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  2. I just sold to a needy shooter 3K SMP for $50/1000...can't wait till I can sell them for less. How much will depend on the pricing that they level out too. Phantom
  3. All these number represent is the effect of panic and hording. I never charged more than $20/50 of 9mm (and that's because my cost went up about $5 / box). Any primers that you see probably came for a source other than a dealer's regular source...and primers have been available from those that had enough inventory to trickle out some. Same with Powder...but again, any decrease in price such as the example you gave has nothing to do with the distribution channel opening up. Again, nothing will happen in a measurable way until ammo starts to stick. This is going to happen
  4. Rooster? Are we having chicken & dumplings?
  5. We have one that we used before we got moved to our new home. It is very nice, clean up is a pain, but a good cup of coffee is worth it!
  6. As musicians they were average pop musicians but as writers they did write some pretty good songs. If you hear some of their songs played by symphony orchestras they’re really pretty good. I think Paul was the real brains in the songwriting dept. but that’s just my opinion of being a musician for 50 + years.
  7. I don’t mind at all We all get to have our own opinions and everyone’s is just as valid
  8. You can get bulk primers on GunBroker, but they’re not cheap. At Georgia State there was a vendor offering 5k Federal spp for $1,000. He sold them. I got these for substantially less, but still many multiples of pre-shortage prices.
  9. They don’t make it out this far in the country.
  10. Where in the world did you get 5k of primers?? Everyone here is selling only 1 to 3 sleeves of a hundred for anywhere from $6.99 to $8.99.
  11. @Pat Riot, SASS #13748 That is just waaaaaay too cool! Now you truly are a CELEBRITY. You've made it to the BIG screen.
  12. All four of the gents have/had gone on to great solo careers on their own. Paul and Ringo's careers are still going well into their 70's. George and John's albums are still selling well today. Mediocre musicians don't get that far..... Well, I've been a fan of the Beatles since I was young. I have also gone on to a 30+ year career in very difficult and challenging industry. I too work hard, pay my taxes and earn a good clean living. I guess if that makes me a part of a generation of kids who's lives were ruined by drugs, so be it. Be aware of how wide a brush you
  13. The thread @Father Kit Cool Gun Garth created about “Brought a tear to my eye” regarding a guy’s grandfather appearing in Google Maps made me remember and go looking for a road in Oregon called Barnard’s Road when I passed a Google Mobile (I have no idea what they call those contraptions) while on my way home from work on my motorcycle. I looked up the road and started scrolling down the road (online) when “Surprise Surprise, Sgt Carter!” there I was on my bike. Here’s a couple of screenshots. I will have to look, but I passed one of these Google Mobiles on the
  14. Today
  15. Yeah, from listening to the Beatles I turned into a lunatic drug user…got all my shots and injections in the Navy. Then I went on to work with all the losers in our Aerospace Industry developing way “far out man” technologies in the Star Wars program. Then, because of my addiction to service I went to work in the public sector on rail transit. Been doing that for 33 years, so yeah, my life got all messed up by the Beatles. Hell, it drove me to running sound for rock & roll and heavy metal bands as a hobby. Beatles music was also the “gateway” for me to get into harder music, like Satan’s h
  16. I put my window AC in Friday it was up to 80 ..it sure worked wearing long pants and long sleeve shirt this morning looking out over the SF bay nice cool fog
  17. I’ve been looking at my last two boxes of Federal SPP and hoping I wouldn’t have to open them before the shortage is over. No such luck so I bit the bullet and bought 5k more. The price was outrageous, but I’m back up to a year supply for the three of us. I’m getting tired of loading shotgun ammo, I could use 5 or 10 cases of LNLR.
  18. We built our home in 1987 on the south facing end of a ridge overlooking a creek valley about a half mile wide. We had just moved in and one night there was the terrible noise. It would last several minutes when subside somewhat. We first thought it was a tornado coming. It kept up until about midnight. After experiencing this once a week for a month, we realized it was a racetrack some 15 crow flies miles to the south east - nowhere near our valley. You could just about make out the announcer between heats. A few years later another track opened up just north of us much c
  19. Thank you!!! Very helpful to know this in advance!!
  20. Doh! Yes, my fumbling fingers!! (and brain) I'll correct that!
  21. Good enough to be Roy Orbisons' warm up band.
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