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  2. To answer the price question they are asking 1599.00 It is a pawn shop so everything is negotiable....
  3. Worked a couple of hours on Pac-Man the snow thrower. Thank goodness for YouTube. Sometimes you can find just the right repair video. Still a pita. Then II went to change the oil and found outI didn’t have the right weight. The switch on my light over the loading bench came apart. Had to order one from Amazon. Looked for my most best favorite Kershaw auto opener that’s been MIA for two weeks. Didn’t find it. Then I played phone and e-mail tag with the leak detector guy. Finally settled on him being here at 9 tomorrow, if he can find us. He thought we were in another town. Lost a 5/8” wrench 3 times. Found it twice. So I called it a day at happy hour. Took a shower and went to the class 6 cabinet and saw I had only a wee bit (about half a shot) of Basil Hayden and a wee bit o George Dickel. So I put em both in a class together. They got along very well indeed. So I got that goin for me. Which is good.
  4. We started out at 56 this morning. By sundown it was 77. Come north, Son. The weather is more to my liking. You get some highs down there that will someday ignite the atmosphere and kill us all.
  5. Amazing what changing from Major to Minor key does to a song.
  6. I.m a damn sight prettier than that, but yeah, Hat's not the same in this picture.
  7. If all else fails I can get you the name of a reputable realtor. Let me know. PS: George Washington had advised us not to used the computer because of its unreliabilty.
  8. Got a VERY VERY pristine Marlin 94c---JM stamped 357/38----only had about 300 rounds thru it----every thing factory stock about it---smooth action for factory rig-----will hold 10 rounds 0 38's if ya using 115 0r 125 rnfp cartridges in it!!-----$850 shipped to FFL!-----Also got a Very nice fancy custom made double strong side holsters for 5 !/2 Vaqueros----waist size 34 to 38-----45cal cartg loops------$300 shipped-DLD
  9. Did you try the "shall not be infringed" part on her? That's usually good for one to three sutures.
  10. Took these guys 11 days to extricate them selves from this mess. In deep trouble – Illinois man’s new truck stuck, frozen after Illegal four-wheeling
  11. I have two Remington Outlaws, one will cycle both 45 Colt & 45 Schofield but the second one, an older build date, will not cycle Schofields. You need to try both rounds in a revolver to verify they will or will not shoot both. I have not tried and of the Colt clones only the Remington Outlaw.
  12. There is a motte and bailey style castle in Lincoln, England on which construction was begun by Ivo de Tallebois, one of William the Conqueror's generals. He named it after his daughter, Lucy. Hence, "Castle Lucy." Ivo was my 38-great grandfather; Lucy was my 37-great grandmother. I made this discovery in 2015 when I was in Lincoln for official reasons. I do genealogy as a hobby, and made the discovery while sitting in my hotel room across the street from Castle Lucy. I took the tour the next day, and told the worker I'd be collecting all the entrance fees from then on, "because it's my castle."
  13. A friend of Kaya's has one in .38-55. Neatest little thing you ever did see
  14. When law enforcement and the department of justice pick and choose laws that they will enforce or not enforce we have a corrupt system...as if this is new...
  15. Well dang it. We never got to posse together! Good luck with your new home. Maybe we can get to shoot together down there.
  16. Yeah. Today's high was 14 degrees below... That's below 100.
  17. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your boots on! Our club is a little further from you, Berkeley springs WV, but come on down, we are having our last shoot Sunday after next
  18. There used to be a good hat guy over in the next town but he pulled up stakes and headed south a few years back.
  19. Why are you looking for just Schofield?? Any that's made in 45 Colt will chamber 45 Schofield...
  20. D-J can do it, he’s done some nice hat rebuilding for me. You might call Smitty up in Fairplay at CMH he’s pretty good at restoring hats too.
  21. Today
  22. I had my gun belt made with 3 dbl holders in the front it seemed like a good idea at the time.....After trying that a few times did not care for the location and now use a canvas belt with single loops that are close together so grabbing two to load my double works for me. My wife prefers to use slides. Hochbauer
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