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  2. Or ditch the cats an' git you a pup!! Didja' get yer buggy fixed?
  3. You probably can adjust the settings on your display for larger text and a brighter screen. Default settings are not for senior citizens. My last computer died a month ago. My first task after connecting to the internet was installing my anti-malware software.
  4. It seems almost everything I’ve gotten for sass has taken longer than the quoted time. My Shiloh Sharps was quoted 14 months, took 2 years. Custom colt quoted 18-24 months, Been well over 2 years now. Mernickle rig took an extra 3 months. El Paso Saddlery took an extra 2. Knudsen hat took an extra 6. In all cases, except for the Colt, communication was great with reasonable explanations for the delay. I don’t mind setbacks, but I don’t tolerate a lack of communication or the obvious excuse after excuse. I would have asked for my guns back a long time ago
  5. Get an automatic feeder for the cats and sleep later!
  6. When I started I got a Stoeger as well and did all the basic stuff in those documents/tutorials mentioned. I did not mess with the triggers though. That is beyond my ability, sorry I can't help more.
  7. Doesn’t the supreme also come with a recoil pad that the standard doesn’t?
  8. Buy yourself an external USB disk. I recommend Western Digital "MyPassport" or similar. You can find 2TB for under $100 most anywhere. B&H Photo is free shipping and no tax. Plug in to your old machine, and COPY the entire folder structure of photos, etc to USB. Then plug into new machine, and selectively COPY photos and documents to new machine. This gives you a copy of all files on the USB disk, and easy move to new machine. Disconnect USB and leave it disconnected unless making a backup. The intent is keeping the USB disk safe from malware infections, etc.
  9. Really like those S&W K-22 Great all around tool for any occasion. GW
  10. If not for the boat accident I'd have the following: 1. Several AR15 5.56 16" bbl carbines. 2. 2 AR15 9mm 16" bbl carbines. 3. Ruger PCC 9mm 4. 2 Walther PPS 9mm 5. Multiple Winchester 12 pump shotguns(a couple 870s, a couple 97s, a couple of SXP) 6. My cowboy guns if it came to it. Most of this is located on shared property with dad w/ canned food, bottled water, and basic medical supplies. Several ammo cans of 9mm, 5.56, and 12ga. Alpo, I want something with a lot more takedown power as well as ammo commonly used by police/military when the SHTF. Yes we have aluminum foil for hats on hand.
  11. Thank you both, but there is still no definitive info on addressing the trigger pull and take downs, unless I missed something?
  12. uh, Tyrel, wasn't it just yesterday we had the discussion about how my owners demand breakfast by 4:30 AM seven days a week.... and Rye....you DO realize that most of the charges on my tab aren't for me....heck, I've seen the affect the rotgut that Bottles has been serving recently is havin' on folks....I sure as heck don't wanna be drinkin' any of it!!! I'm not even sure how safe them cinnamon rolls are.....
  13. I've often pondered that. "I had but one chance, and that was to run" suggests that the "handsome young cowboy" was a "somebody" with friends who would avenge him. On the other hand, he does steal a horse. Then the story of Feleena: Reincarnation?
  14. If you come up to the clays range to shoot cowboy clays, the shot size is 7 1/2 or smaller.
  15. @Calico Mary that's awful dang early to go to sleep; I know you're not old like @Rye Miles #13621 so what's up with that? Rye, I took one of your checks when you weren't lookin'; Bottles wasn't payin' attention to whose name was on it.
  16. The rest goes: "Just for a moment I stood there in silence Shocked by the foul evil deed I had done Many thoughts raced through my mind as I stood there I had but one chance and that was to run..."
  17. Today
  18. Lightly smoked herring. They go well with a big pile of mashed potatoes. Also, they are smoked whole, as opposed to kippers, which are gutted.
  19. I suggest butter the top and put in under the broiler for a minute or two
  20. What’s a “bloater”? They took on 15 boxes at the right side of the drawing.
  21. 12 ga auto. how big is the magazine? how is the ammo supply? can have a lot of guns but without ammo they are just pretty clubs
  22. I am offering here three large Wustoff Classic kitchen knives, 2 12" and 1 14". Yes I could offer them elsewhere and likely I will if they don't sell here. I bought them because they made an impressive display "Now THIS is a KNIFE" but I must down size. All are sharp, you can make them sharper. You can also make them different. #1 is a 12" Wustoff Classic, $100 #3 is 14" Wustoff Classic 14" $300 #2is a 12" Wustoff Classicwide blade, $200 but the bolster melted a bit when it got too close to the gas burner. picture of both sides follow. now must show the other sides prices are shipped. first offer of $550 gets them all.
  23. Mossberg 22 bolt repeater with a 4x scope Remington 22 pump with iron sights S&W K22, 6" barrel Hammerless 20 gauge SxS, 26", mod and improved Remington 12 gauge automatic, 30" full 1898 Krag rifle M1 Carbine Box-stock GI 1911
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