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  2. thanks. wasn't sure if I was missing something. RCBS says they can make a stem to fit. I sent them 3 bullets and will see what they return. I will post my results. and yes close range this isn't an issue. I would just like the bullets to be seated without the cuts. I do reload rifles for distance and this goes against the grain. thanks for the feedback
  3. Looking for a nice lightly used pair of 4 5/8 inch barreled Vaqueros Prefer stainless but would consider blue. Only looking for the shot barreled model. Please PM me if you have a set you would consider selling. Thanks
  4. Now I understand why your head is shaped that way!! It's so difficult to fit you with a hat because she massages that noggin with a skillet so often!!!
  5. Unless you’re swimming or on fire!☺️
  6. When I setup I consider the height as part of the setup. I squat and make sure the targets are spaced well and I also allow for taller shooters as well. While it's hard to grow...…..it's still pretty easy to tell if you have overlap for taller shooters. IMO I have plenty of room to setup so there isn't any need to push the overlap. Now don't get me wrong I like to have some stages where you can burn em' down and the targets are close but not so close there is overlap for confusing or unequal calls......especially rifle v pistol targets. As far as east & west I'll put them as close as maybe 5 inches or so if it's a barn burner.
  7. C4 is God’s gift to the combat engineer. Highly stable under an extremely wide variety of circumstances, versatile enough to cook C-rats, and malleable/cuttable to build shaped charges. But given the right combo of heat and pressure, its controlled fury is truly a thing of beauty. As for the detonators, just one is sufficient to blow a hand off. Five in the shirt pocket would render the C4 irrelevant to the said book character.
  8. Sounds like a very nice House what is your asking price? How many bedrooms ,baths and size of garage?
  9. Black Mike


    All good stuff. For some reason I was shooting BP from shotgun and rifle. App in pistols. I guess my bullets didn't have quite enough lube for the rifle and the barrel would be caked up pretty bad which made it a little hard to clean. At the GA state match I shot a total of 16 stages between the black powder event and main match. On the last stage I fired ten APP rounds through the rifle and it actually cleaned the barrel quite nicely. Cleaning the barrel after the match was a breeze. Don't know if any of you have tried this. Heading to PA state this week and will do the same.
  10. When I volunteered at the Girl Scout Camp Misty Meadows which was the horse camp, we had a "no tie" named Red that when he wasn't being ridden in the ring, had his lead rope thrown over the fence rail at the far end of the ring because at one time, years and years ago, he pulled back when tied. One day, he was loose tied while we were having the troopers ride in the ring to show they could safely start, stop, and turn their horse before taking them out on a short trail ride. Red decided he didn't want to miss out on the fun and joined the rest of the horses doing start, stop, reverse with his lead rope dangling until the riders were ready to leave the ring to go on the trail ride when we stopped him and held him long enough for all the other horses to go on the trail ride.
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  12. The distance between targets should be at least 2 Large Dairy Queen Blizzards wide; flavor not important, but Oreo is one of the best
  13. My mom was a pretty good cook but her gravy was not so good. I told myself when I left home that I’d never eat biscuits and gravy again and I think in the last 48 years I’ve tried it a couple of times and I still don’t care for it, probably the early training. Her biscuits were good but the gravy not so much.
  14. NOZ ya would get into worse trouble , was it not for her keeping you in line WONDERFUL lady , she is Chickasaw
  15. Just a little while ago I had finished my workout and was grabbing another cup of coffee when I heard a strange noise. It came from my garage and it sounded like something got knocked over. It was a definite sound, not my imagination. It was a sound one might hear if someone had crawled through a window and knocked something off the work bench...was my garage window locked? Hmmm I immediately went to one of my gun stashes, opened the drawer, hit the buttons to unlocked the handgun safe and WHACK! The little safe popped open about 2 1/2” and hit the upper edge of the drawer opening. I couldn’t get the handgun out. I had to grab the little safe and turn it 90 degrees to get the door open. Wasting precious seconds... The sound I heard WAS something hitting the floor in the garage. It was a box I had leaned against the work bench. It toppled over. There was no intruder, there was no break in. The window was locked. All is well... Now, I just recently had a discussion with a coworker about being prepared in case of intruders or emergencies and making sure you can get to your gun and phone in the dark and making sure you have a flashlight and a safe place and yada, yada, yada... I need to practice what I preach! When I moved back to California I started putting my stash guns in handguns safes. 1. Because I have a teenage grandson and he has friends and they do come around on occasion. I can’t have on of my grandson’s friends, or even my grandson getting their hands on a firearm (which I doubt should be a worry but...) 2. California laws are so freakin’ lame. I wouldn’t want some state protected bad guy easily acquiring one of my shooters and me going to jail for it. When I put that little safe in that drawer I tested my ability to open the safe and retrieve the gun and then absentmindedly turned the little safe 90 degrees so I could put a smoker cookbook in the drawer too... What the hell was I thinking?! Anyway, please check your own situations and make sure you don’t have PatRiotitus, a virulent form of absent mindedness. The cure for this disease is not the kicking oneself in the butt, like I have been doing....I think it’s following up with what you have planned out. I am not sure. I will have to report back at a later time. Boy, talk about a “Duh-huh” moment...
  16. BMC had ya fooled He don't catch NO fish , unless it be at the market just like me . he don't get out much Chickasaw
  17. I've used Redding dies exclusively for .44-40 in a Lee single stage, and now a Lee Classic Turret press. Never had a foul up. I did, however, just buy a batch of .44-40 Starline brass (never fired) from a guy that had about 15% damaged case mouths right out of the container. I don't know whether these were originally Starline rejects or what. I got them at such a steal of a price that I really couldn't complain about the number of culls.
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