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  2. Good Luck! Has to voted in by Territorial Gov's. Well, there goes the category.
  3. His personal tales were detailed and interesting enough to justify being collected and published, as several here urged him to do in earlier years. They were told in a very candid and unaffected way. Some few back then speculated as to their truth; none as to their power and force. Indeed, I think the occasional skepticism was precisely because of their detail and impact; truth being greater than fiction was the response; I myself never doubted their accuracy at all. They were extraordinary, in fact. I would be most interested in hearing about how things have gone, or went, with him.
  4. It's fantastic country, for sure. But there are no giant Redwoods nearby. But the meaning is probably Western Red Cedars: there would be giants there, indeed.
  5. I've always liked Clint. He's made many really great movies. Not only that, for those to whom the politics of movie stars is important (a surprising number of SASS folks over the years!), he's not been bad politically, either. My guess is that Clint is just vexed and bothered by some of the unusual antics and approaches of our Chief Executive, notwithstanding that said CE has done many good things. I don't find this too hard to understand.
  6. Don't let my wife see it or I'll be out looking for one.
  7. YEP! That right there is what you need. Very cool. Desert camo the thing. Several camo nets, exterior glass covers and tire covers, a leaf blower to erase your tracks for 100 yards and you can disappear in someplace like the Mojave. Cat Brules
  8. I guess that is the reason your car sits outside..... Texas Lizard
  9. Reloading shed or dog house have heat????? Maybe new camper has a bed and heat???? Texas Lizard
  10. I like.... 'Big Boston Boomer'. ..........Widder
  11. These were shot for the last 10 years? You have a guesstimate on round count?
  12. Speed of the expansion of space is 200 Km/sec or 656,168 fps. Projectile from the US Navy's rail gun has a velocity of about 2.5 Km/sec or 8202 fps
  13. This would certainly kill all of your shooting sports in California. With no ranges or organized shooting sports, most of the gun stores would be forced out of business. Of course, that's probably the goal. I feel safer already.
  14. I sure hope they go faster. 0.795 mph is 1.166 fps. Even by SASS bullet speeds, that's slow. 124 mph is less than 182 fps. A 850 fps 38 Special is 580 mph. A 4000 fps 220 Swift is 2,727.2727... mph.
  15. Economy and/or reduced recoil.
  16. i have no photo yet - i never thought i needed one - i have a colt 22cal SAA that was used on a trapline for long enough to look like it should be on a wall as a relic , but it is perfect working order
  17. This kind of thing is what happens when Demos have a free hand. We are outnumbered at least 2.5 to 1 in the state legislature, both houses. The Dems have a 'super majority', so there's no way to stop them, and they run amuck. Once a bullet is fired, and it lays on the ground, it is rather benign, and not harmful. Besides, where the hell do they think the stuff comes from? It comes from out of the GROUND!
  18. Reduce the case volume. cb
  19. im going to call it a great day of shooting with three generation participation , and i would be thanking every one for such an opportunity , it could happen - but ill not be holding my breath just yet , congrats on getting that much family involved at the same time in the same place , amen
  20. Bullets can travel at 0.62mi/hr but they can also travel at 0.795 mi/hr or faster. Either way, it is not 124mi/hr. But what is the speed attained in the vacuum of space? Does the lack of air friction allow the bullet to travel much faster?
  21. i still like mine ...shoots great ,
  22. i shoot mine from time to time - i prefer my 1866 , but each to their own , nothin wrong with this rifle in any way save whats been mentioned above that makes it different and more interesting
  23. I actually found a muddied up Red Ryder BB gun in a culvert when I was 4 years old. My dad checked with the neighbors but no one claimed it so he cleaned it up and we shot it together for years on end until he got me a Savage Crackshot 22.! I remember getting a Gilbert erector set, a Hubley tractor and a fort Apache set for Christmas when I was 5. That was 1956. In 1957 I got a full sized Hiawatha bicycle from the Gambles store. It had training wheels and I couldn't reach the pedals so my dad added wooden blocks for my feet meet the pedals.
  24. i need a little education here - why would you set the bullet so far into the case ?
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