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  2. When law enforcement and the department of justice pick and choose laws that they will enforce or not enforce we have a corrupt system...as if this is new...
  3. Well dang it. We never got to posse together! Good luck with your new home. Maybe we can get to shoot together down there.
  4. Yeah. Today's high was 14 degrees below... That's below 100.
  5. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your boots on! Our club is a little further from you, Berkeley springs WV, but come on down, we are having our last shoot Sunday after next
  6. There used to be a good hat guy over in the next town but he pulled up stakes and headed south a few years back.
  7. Why are you looking for just Schofield?? Any that's made in 45 Colt will chamber 45 Schofield...
  8. D-J can do it, he’s done some nice hat rebuilding for me. You might call Smitty up in Fairplay at CMH he’s pretty good at restoring hats too.
  9. I had my gun belt made with 3 dbl holders in the front it seemed like a good idea at the time.....After trying that a few times did not care for the location and now use a canvas belt with single loops that are close together so grabbing two to load my double works for me. My wife prefers to use slides. Hochbauer
  10. Harold did the best he could against the Bastard until he got poked in the eye.
  11. Not to worry the gang in Prescott will treat you like family. The whiskey Row Gunslingers is a great club with a great facility. Although I'm from the Phoenix area I drive up there regularly to shoot in their matches. Just shot there Sunday- great time with great people. See u soon Hells Comin
  12. I agree! Another way to think about miss penalties, if it takes you 16 seconds to shoot the stage and you miss once, you’ve incurred a 30% penalty for that stage.
  13. For ye who be unschooled in the bloody history of the Anglish. https://www.writework.com/essay/william-usurper-william-conqueror-used-immoral-and-manipul
  14. Safe travels and may your new home be a blessing in many ways. Knowing some of the Pards from Indiana, I can understand your feelings of leaving. ..........Widder
  15. After two years of enjoying shooting at the Pine Ridge Regulators, Saturday was my last match. I shot it clean and was number one in the Classic Cowboy category. (I was the only one in the CC category...) In two weeks it will be my last NCOWS match in Indiana. After that, I'm off to Prescott, A.T. I figure by February I'll be settled down enough to start looking around for a local club. I saw there is the Whiskey Row Gunslingers or something along those lines and then Winter Range that some of my pards from Indiana may be attending. It is bittersweet, but we have been waiting for this for a decade. The company I work for made me an offer that my wife couldn't refuse!
  16. Congratulations to Dew and Mr. Black! Well Done! See y'all at the Regional Randy
  17. Yes. A NEW spring can normally be trimmed to about 3-4 cartridge lengths longer than the magtube. After that new spring has had time to 'set' (probably around 6 months), the overall length can be 2 cartridge lengths longer than the mag tube. If you keep your mag tube clean, minimal magtube spring length will be sufficient. Remember..... you only need enough spring force to push ONE round onto the carrier..... which is the last round. I'm not actively working on Marlin att, mainly because I stay fairly busy with Henry .22 work. Basic Marlin work to help smooth up the action can be found on Marauder's website with various Marlin smiths sharing good info. Good luck. ..........Widder
  18. I have an old Resistol that somebody gave my dad a few years before he passed. it needs some TLC and a new sweatband but there's nobody aound here that can do it.
  19. Oh heck yeah we're in. Kitty's already planning her outfits and working on a desert recipe.
  20. Roland, add my thanks for the pictures. Glad the ya'll had a good time. Peace be with you brother. C.W.
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