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  2. I remember getting Moly coated lead bullets from Bear Creek. Frank Tabor kept them stocked up at his shop.
  3. I would never totally disable a firearm safety. One heck of a liability issue for you and where you shoot if someone is injured from a ND. OLG
  4. A great honor for an even better Cowboy and ambassador of the game. Well deserved and well earned. Congrats!!!
  5. Haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mattie, but obviously those who know her think very highly of her, congratulations. I do know Stirrup and you made an excellent choice, he definitely deserves the award.
  6. Pikes Peak Council, Cyrus...? I think I "volunteered" for staff duty at our Klondike Derby in February. I'll be prepared, too, but still ~ Brrrr.....!
  7. Shouldn't think of these as Blackouts. Consider them practice if the "Green New Deal" ever gets implemented.
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  9. Last I read on that (yesterday) there has not yet been a link established. Power was off something like 12 minutes before they found him. From what his sister said, the guy was hard pressed to walk to the head. Could be that he would have died then anyway. Or maybe all the speculation, warnings, and buildup for a week before took its toll and killed him. I know that a lot has been made of this in the press and social media, but until we have a coroner's report I'm not willing to say that it was the fault of PG&E.
  10. PM sent - may be serious about outright sale as well as possible trade discussed.
  11. Some poor fella's oxygen machine wouldn't work without power ~ he died. Surprised to only hear of one.
  12. Midway has 32 S&W brass for sale - 100 pieces for $18 + shipping
  13. Planned power outages this past week. I also saw in the news that SDG&E is thinking about the same kind of Public Safety Power Outages.
  14. A d Texaz U all put on a great State. I really enjoyed shooting the match and meeting you. Thanks for the great time hoping to see u down the road ! By the way i shot the match CLEAN!!!!!
  15. No kidding and in my favorite caliber. If I didn't have 4 deer guns. Great deal.
  16. Posse Pictures are posted!! https://www.facebook.com/pg/oakwoodoutlaws/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3397678083577461
  17. We had a great Raylyn Benefit shoot this weekend. The weather was perfect and it was so good to see everyone. This was definitely one of those events that demonstrates the SASS cowboy spirit and how we support those in need. Raylyn and family want to thank everyone for your generosity and prayers. We raised $5,001 for the Raylyn Foundation!!! Thank-you so much to everyone who donated money, goods and services to make this weekend a successful fundraiser and an awesome fun shoot!! I am posting photo evidence of a good time had by all on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oakwoodoutlaws/photos/?ref=page_internal Belle
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