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  2. "yes , not to mention the crossdraw dance that should not result in any type of penalty ", The cross draw dance is not a thing, not required. Turn your hips slightly is all thats needed to meet the 170.
  3. Charlie what do you mean a "LITTLE" more flash?
  4. THIS ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ In fact, even "shuffling" your feet while shooting is not a penalty. Having to move your feet to maintain balance from recoil, especial those of that are NOT weight challenged is a HIGH probability! No penalties. And: There is, unsportsmanlike conduct; I just don't know when to apply it! I especially like those that will call something like this, then do the exact same thing themselves; AND THEN argue about it when someone tries to call them on their "rule"!
  5. I’m new to SASS and still need a shotshell belt. If anyone has one they are willing to part with I am willing to pay a fair price. It has to be a 29 inch belt and if also 38 cal loops as well that would be awesome.
  6. Understandable confusion. Bear Arms Bare Arms. Bear Arms
  7. Welcome to the ranks of smokey shooters in New Mexico. There are too few of us. The state match in Silver City this year will be a test of our abilities to shoot in obscured conditions. It will be during the rainy season, in a moist river valley in a wooded canyon that blocks the wind. I doubt any of the smokey shooters will finish in the top ten. You were already advised to shoot from downwind to upwind when allowed. Be aggressive on the shotgun targets. You will hit most of them you can't see and can quickly make up your few misses. Your 45 Colt ammunition can hold more black powder than needed to meet the SASS smoke standard. Consider using a minimum black powder charge and a filler. You won't set off auto alarms in the parking lot but will have better stage times due to reduced recoil and smoke. Talk to Two Timer at local matches. He has won FC at state matches and knows how to shoot the smokey propellant.
  8. Yep ... if you use all the same brand brass (length) etc ... life is wonderful. Unfortunately, that isn't always convenient / feasible. You often end up having a really big bell to compensate. After adding a bullet feeder to my 650 the inconsistency became more of a problem ... soooo ... I started using the "M" type (stepped) powder funnel/expanders from Mr Bullet Feeder. I don't have a MBF bullet feeder (I use a different brand) but the expanders are outstanding. I use them on all loads (bullet feeder production or not). They come in 9mm/38, 40 and 45. edit: here are some at Midway ... lots of people sell them .. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2670460203
  9. I think there is going to be some sort of offering of stage or two for CAS practice on Sat. As long as an available bay and club member present appears it can happen. Doug is good about working with cowboys/girls as long as within rules of clubs. Good luck Wild Bunch and CAS match Tully. Safe travel. Looking much better now. Hope to see you there Drifter.
  10. We'll get it right after we get the empirical and irrefutable evidence that there is man-made global warming.
  11. You can joke about the Air Force...until the grunts are under heavy fire, and the AF tactical support troop laying there in the dirt with them gets on his radio and calls for a flight of A-10's or "fast-mover" F-16's or even a Bone (B-1), danger close! Been a few of those troops who have been awarded DSC's, some who are even still alive! Of course there are others who "simply" ride around Montana, Wyoming or North Dakota in blue trucks keeping the green lights on the launch panels, so the "capsule drivers" can turn their keys, if...God forbid...they ever get the order to launch! And those "truck drivers" have to drive around regardless of the weather, +100 or -60 with the wind with the snow blowing drifts across the roads! Try that for awhile, when people you went to school with are dodging SAM's or ensconced in the Hanoi Hilton for six or seven years! You can joke about the Coasties...until your boat with you and you wife and kids have been driven stern first onto a beach by heavy seas on the Lake Michigan shore, and they come to pull you off in a boat that's not much bigger! (Seen that awhile back!) Or trying to rescue crewmen aboard a foundering Lake Superior ore boat aground on the rocks! Some folks have already started in on the Space Force, just because the first uniforms are simply the AF's cammies, with the new name patch.
  12. Like a good Marine, my coruscation is on the mark.
  13. Putting that post on the Wire wouldn't get it read by the people who need to see it. most of us never look at the Wire.
  14. That DI is doing it for me. I think it's the hat. I've never heard such a complex cadence. Are they all like that?
  15. Perhaps changing the title to read WTB - Beretta 3032 Tomcat Inox Stainless 32 Auto
  16. I most often use Fed. primers but bench testing showed the Rem. primers produced tighter groups with those bullets and powder. The Fed. primer is outstanding with GOEX and the 200gr. big lube.
  17. That is weird. I thought that none of the major ammo companies had loaded 2 and 1/2 inch shells since World War II. And the "we must make all 20-gauge shells yellow, for safety's sake, so some moron doesn't accidentally stick them in a 12 gauge and then put a 12 behind it and blow themselves up" thing didn't come about until the late 60s.
  18. Welcome to the dark siders Lil Rob. Living in the Pacific Northwest we dark siders are faced with a lot of cool damp mornings that make the smoke really hang. Than add when that big candle in the sky coming up over the berm and may the force be with you as my friend Jedi says because you cant see anything. You will be doing a lot of bobbing and weaving and dancing. I call it the Knucky shuffle. Like many of the dark siders said. Memorize the targets, look for the stands, and spray and pray. Don't waste a lot of time to see a target to save a 5 second miss. Have fun Lil Rob there is nothing like fire and smoke.
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