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  2. Because they are not listed as an external modification that is allowed. Each of those other things are specifically allowed.
  3. I had a local shop order in a pw-87 for me. When I went to pick it up I worked the action and the guts fell out on the floor. The shop owner packed it back up and sent it in for a replacement. the second one came in about a week later. It functioned like it should but was rough as all get out on the inside. It cleaned up easily with a couple files and a stone. Not as smooth as a professional smith could make it but it's doable for me. I played with it all winter and enjoyed shooting it but without the drop 2 feature you cant be very competitive with it. But i'm not fast on any level so I just go for the cool factor. I run brass hulls with black powder in mine. So it's sitting with Lassiter now waiting to work his magic on it. He quoted me $250 for the drop 2 feature and clean up the action. So I have $364 out the door. $21 shipping to lassiter. $250 in work. and another $21 return shipping. $656 in it. I'll let you know how it runs when I get it back.
  4. Smoky, you're going about this thing all wrong. You've got the bullets ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, now go buy a gun for them. That's what I always do. Isom
  5. Be aware that Man the Line’s customer service can be ....interesting. I ordered a 1907 sling when they were on sale and received a Gew 98 sling
  6. Wow, what a life. And to make it to 101 and finally go peacefully in your sleep... we should all be so lucky.
  7. Why would you want to, just askin?
  8. Apparently, the lock was put in place by my CA FFL, and he forgot to put the key in the case. When I opened the box the first time, I found this. I called Marin and they confirmed they do NOT ship the guns with the lock in place. My neighbor used a diamond embedded saw blade and made short work of the lock. We then traded Oohs and Ahhs. his 1895 in 45-70 and my 1894CB in 357. My cycling is a bit smoother, his trigger is a bit better. We are both quite happy. I wound up including the lock in the photos, and couldn't seem to edit it out when I made the post. Each photo was shot with a Nikon D810, macro lens at critical aperture, and 20x images at 0.5mm distances, then stacked in Photoshop.
  9. Still curious as to why they couldn't be added to a open competition gun being as those can have blackhawk hammers and adjustable sights plus brass insert front sights, etc?
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  11. They would be legal if they came as original equipment on that particular gun. They could not be added to any gun a competitor might chose.
  12. Thanks. I just sat down and began to pack everything away into a box. Sold-Pending-Funds.
  13. Hey Drifter, I'll take the new/reloader deal you have offered and we can work out the shipping charges. Will handle rest of details by PM. Thank you very much for the generous offer. I think it will work well for me. OO
  14. Was wanting to know if trigger guard spurs or legal on revolvers, such as the ones on Schofields #2 and lemats. Are theses allowed on all revolvers if not, why (low blackhawk hammers where not originals parts, just say'en) Thanks for any help.
  15. And God bless them all for being there when they were needed most.
  16. A greased hard 0.03" felt wad prevents this: cleans the chamber after the powder charge and also when the chamber is fired
  17. I don't like mutton on the hoof, in a can, frozen, fresh from the butcher, or whatever else. I'm happy that some folks do or else I wouldn't have some really fine sturdy and warm clothes.
  18. Not a bad guess for old eyes. I was going to say 18'.
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