what “high and left....in both directions“ means. Do they both shoot high and left by that far off center? I would do as OLG recommended. If I remember the bores on the Stoeger Coachguns are Cylinder and modified cylinder bore but I can’t remember which one is which.
  20. All firearms brought to the line MUST be cleared at the ULT. (SDQ for failure to show clear). IIRC, hers was a non-firing "prop" gun.
  21. I would think that an already cooked meatball would get kind of rubbery after hours of extra cooking in liquid.
  22. They're a little heavier and a little bigger than the New Vaquero. If I can find time tomorrow I'll try and get a picture next to a 5.5 .357 Vaquero.
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