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  2. I shoot on short posses regularly and help out too. I try to shoot in the first three then load at the unloading or loading table, stopping as needed to verify or clear guns. If there are folks with infirmities that need those spots, I shoot, load, then help where needed. The next stage I help at the beginning and shoot towards the last, loading as the last couple of shooters finish up and while the posse moves. It takes me 2-3 shooters to charge my '51's on the gun. So far no one has complained I'm not pulling my fair share.
  3. I have an American Arms 12 g. SxS impulse single trigger, like new. Barrels are 21", chambers coned, $450.00, plus shipping. Will add picture later today.
  4. Nicely done? Is that wood or synthetic decking> Nice finish. Caprock
  5. I have many times- Getting the timing 'rite' on the 87 to feed all brass was a challenge. OLG
  6. Howdy Around these parts, the number of shotgun shells needed in a stage seldom exceeds six. I always check the scenarios before I leave the car. If we are having the Shotgun Run with 10 rounds or so needed, I throw my canvas shotgun belt onto my cart. Other wise it stays in the car. I generally do not like wearing a shotgun belt along with my gun belt. I have been using this rig for a long, long time. When I am wearing my belt I slide the two shotgun slides to either side of the buckle. So I always have eight shells available for six targets. If I miss so badly that I need more than two extra I will just take the misses. No, I am not such a fast shooter that it matters that for six shots I will be grabbing two shells from the 'far side' of my belt. It really does not matter for me. The hardest part is I can no longer see my shells because they are hiding under my big belly. Sorry, I can't help with where I bought these slides. I bought them a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and don't remember who made them.
  7. 1Lt Armor M60a1 Imis no I was not lost most of the time
  8. Have not seen check clear yet, verifying that you all received my late application. Thanks

    Major Bill

  9. You really need to get to a match and talk to folks pard. Drop loop fancy holsters are legal for most categories. Classic Cowboy is the only one that comes to mind where the butt has to be above the gunbelt.
  10. Tombstone I think the only way that I'm going to come in first for the "Pink" contest is if I come wearing a negligee with pink fish nets and stiletto heals. Don't laugh, I've got the legs for it
  11. Once the local news media was heralding the arrival of one of our Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, and Makeup Mary sitting at the anchor desk mentioned that it had 6,000 troops on board. I wasn't aware that Army infantrymen were operating Navy ships now.
  12. The hat appears to be a size 6 7/8. 5” crown and 4” brim. Cattleman’s crease. No holes or stains. 10X. Don’t know what it’s worth. PM me an offer I can’t refuse.
  13. And the AMT Lightning had the s/n on the lower frame. I've heard rumors it was such a close copy of the Ruger, that the non-serial numbered AMT barrel assembly would fit, or was easily fitted to, the non-serial numbered Ruger grip frame assembly. I've never owned one, so never had an opportunity to try it.
  14. I actually have a hat stretcher. But I’m hat rich and don’t really need it.
  15. You're right about the handbook being confusing! I'm partial to drop loop holster/belt rigs, but I get the impression that they're only permitted in the Gunfighter or B-Western categories, and that drop loop with embellishments/tooling etc... are prohibited in the Cowboy/Cowgirl and Age-Based categories. But, if they are still permitted in the Age-Based or Cowboy/Cowgirl categories, then I would probably rather have a drop loop style rig. Then, if I eventually moved up to Gunfighter or B-Western, I wouldn't have to invest in a whole new rig to compete in those categories.
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  17. Congratulations to my wife Dew R Dye on winning her 12th Ladies overall Tennessee State Championship on her first 2 day match back after a 1 year layoff from major neck surgery ! Congratulations to my Son Mr. Black on his Men’s overall Tennessee State Championship And a 3rd place overall clean match finish at the Wartrace Regulators match! ( “he was only 5 years old when his Mom won her first TN title in 2005” They both over came many challenges in the past 2 years of the cowboy game from a major surgery and 3 hour plus drives just too shoot a monthly match “for the love of the game , thank you Wartrace Regulators & Outlaw Camp ! They will be at the South Eastern Regional Ambush at Caverns Cove Alabama this year as the Tennessee state champions hope to see you all there!
  18. Great Idea Forty Rod... kind of like my "meeting pen". I tend to take this one to meetings I dont really want to be part of...
  19. Yeah, I know I ma. I just returned from Las vegas where my son married one of the finest women I ever met, a wonderful black woman. I toasted the couple and told the audience (about 140 people) that I now considered he to be my family, my new daughter. I then announced that her family is now my family, too and then said "Now I know that many of you will be surprised and mortified that you are now Scots-Irish and Italian." I wasn't sure how that would be taken but it sure got a lot of laughter and applause. It was great weekend. Yeah, I'm a white supremist.....in a pig's ass.
  20. This is where someone trots out that old saying, "Speed is fine; accuracy is final". Honestly - misses are WAY over emphasized/ penalized in our game. Shooter A shoots twice in 1 second - misses with both. And then 1/2 second later hits the target with shot three. Shooter B shoots his first shot at the two second mark but hits the target. Somehow shooter B is the superior shooter? By SASS math; yes. Not by real world math - the bad guy was engaged/ dispatched 1/2 second faster by shooter A than Shooter B. I wouldn't mind seeing an all hit stage 10-10-4 20 targets - must use at least one round from each type gun. Only required to discharge 20 rounds. Firearms restaged with rounds in them (action open) are a no call. Lowest time to get to 20 hits wins. No penalty for misses - reload if necessary until you hit all 20. Then we can actually determine the importance of accuracy versus speed.
  21. I'm with ya TB, great fun, cannot say enough about all the great people of the Wartrace Regulators who worked their butts off putting on a great match.
  22. PM me your Cell# and I will send them to you in a text. kR
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